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FRIDAY 5 March 2021

Dear Parents

Yesterday the Heads and Deputy Heads of House were announced at House meetings. The boys selected for these positions are listed below and we congratulate them and wish them well in these roles.



Head of House:            Michael Mafunda
Deputy Head of House: Luc Dicey
Deputy Head of House: Naethan Mol



Head of House:            Joseph Lanning
Deputy Head of House: Sebastian Cudmore
Deputy Head of House: Theo Forsyth


Head of House:            Joshua Huntingford
Deputy Head of House: Noah Coleman
Deputy Head of House: Jordan Planting


Head of House:            Daniel Bursey
Deputy Head of House: Noah Souter
Deputy Head of House: Michael Whitelaw

As you can see, there are 12 positions out of a class of 78, so there will also be disappointments and some mixed feelings and we are cognizant of this and have addressed this with the boys. Every Grade 7 is given a leadership role in the House, whether it is organising inter-house teams for chess or a particular sport, mentoring a Grade 4, taking responsibility for AV assemblies and events.

Each House is on duty every four weeks and there are particular jobs given to the boys – raising the flags, recording late boys, assisting on the fields at break, amongst others.

These duties and roles are all about learning to take responsibility, working when you could be running around having fun, doing something reliably for others, developing a sense of service. As the seniors in the Prep they do have a number of privileges; senior ties and caps, a Grade 7 jersey and the much anticipated, sitting in the Jagger gallery for the year. Our emphasis is that with any privilege comes responsibility, with seniority comes expectation and example. Developmentally they are at a number of different stages and so they need assistance and some will manage responsibility better than others, but it is an important learning experience.

Later Grade 6s and 7s will vote Grade 7s onto the Students’ Council, choosing from amongst those who put themselves forward and deliver a short presentation to the two grades on what they hope to achieve and offer others by being on the Council.

As these boys commence the teenage years, it is a great year for them with many special events. More independence but still quite protected as they prepare for their first year at College. Covid times do make many of the usual experiences difficult or even impossible to provide, but as we did last year, it is possible to compromise and provide versions of the “normal” that are still exciting and enriching. Boys can also be remarkably resilient and creative – when we let them.

Kind regards


Friday 12 March 2021

Founders Day (celebrating our 172nd birthday)

School starts with the normal Test Period followed by a special programme including Tug-of-War, Relay Gala, Quiz, Art etc.

Dress: House T-shirt, blue shorts, short white socks and takkies.


Easter Egg Collection


We will once again be collecting Easter Eggs to be donated to St Pauls and Athwood Primary, amongst others. Please drop your marshmallow egg donations at the library before the 26 March 2021.

Bishops Blue Pages



The next edition of the Blue Pages will be sent out at the end of this term. If you would like to advertise in this edition, the deadline is 19 March. Please direct all queries to Michelle Tuscher at

Inter-House Cricket


The boys will be playing Inter-House matches next week. Please see the schedule with all the information HERE.

Please note:

  • The boys should know their teams as the selections took place in House Meetings. If they are unsure, they must approach their Housemasters regarding selections.
  • All U10 to U13 matches finish at 17h00. U9 matches finish at 16h00.
  • Boys will be walked to their venues by the coaches and parents may pick them up from these venues.
  • All selection and availability queries must be directed to Housemasters.
  • No spectators allowed.

Normal cricket clothes, but House T-shirt instead of white cricket shirt.

Coffee at the Mitre




A great place to meet up with old friends and make new ones!

Thank you
We received a very heartfelt thank you from the Mdzananda Animal Clinic for our donations.
Eight out of 10 children in South Africa cannot read properly, either in English or in other home home languages. Research reveals that early childhood is the perfect time to develop this skill. VUSA are so looking forward to the arrival of their mobile library which will travel to 3 registered ECD centres each morning loaded with books and puzzles.
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