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FRIDAY 29 January 2021
Dear Parents

After a very long holiday and much uncertainty over the last fortnight, it was wonderful to see our Grade Ns and Rs back at school and the 3s to 7s online from Wednesday. We all enjoy a time of quiet to prepare and catch up, but a school without the sound of young people soon becomes quite eerie. So this week has been a pleasure and we look forward to having all your boys back on site from Monday. From all accounts boys online were very animated and enthusiastic about returning to school.

We remain conscious of the fact that State schools are only allowed to open on 15 February and how our opening earlier can be perceived. However, while all schools will hopefully be at school for the same number of weeks across the year, many schools lack the resources and personnel numbers to implement the necessary Covid protocols at acceptable levels. School feeding schemes and when they will actually commence, remains a concern. I am pleased that VUSA will start their feeding scheme in Langa on Monday. The PA has supported Athwood Primary so that they could continue their feeding scheme throughout the holiday and the stationery packs bought for every pupil from the donations brought in by our boys last term, have been delivered to the school. We had planned to involve the boys in a practical way with the preparation of these packs, but the way the year started did put a spanner in the works.

Ms Lele Mehlomakulu has completed her analysis of the Transformation survey done at the end of last year and will be providing feedback to staff, parents, Council and the boys shortly. Most of the feedback meetings will have to be online as we are still not permitted to have more than 50 people in a venue at any one time. She will be communicating with you shortly to offer you the opportunity to join the feedback session.


Please note the following for next week:

  • Gates open at 07h30 for screening until 08h00.


  • Entry and departure points by grade remain as for last year, except for Grade 5.
    Grade 3s Rossall pedestrian gate
    Grade 4s Fir Road pedestrian gate
    Grade 5s Main Duke Road entrance in front of Jagger Hall
    Grade 6s Fir Road driveway gate (left hand side)
    Grade 7s Duke Road double gates (next to Mr Brown's garden)


  • Boys will be told not to congregate outside the gates where they tend to disregard physical distancing if they arrive early. Similarly, we ask parents to observe physical distancing and mask wearing while waiting outside.


  • Next week's timetable will be emailed to you later this afternoon.


  • There will be afternoon physical activity by grade next week, two afternoons per grade, involving conditioning, games and swimming. Please see a more detailed note below. All boys are expected to participate in their two afternoons.


  • Restrictions on parents entering the campus remain and we unfortunately have to postpone all parent functions until further notice.


  • Form teachers will hold class meetings online with you next week from 18h30-19h30 as follows:
    Tuesday, 2 February Grade 3s
    Wednesday, 3 February Grades 4 & 5
    Thursday, 4 February Grades 6 & 7
    Please use your son’s Teams address.


  • Boys wear normal uniform (khakis and tie) from Monday. If they have Phys Ed, they may arrive at school in their Phys Ed kit. Boys may wear blazers on any day if they wish but the blazer will not be an essential item for the first two weeks.


  • Hot lunch starts on Tuesday. The dining venue has been temporarily extended and physical distancing will be enforced.

Across the board, Covid protocols will be observed, and these are easily controlled when inside. Break times will still be in grade-designated areas and supervised by staff. In the nature of playing and running, mask-wearing does slip but we are more concerned about boys congregating in groups to chat and not observing physical distancing. Staff will intervene here.

I know the boys will adapt easily once again and generally be careful. Please do let us know if there is a Covid infection concern in your home and follow your doctor’s advice as to isolating and quarantining. Should a boy be infected, we will immediately follow our track and trace system. Please could you, as a family, remain cautious about your own social interactions, mindful of the fact that any infection via these can affect the school community.

Best wishes

Kind regards

Monday 1 February 2021

Boys to arrive at school

Time: 08h00 to 14h15 (drop off from 07h30)

Boys to please wear khakis

Tuesday 2 February 2021

Grade 3 Parent Meeting

Time: 18h30 to 19h30

Online via TEAMS

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Grade 4 & 5 Parent Meetings

Time: 18h30 to 19h30

Online via TEAMS

Thursday 4 February 2021

Grade 6 & 7 Parent Meetings

Time: 18h30 to 19h30

Online via TEAMS

Bishops Staff Contact Details

Generic email addresses are available on the Prep Website Contact page. The email addresses of Form Teachers and other staff members not listed on the website may be found on the Parents Communication Page on MyBishopsLife.

School Times


Please note the school times from 1st to 12th February:


Monday to Thursday:    08h00 to 14h15

Friday:                         08h00 to 13h30 (Grade 4-7)

                                   08h00 to 13h15 (Grade 3)


Drop off from 07h30


Extra Murals 1 – 12 February 2021

Our boys have had a long break and research shows that it is beneficial to ease them back into physical activity slowly. We will therefore have a revised sports programme for the first 2 weeks of term 1. The normal extra mural activities for term 1 start on 15 February. Please see the activities for 1– 6 February below. Details for 8 – 12 February will be emailed next week. If you have any queries, please contact Mr Mqomboti (





  • These activities are compulsory for all boys.
  • Boys must be dressed in their PE kit & bring a costume and towel.
  • All boys will be walked to and from their activities by their coaches and teachers.
  • Boys to bring own water bottle.
  • Boys must be collected from their respective gates at Bishops Prep after the activities.


  • Only for boys who are playing cricket in 2021.
  • Boys to be dropped off at their respective age group fields.
  • Dress – Cricket kit.
  • Bring own water bottle and snack.
  • No parents are allowed to watch the practices.

The activities for Week 2 (1 – 6 February) have also been uploaded onto myBishopslife for your convenience and are available on our website HERE.


Boys may arrive on an ad-hoc basis and should sign in on arrival and when they leave. Grade 3 parents need to notify Mrs Erlangsen prior to their son’s arrival at aftercare and initially they will be walked to aftercare by their teachers. Kitchen and homework facilities are available. Juice and biscuits are served during the afternoon.


Mondays to Thursdays: 14h15 to 17h00
Fridays: 13h00 to 16h00

Fees are R55.00 per day. Boys that are not collected at 17h00 (Mon - Thurs) or 16h00 on Fridays will be charged a further pro-rata fee. Please contact Mrs Erlangsen as follows: Cell no: 083 2634460
Aftercare No: 021 6597242 or

Second-Hand Shop


The weekly opening hours will be as follows:

Tuesdays and Thursday morning: 07h30 to 08h30.

Please contact Julie Breslin or Sasha Riviera directly with any queries.

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 for sale



The Design Technology department are selling their previous generation Lego NXT kits for R1000 each. (school’s version)
The software is available online for free.
Should you be interested, please email Mark Erlangsen, , as the kits will be packed and supplied on a first come first served basis.

Online Teaching
With school starting online this week, we caught some of our teachers in the act. They are really looking forward to seeing your boys in person on Monday!
Fir Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700
Phone:+27 (21) 659 7222 | Fax: +27 (21) 659 7227