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FRIDAY 19 February 2021
Dear Parents

“I see you.”
This week I have held Grade assemblies and it has been wonderful to have the opportunity to connect directly with the boys, something really important for us as a community. I am aware too that families new to the Prep have also not had the chance to engage face-to-face as we would ordinarily have done and we still hope to have the opportunity to do so in the future.

I have focused on greetings at this week’s assemblies: greetings that have meaning and are not simply robotic; greetings that indicate respect, engagement, welcome and acknowledgement of each other. Tony Reeler paid his first visit to the Prep nearly two years ago and I took him on a tour, both to see the facilities and the school in action. What he found most noticeable was the frequency of the boys’ greetings. But this was about more than just the “Hello” or “Good morning, Sir”; boys looked him in the eye, smiled and engaged. As he said, he felt welcomed and acknowledged. I relayed this to the boys because it is the real value of why our boys are taught and expected to greet.

I also spoke to the boys about the Zulu greeting, “Sawubona’, meaning “I see you”, emphasing so well the acknowledgement and respect for others that a greeting should provide and also a sense of community. We will also take the “Sawubona” further during the year. Not only is it important to recognise and notice each other, but also to recognise who we are and how our stories might differ in terms of religion, culture, background and community. We strive to appreciate what we have in common with our uniform, our community, the teaching and opportunities the school provides. And we also need to understand and celebrate our differences: the fact that some of our boys will have a Barmitzvah when they turn 13, others will fast for a period during the year, others go to Temple; we all grew up under apartheid and we were all differently affected by apartheid legislation with many denied educational opportunities available to others and much more.

As we proceed in this transformation process, we will be looking at each other’s different stories, something that our facilitator, Lele Mehlomakulu, talks a lot about, something which really resonates with me. It always seems easier to talk about what we share in common in terms of interests and understanding, but if we also give time to our different experiences and circumstances we will have a far better understanding of each other, we will be both enriched and appropriately sensitive and more respectful of each other. And this is one of the ways in which we address prejudice and discrimination of all kinds.

Today and tomorrow Lele is training a number of staff as facilitators for the staff workshops that are to follow. This is one leg of the journey and a crucial one, as these are the people who interact with our boys every day and need to understand each other’s stories to be the change we want for our boys.

Our Grade 4s, 5s and 6s will be away on camp for a few days next week and I wish them a very happy and enjoyable experience. Please note that extra-murals continue for all age groups on Monday and Tuesday. Grade 3s and 7s are not away and both their academic and extra-mural programmes will proceed as normal for the full week ahead, although there will be no extra-murals on Friday as this weekend was planned as a mid-term break. The Grade 4 boys that remain at school or return from camp during the week do not have to attend extra-murals on Wednesday or Thursday.

Morning times
We are currently looking at starting and screening times and will, in all probability, be making a few changes from Monday, 1 March. We will confirm any changes with you as early as possible next week.

Enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Civvies Day

Please see details under TAKE Note


Grade 4P Camp


Venue: High Noon

Wednesday 24 February 2021 Grade 4S Camp

Venue: High Noon
Wednesday 24 February to Friday 26 February 2021

Grade 5 Camp

Venue: Witzenberg Guest Lodge


Grade 6 Camp

Venue: Bonamanzi Adventures

Thursday 25 February 2021 Grade 4B Camp

Venue: High Noon
Friday 26 February to Sunday 28 February 2021 Half Term

No sport

Civvies Day


Civvies Day will take place on Tuesday 23 February.

This term we will be collecting dog and cat food, blankets, bowls, brushes and toys. The goods will be donated to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha and other animal shelters.

Important Times to Note:



Current School Times:


Monday to Thursday:  08h00 to 14h15

Friday:                       07h50 to 13h30 (Grade 4-7)
                                 07h50 to 13h15 (Grade 3)

(Drop off from 07h30)

Changes from 1 March will be communicated as soon as possible.



Second-hand Shop Times:


Tuesday and Thursday: 07h30 to 08h30



Aftercare Times:


Monday to Thursday: 14h15 to 17h00

Friday:                     13h00 to 16h00


Aftercare Contact Details: Verity Erlangsen 021 659 7242 or 083 263 4460



Calling all children from 9 years old: Come & Join us on Sunday mornings at 09h30 to LEARN to SAIL. Learning to sail is a complex activity. Sailing uses all parts of the brain, engages visual, auditory, and tactile/kinaesthetic learning styles. Sailing also develops resilience, cooperation skills, and a sense of environmental awareness.

Zeekoe Vlei Yacht Club (ZVYC) as an Accredited Sail Training Centre with South African Sailing, uses the recognised learn-to-sail methods, our coaches are qualified & we have safety procedures in place.

Courses run during the 4th and 1st school terms. Our courses offer children the opportunity to learn to sail whether a beginner or a “weathered” sailor looking to advance their racing techniques.
Children are taught on the Optimist which is a small, safe and simple international class of boat. Those that excel have the chance to make the South African teams competing at the African and/or World Optimist Championships.
ZVYC has a number of Optimist dinghies for children to hire – no need to have your own to start out.
Zeekoevlei has produced quite a number of world class yachtsmen, many of whom started out sailing Optimists, and have represented South Africa in international regattas, like Optimist Worlds, Youth Worlds & the Olympics.

The 2020-2021 Costs:
ZVYC Junior Club Membership R1,225 per annum
Junior Training Course (Beginners):
– 1 day per week (incl boat hire) R1860 per term
– 2 days per week (incl boat hire) R2600 per term
SA Sailing Levy R110 per annum

Ash Wednesday
As with so much we had to observe Ash Wednesday in a very different way. Father Monwabisi Peter and Jeremy Smith prepared a video explaining the importance and symbolism of Ash Wednesday and this was shown to the boys in class on Tuesday. On Wednesday boys (on a voluntary basis) and staff came to the Jagger Hall at first break for the Imposition of Ashes. Father Monwabisi and Jeremy sprinkled ashes with a spoon on each boy's hand and he made his own cross on his forehead.
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