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FRIDAY 26 February 2021

Dear Parents

Just to confirm yesterday’s SMS that school will start at 07h30 from Monday with screening from 07h10. 07h30 is our normal start and we will now revert to morning assemblies and House meetings.


  • Mondays 07h30 – Chapel Assembly
  • Tuesdays 07h30 – Form; 07h40 – first lesson
  • Wednesday/Thursday 07h30 – Grade Assemblies / House meetings
  • Friday 07h30 ; 08h00 – Test period

Since the return to school last year we have had four positive diagnoses at the Prep and Pre-Prep. Last year one Prep boy and one teacher and this year one Pre-Prep boy and one teacher. Fortunately, we have no evidence of any “at school” transmissions.

I have been asked to explain the procedure we follow in the event that we are informed of a positive diagnosis at the school. Immediately, at the Prep, Chris Groom gathers information from the boy and family (contacts, mask wearing, rooms, ventilation, etc). This information is then discussed with our school doctor, Dr Steve Cornell, who is in regular contact with other doctors and specialists on Covid, and he advises on the course of action.

Families of close contacts are then telephoned and informed. Depending on the circumstances, close contacts may have to stay home and quarantine for the regulated period. The room/s is/are disinfected. Except in exceptional circumstances, a whole class or grade is not informed, nor are contacts of a contact or potential contact informed.

Please be assured that this process is very carefully managed and has been thoroughly researched and thought through. We continue to place great emphasis on the preventative measures that are carefully supervised and monitored.

Since the Department of Basic Education published its Revised Regulations for schools under Covid and level 3 lockdown, there has been much discussion about the playing of inter-schools matches in non-contact sports. Many schools read the Regulations as allowing these but not allowing tournaments or any form of National Championships. Consequently, we have played a few cricket matches against local clubs and have a full set of fixtures organised for next week against SACS. However, we have recently learned that the intention of the DBE was that no inter-school matches were allowed. So sadly, we have to cancel all fixtures until further notice. But there is still a lot that can be done within the school to provide enjoyment, competition and development.

In the meantime, we await further announcements from the President and hope, most importantly, to see a lowering of infection rates and everyone being as careful and considerate as possible.

Our newly instituted test period is only in its second week of implementation and we will review it carefully going forward. It is timetabled for Fridays at 08h00. Obviously if your son is sick, he must stay at home and he will write the test in the homework period on the Monday. But please do try to avoid your son missing Fridays for any other reason. If it is unavoidable, please ensure that you write to me in advance.

We have had wonderful reports and photographs of our boys on camp and we are very grateful that we could hold these. We are planning the annual Grade 7 tour to Kwazulu-Natal in June and we hope that this will be able to go ahead. Camps only start in Grade 4 but Grade 3s will have a special programme at the end of the year and will also enjoy outings during the year.

Do enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

Kind regards

Friday 26 February 2021 Half Term

No Sport
Tuesday 2 March 2021

Class Rep Meeting

Venue: Woodlands Pavilion

Time: 07h30


Bishops College Entrance Exams


An email will be sent to all Grade 7 parents later today with the Bishops College Entrance Examination Information letter. Please ensure that you read it.

New School Times



These can also be found on the Parent Communication Page on MyBishopsLife.

Sport Information

We have had a lot of queries about how to access sport information on our Sport Communication Platform. Please click HERE for an explanation of how to manage your son's practices and fixtures. Internal cricket matches are found under the FIXTURES tab and start at 14h30 and end at 17h00..
Civvies Day
Thank you to all those parents who donated pet food and accessories on Civvies Day. The donations will be very gratefully received.
Camp News
The Grade 4s, 5s and 6s have all had a very enjoyable time at their respective camps. Please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for more photos.
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