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FRIDAY 5 February 2021
Dear Parents

Welcome to all our Grade 3s and new boys in the other grades. I am sorry that we cannot yet have the interaction with you, the parents, that we would normally have.

It’s hard to believe that we have only been back on campus for five days. The enthusiasm and exuberance of the boys have made our start to the year feel full and robust; the noise of boys is real balm for the soul. We have had almost a 100% return to school; I think an acknowledgement that school is a very controlled environment where protocols are implemented, monitored and become part of a new routine. Wearing masks are hardly noticed now but anyone not doing so screams out at us.

I think we have all done a lot of thinking about what we can and have learnt from the pandemic and lockdown with its various levels. As a school we have had to, of necessity, think about what is truly important here, going to the essence of what we are and therefore what we provide. We have really been reminded what relational learners boys are and how important their relationships with peers and staff are, the need for role models, the joy and also potential messiness of social interactions and what they learn through living these interactions.

Sport is a huge part of our lives at Bishops and in three days of this year’s online learning the dominant question from the boys was, “Will there be sport, sir/ma’am?”. And while we have so often focused (parents, boys and staff) on the number of matches we won against SACS, or why we haven’t started rugby practices in February because evidently many other schools were already doing so, we have had to really look again at the essence of what sport is about; fun, physical development, activity, mental and physical skills, a sense of team and collaboration. A fixture against another school is looked forward to and the boys enjoy the competition, but being ready and doing well in the match is only one of the reasons we play sport. Hence, we started physical activity immediately; conditioning, games and swimming. Next week we will be adding cricket and swimming trials.

Underlying everything we have done, we have been reminded of the values of compassion, empathy and community, how to live with uncertainty and how we grow resilience in our boys.

In the background we also have to acknowledge the loss, fear and uncertainty that has surrounded us, particularly during the last eight weeks. We are burning a candle in Stanmore House through the day, remembering all those lost to Covid and those suffering now.

A number of you were online on Wednesday night for Lele Mehlomakulu’s feedback on last year’s Diversity and Inclusion survey. Yesterday Tony Reeler sent out a follow up letter with Lele’s slides attached, as well as further communication. Please do follow and involve yourself in this process of transformation – it is so important as we endeavour to constantly grow and evolve as a community. He provides both his own and Lele’s email for feedback, questions and comment.

Please take note of the following:

Most of our boys returned to school with appropriate school haircuts. But a number did not and they would have been told by their Housemasters that it must be properly cut by Monday. I want to quote here from Tony Reeler’s newsletter last week on the subject of hair: “Each of our boys has a different type of hair which is unique to him. We respect that and understand that one boy’s hairstyle may look different from another’s. We will, however, be insisting on a hairstyle that is conservative by nature, in line with the boy’s culture and hair type, but which fits in with a school that wears a uniform proudly.”

A reminder that caps are compulsory when outside. Please ensure that your son does have a Bishops cap. We also recommend sunscreen and bringing sunscreen to school if he has afternoon sport.

There have been questions about camps (Grades 4, 5 and 6) planned for the end of the month. Detailed information about the camps will be sent out early next week.

The timetable remains the same as this week’s, with screening from 07h30 and school starting at 08h00. However, Friday’s school start is 07h50 to accommodate the test period we have this year.

May you have a restful and enjoyable weekend.

Kind regards


Wednesday 10 February 2021

Bramley Grade 7 Leadership Workshop

Venue: Grade 4S Classroom

Time: 17h00 to 18h00


Charlton Grade 7 Leadership Workshop

Venue: Grade 7S Classroom

Time: 17h00 to 18h00


VDB Grade 7 Leadership Workshop

Venue: Grade 6S Classroom

Time: 17h00 to 18h00


Thursday 11 February 2021

School ends at 13h15 (Please Note)

Brooke Grade 7 Leadership Workshop


Venue: Grade 5B Classroom

Time: 17h00 to 18h00


Week 3 Extra Murals

Please find the timetable for 8 to 12 February on the Parents Communication Page of MyBishopsLife. Please note the following:

  • Boys must be dressed in the correct sport kit.
  • All boys will be walked to their activities by their coaches.
  • Boys to bring own water bottle.
  • Boys must be collected from their respective gates at Bishops Prep after the activities. Boys who have athletics and cricket at Lutgensvale may be collected from this venue at the end of their activity.
  • No parents alloweds at any activities.
  • School will close at 13:15 on Thursday 11 February to accommodate the early start to afternoon activities.

Recommended Online Session - Saturday 6 February


We recommend this free online live session on getting maximum educational value from your iPad. Please visit our Parents Communication Page on MyBishopsLife for further details.

Swimming Trials


Swimming trails will take place next week from Monday to Thursday. This is compulsory for ALL boys. Please make sure that your son attends trials for his correct age group. Please double check that you have packed your costume, towel and swimming cap for the day of your trials.

Monday:        U9 13:10-14:15
                     U12 14:30-16:00
Tuesday:      U11 14:30-16:00
Wednesday: U13 14:30-16:00
Thursday:     U10 13:30-15:00.

Extra-Mural Timetable from 15 February


Please find the Extra-Mural Timetable that will be applicable from 15 Februray until the end of Term 1 on the Parents Communication Page of MyBishopsLife.

School Timetable

The school timetable will continue as per last week. Gates are open for screening from 07h30 to 08h00 Monday to Thursday. Please note school starts earlier on a Friday with form period at 07h50. Screening will still start from 07h30.
Grade 3 Conditioning
Our Grade 3s were spotted getting into tip top form this week!
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