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FRIDAY 1 February 2019
Dear Parents

One of our central values that we endeavour to uphold all the time and inculcate in the boys is respect; respect for self, for others and our environment. Every boy knows it but acting in a respectful way at all times is not always as easy as having the knowledge.

This term we do work with our boys on relationships, the bullying policy, how to manage the inter-personal issues, what constitutes bullying, and so on. A few guidelines that we give them are:

• Teasing is teasing if both boys are happy; otherwise, it becomes insulting and hurtful.
• Respond rather than retaliate – interactions often spiral out of control from a very innocuous start.
• Not everyone has to be your friend, but everyone has to be respected.
• If you really care for others, “fighting” with them becomes less likely.

I am sure you also work these issues with your sons. At the same time one has to acknowledge that school is a place where boys learn about social dynamics and mistakes will happen. Boys (and many men too) like to tease each other; the problem is that boys are often too young to know what constitutes appropriate teasing and when to stop. Friendships can alter on a daily basis, so sometimes what might feel like bullying is actually a series of squabbles. But nothing excuses consistent, sustained insulting or cruel behavior.

A number of our Grade 7s have been trained as conflict mediators and will be on duty at break times wearing purple lanyards, available to assist the boys in their conflict situations. Developing appropriate interactions between boys is a constant work in progress, with some boys finding this easier than others.

Enjoy your weekend. Please note that next weekend starts with Sports day on Friday, but there are no activities on the Saturday.

Kind regards

Wednesday 6 February 2019

House Relay Practice

Venue: Lutgensvale

See further details under TAKE Note

Thursday 7 February 2019

A League Gala

Venue: Prep Pool

Time: 15h00 to 17h30

No other sport

Friday 8 February 2019

Prep Sports Day

Venue: Lutgensvale

Time: 16h30 to 19h10

No other sport

Please see details under TAKE Note


Sports Day - Important Information


  • This is a compulsory event for all boys. The dress code is House T-shirt, takkies with short white socks and blue shorts.


  • Please click HERE to access the Sports Day Programme.


  • There is a special practice for House relay teams, U10 to U13 on Wednesday 6 February at Lutgensvale. Boys have been informed by their Housemasters and must be dropped at Lutgensvale by 07h00. They will be walked back afterwards.





  • There will be a Tuck Shop on offer for boys and parents. The PA requires volunteers to work in the Tuck Shop for just 30 minutes. If you are able to assist, please click HERE to book your slot.





  • The Grade 7's will be running a Boerie Roll stand as a fundraiser. Please support them!  They will also need parents to assist at the stand. If you have 30 minutes to spare - please book your slot HERE. All help will be greatly appreciated!

Carnival Tickets are now on Sale!





Because the carnival is taking place at Lutgensvale with more space at our disposal, there are going to be more and bigger rides on offer than in previous years. For this reason, it has been decided to offer 1 ticket for all the rides with unlimited access so you won’t keep having to put your hand in your pocket as your child asks to go on a ride yet again!

There will be 6 rides for the Pre-Prep age group for R100, and 9 different and bigger rides for the Prep age group for R250 with unlimited access from 4pm to 10pm! (Last year your R250 would have bought you 8 single rides). The 2 areas will be kept separate so the younger children will not be jostled by the older ones.


To buy your tickets, please click on the online booking form HERE. You will be able to collect your tickets from a committee member at the Reception at Prep on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 07h00 to 07h45.

Please Note

Due to the current renovations and the movement of pupils in and around the school it has become increasingly difficult to deliver messages, lunches and forgotten items to individual boys.
Please could you take time each evening with your sons to plan and make specific arrangements for the next day.

Civvies Day Collection
Thank you to boys and parents for the all the stationery collected at Civvies Day today. It will be distributed amoungst various Langa and Khayelitsha schools.
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