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FRIDAY 22 February 2019
Dear Parents


I have had very good feedback from parents about last week’s points about the use and control of mobile devices.

Social media or, should I say, the abuse or inappropriate use of it, is a huge concern. On the positive side, it can be a wonderful way to keep in touch easily across the world and country, make arrangements, send out invitations and so forth. But, with young people particularly, it can also be something to occupy oneself with when bored, to show off, collect “friends” in their droves, fight with one another, isolate or insult someone, send inappropriate and very personal photographs, sext and the like. So an innovative and useful communication tool becomes a vehicle that creates the potential for a huge amount of trouble and more and more schools are finding, from Grades 6/7 upwards, that abusive messages or nude photographs and messages of a sexual nature on social media have become the major disciplinary problem in schools. Young people do not believe, or forget frequently, that social media is a public platform, it is not a diary or note to someone else. The two most frequent responses from a boy who has misused social media are, “I know, but I did not think”, or “I did not think he or should would send it on”.

Our boys need to be trained to use social media properly – education and monitoring are everything – by parents and the school. Grade 4s and 5s did enjoy a presentation on Internet activity and protecting oneself online during the 4th term last year and we will be doing an age appropriate presentation by someone working in this field with the older boys. We use Life Orientation to educate around cyber-bullying, self-protection online and use of social media for the older boys. And also any opportunity in assembly. Teachers will also check iPads from time to time and please do so as parents. It is an ongoing process where we have to balance enough education against too much and monitoring with allowing a level of trust.

We do not believe that a boy needs to have a phone or access to social media before Grade 7. He does not need that level of communication or occupation. There are age restrictions around Facebook and WhatsApp and so the decision as to when your son uses these platforms is yours. Some parents allow this from Grade 6. If you monitor usage regularly, you have a chance to train your son in appropriate and safe activity online. Not being on some communication system that you monitor means that you cannot train and advise him on usage. The time for this is in the late Prep and early high school years. I sometimes hear that boys refuse to give their parents their pin codes; this needs to be non-negotiable at this age. Similarly there is no privacy at this age; everything online is public and can so easily go viral.

Emma Sadler, a well known Social Media lawyer, addressing our boys a few years ago, spoke about the four “Ps”. Her advice is:

“Before you press SEND ask yourself – am I happy for the following to see my message or post?”

my Parents
my Principal
the Police
the Public

Every generation has its challenges. But used correctly, social media has enormous potential for connection and communication both commercially and personally, but abused, a recipe for disaster. More and more HR departments check on applicants’ social media profiles before making an appointment. It’s our job to get our boys to believe this.

Kind regards

Friday 22 February 2019 to Sunday 24 February 2019 Father and Son Camp

Venue: Greyon Eco Camp
Tuesday 26 February 2019

Pentangular Athletics

Venue: WPPS

Time: 15h00 to 18h00

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Friday 1 March 2019

Founders Day

Special Programme at school



Venue: Lutgensvale Fields

Time: 16h00 to 20h00

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Mouth Guards


At Bishops the use of mouth guards is compulsory for all boys participating in hockey and rugby. This is to assist in the prevention/reduction of oral-dental damage in the case of injury.
As in previous years, we have made arrangements for the supply of custom-made mouth guards at school for anyone wishing to make use of this service. Again, this year we will be using the services of Jeanne-Marie Engelbrecht, an oral hygienist who the College have used for the past few years. Please note, you do not have to book with Jeanne-Marie Engelbrecht, you may get your mouth guard from your own dentist if you so wish, or a different supplier.

Please see HERE for details regarding payment and impressions. Please ensure that you follow the instructions carefully to prevent administrative problems. There will be no other impression dates besides the ones listed.



Please find the link HERE to the Bishops Pentangular athletics team and order of events for Tuesday 26 February.

Boys must please leave school at 14h00 in order to be at Western Province Prep School by 14h30 for a team warm-up. Event 1 starts at 15h00. Boys must be dressed in their athletics vest, tights, short white socks, takkies and cap.





The online booking system will close on Tuesday 26 February 2019 at 12h00. HERE is the link if you would like to book your tickets online. These may be collected from 25 to 28 February outside the Prep and Pre-Prep receptions. Alternatively you may purchase your tickets at the same venues and times.


Please continue to send bric-a-brac items for the Tombola stall. These are to be placed in the container outside the Prep Library.


Volunteering for Shifts at the Carnival


There are a number of different opportunities available where you can offer your services.


  • The Grade 7s need help in the bar and at the disco.
  • The Grade 6s need help at the Tombola stall.
  • Assistance is required by all grades selling tickets at the entrance.


If you can spare either 30 minutes or 1 hour of your time, please visit our online booking site HERE to book your slot. Click on SPECIAL EVENTS.


The set up for the carnival will take place on Friday morning and all vehicles must be off the field by 12h00. All stands must be set up and ready by 14h00.


Rossall Parking

No parking or dropping off boys on the Rossall campus between 06h30 and 14h30. Please support us in this for the safety of our boys and the convenience of others.
Carnival News
Aside from the games and rides, there are loads of exciting raffles and fun prizes to be won. Make sure you don't miss out!

House Leadership 2019

Congratulations to the following boys who have been elected to House Leadership positions for 2019.



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