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FRIDAY 7 June 2019
Dear Parents

We were thrilled to hear that a number of our Grades 7s were awarded scholarships for the College. These scholarships are based on exams or, in the case of music, auditions and no previous performances or achievements. Boys from across the country, as well as from many schools in Cape Town, write them. For the academic scholarship they write three papers, Maths, English and Science, and for Music, an independent panel of adjudicators selects the best from the auditions.

Congratulations to these boys:

Science Scholarship - Nicholas Basson
General Scholarship - Michael Kotze
General Scholarship - Brett Jenman
General Scholarship - Andrew Betty
Music Scholarship - James Grieve
Music Scholarship - David Handley

This is a wonderful year for the Prep: out of ten scholarships awarded, six went to Prep boys.

While our Grade 7s are on tour, Grades 4-6 are immersed in activities around the Sustainability Development goals so their awareness around some issues will be positively raised. A parent suggested to me that we as adults should maybe at the same time also be more careful around conserving the environment by not letting our cars idle unnecessarily around the school, as well as trying to share lifting of boys as much as possible. Something for us to think about. I know in the UK there are signs outside many schools about switching the ignition off to prevent unnecessary fumes. Next term we are going to have a meat-free Monday once a month to bring attention to the difference in the environmental effects of meat production, spatial requirements, etc, and the growing of wheat, vegetables and so forth. This idea has come from some of our boys and when we consider the food security issues facing Africa, it is definitely an issue for us to be thinking about.

Half-year reports will be up on myBishopsLife next Thursday afternoon. This report gives you feedback on six months of work and participation on the part of your son. Do please read it carefully and discuss the teacher’s comments with him.

We are so grateful for the wonderful rain this week.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards


Wednesday 12 June 2019

Individual Photos - Grades 1 to 6

Boys to wear No 1s


Grade 7 Tour returns

Time: 19h55 - Parents to collect at airport

Thursday 13 June 2019

School closes

Time: 09h30

Boys to weear No 1s


Scholarships to College




L - R: David Handley, Brett Jenman, James Grieve, Michael Kotze, Andrew Betty, Nicholas Basson


Extra Murals next week


There will be Fencing on Monday afternoon. No other sport, chess or art club will take place next week.

Blanket Outreach


Many thanks to those who have kindly knitted squares for our blanket project. Please carry on knitting in the holidays to keep someone less privileged warm this winter.

Grade 7 Tour
Our Grade 7 boys are having a wonderful time on their tour to KwaZulu-Natal. Many thanks to the St Charles and Chelsea Prep families for hosting them. Please visit our Facebook Page for more photographs.
Rick the Bear
After a tough start to the season, the U11A side are the deserving winners of Rick the Bear for this week, turning things around against Rondebosch. Well done, team!
Sandwich Outreach
Well done and thank you to the Grade 6 boys and parents who collectively produced 1100 sandwiches on Tuesday. The children at Athwood Primary were most appreciative!
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