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10 September 2021

Dear Parents

We were so delighted to see a bit of the sun yesterday and then woke up to the wind and cold today! This unpredictable weather reminds us to always bring a jersey to school but also to always have a hat to be allowed ot play out in the sun, when it dares to show itself!

From Mr Brown:

Thank you to all of you who attended last night’s AGM and for casting your votes for the new committee remotely. The following parents were elected to the Parents’ Association Committee for 2021/2022:

Ettie Chawahwa;David Dalling;Zanne Horrell;Brian Khoury;Delene Mark;Daniela Wakeford

The procedure now is that I call a meeting of the new committee at which they elect office bearers and also have the opportunity to co-opt 2 further members if they so wish. I thank all those parents who put their names forward for election.


I want to thank the outgoing Committee chaired by Delene Mark for their contribution over the last year. Kay Layla-Sides, Advaita Naidoo and Chris Twycross did not make themselves available for re-election and I want to thank them for their active contribution over the last year and in Chris’ case, 2 years.

 It is often presumed that this is just a fund-raising committee which is not true. They perform an important community - building function, serve as a sounding board for certain school issues and raise issues of general concern to parents, run an increasingly large outreach programme and similarly assist in the school’s transformation process particularly around parent discussion and involvement. They came in to office at a difficult time after lockdown and had to work through both the 2nd and 3rd waves of Covid. But I am pleased to say that they did everything they could do under the circumstances. Much of this is included in the Chair’s Report that was mailed to you in the last week.


I do want to highlight a few points though. I was so impressed that outreach to St Paul’s and Athwood Primary continued and in the case of the latter very creatively with shopping vouchers in place of sandwiches and, on Mandela Day, food hampers for the families most in need. The PA’s relationship with our VUSA Rugby and Learning Academy has grown exponentially, not only financially but also in the planning of creative opportunities for more connections between our boys and the VUSA boys and girls. Last term they organised a work party of families going out to assist VUSA children with the painting of one of the creches supported by VUSA. Their plan for families to go on outings with VUSA children could unfortunately not go ahead due to Covid restrictions but hopefully this will still be realised. A large part of any income from fund – raising goes to the PA’s outreach and partnership projects and last term’s hamper raffle was extremely popular with the boys and they had enormous fun around it. More than R200 000 was raised. We received very good feedback on the parents’ forum focusing on inclusion and diversity at the school, facilitated by the Committee, at which the Principal and I were interviewed, and parents went into discussion groups. I am sure the new committee will continue to provide such opportunities going forward.


I gave feedback last night on the school’s ongoing transformation process. While some of the developments have been mentioned in our newsletters, we will be sending out a specific Transformation Newsletter giving a full update. It will also include an updated draft Transformation and Diversity Policy recently discussed at the Transformation and Diversity Committee meeting.


May you all enjoy a wonderful weekend as we head into the final 2 weeks of the term. We wish Ms Charmaine Haynes a very happy birthday for 15th.


To all our Jewish families we hope you enjoyed very Happy Rosh Hashana celebrations this week.


Kind regards


Friday 17 September

Bandana day

A reminder that this is a civvies day for anyone who wears the new 2021 sunflower fund bandana/tope.

Friday 17 September
Extra-mural programme ends
Please note that this is the final day for extra mural activities for Term 3. 
Thursday 23 September
School closes
In an attempt to avoid any gathering at the gates, we will dismiss Gr N and R boys at 11am and Grade 1 and 2 boys at 11.15am. Aftercare will run until 1.30pm
Lost property

There is still quite a large amount of lost property.  Please could you email your son's teacher if he has lost any items so that we can ensure that he goes to check in the lost property basket.  Sadly many items are unmarked and therefore very difficult to return to the rightful owner.
Message from our Youth Pastor

A refreshing thought…


“What is the meaning of human life, or, for that matter, of the life of any creature? To know an answer to this question means to be religious. You ask: Does it make any sense, then, to pose this question? I answer: The man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unhappy but hardly fit for life.”- (Albert Einstein, Mein Weltbild)


Jesus said, I have come to give you life.


If the meaning of life is to connect with purpose, we must connect with our source. To do that, we must connect with God. We may not have the answers to all of life’s questions but let us be thankful for all that flows from God.

Have a blessed weekend.

We would like to welcome our Interns back that have been at other schools completeing their practical teaching and writing exams. 
Grade N
The Grade N boys have been talking about friendship.Each boy colored a petal and wrote their name. If you have the opportunity to discuss this important topic at home this weekend, please go ahead.
Grade R
It is so important to have the opportunity to enquire, discuss and discover.  School is a wonderful place to be able to do all this...and more!
Grade 1

This week we had a grand time in Grade 1 exploring end -n blends. The boys played detective, investigating a Sam Sleuth crime scene and had to use the clues in the sandpit to find out what went down! Notes were taken as many end blend words were discovered. A delicious mint concluded the investigation.



GlobalGiving is a nonprofit that supports other nonprofits around the world by connecting them to donors and companies, tools and training.


VUSA has applied to become a GlobalGiving partner and has reached the final round of the intense vetting process – an accelerator fundraising campaign which runs from the 13 – 30 September.


To graduate from the Accelerator and become a permanent GlobalGiving partner, VUSA must raise at least $5,000 from 40 unique donors during the campaign.


Amongst other benefits, once accepted as a GlobalGiving partner, donors in the USA and UK will be able to claim tax benefits when donating to VUSA.


Crowdfunding platforms unleash the potential for anyone, anywhere, at any time, to make the world a better place   Whether you can give financially or not we are asking the Bishops community to please share the link and champion this cause over the next few weeks.  Whilst the end goal is to become a GlobalGiving partner, the project VUSA is raising funds for is unbelievable – we’ll give you a hint – it involves a bus and 40 laptops –– please look out for the campaign launch on social media and newsletters  next week and share to anyone who you think can support this wonderful initiative which supports VUSA’s goals of awakening opportunities for primary school children in the Langa Community.


VUSA rugby teams will be playing Bishops on Saturday.  We are looking forward to what promises to be a wonderful morning.


Bishops Community Week

It's just less than a month to go for the long-awaited Bishops Community Week. The week is dedicated to fundraising for the Invest in our Future Foundation, a Citadel and Bishops partnership developed to provide funding for Bishops school leavers from 2022 to pursue a tertiary education as well as for OD start-ups.

The week kicks off from the 5th October and includes a musical soiree in the Memorial Chapel, an art exhibition showcasing talented ODs and students, a fine wine and dining evening and auction, and finally the golf day. Please see the programme details for the week below. We will be sending out individual event details and ticket sales from next week so keep your eyes peeled!




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