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12 February 2021

Dear Parents

Today was really a lovely day, full of fun, chatter and games.  The boys respond so differently when they wear civvies to school and it is really interesting to be part of the excitement and conversation as our pile of pet food grew - bigger and bigger and bigger! May you all be showered with love on this Valentines Day whether it be with material spoils or simply emotionally.  Thank you for what you mean to us at Bishops and for helping us to grow boys who can receive and share love for people, animals and their environment.


I have included the extract below from Mr Brown:

A big thank you to all those parents who have volunteered as class reps this year. The PA Committee will shortly be arranging an online meeting for all class reps.


By now each class probably has a WhatsApp group set up. I know that many parents find this useful and it is a way the class reps are able to easily communicate with parents and do the organizing they need to do. Class WhatsApp groups can become a problem though when they are not used for the purpose they were intended, so I have listed the guidelines that need to be adhered to. I think that if all parents follow these, the WhatsApp groups will be a positive and effective experience.

The WhatsApp groups should be used for:

  • Arranging lifts for outings.
  • Welcoming parents new to the school.
  • Assisting with any fundraising projects if necessary.
  • Disseminating PA information if necessary.
  • Organising volunteers to assist at events.
  • Assisting with outreach projects.
  • Arranging support for a family who might be suffering a bereavement or illness.
  • Providing any class-specific information.

They must not be used to:

  • Replace or re-send school communications.
  • Send out homework (this is the boys’ responsibility).
  • Discuss or comment on boys, teachers, parents or the school.
  • Send on jokes and spam.
  • Advertise any product or service.
  • Share news.
  • Send articles.

Wishing you all a restful, wonderful weekend. May you return refreshed and ready for a new week!

Kind regards


Wednesday 17 February Ash Wednesday

Father Monwabisi Peter will provide more details early next week..
End of the day

We acknowledge the sometimes very congested area around the gate during the time that boys are dismissed.  This is particularly evident when more than one group needs to leave at once.  Please note that we are carefully looking at trying to put measures in place to alleviate this crowding.  We hope to communicate any adaptations as soon as possible and will communicate with you should there be anything that affects your year/sport group.  At the same time we respectfully ask parents to physically distance when waiting at the gate.  It is always tricky but where possible, please keep open spaces between friends.
Message from our Youth Pastor

The most excellent way


In keeping with the theme of Love this weekend and at Pre-Prep today. I want us to consider these words. As we reflect on the words may we practice and be encouraged to respond to the invitation to love.


"Love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy, love does not boast, love is not proud, love is not rude, it is not self-seeking, love is not easily angered, love keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth". (1 Corinthians 13:1)


Here God tells us that love is more of a practiced art, a daily habit needing to be grown in us, a way in which we need to be trained together. It is an art that observes patience and exercises kindness. It rehearses not wanting what it doesn’t have nor strutting about what it does have nor walking around with a swelled head. It is an art that does not insist on its own way, but can see others’ viewpoints. It is the practice of learning compromise and cooperation and reconciliation. May we love more during these strange times!



Pizza Fridays


The order forms for pizza Fridays will go out on Monday. Pizza's will start from next Friday so please be sure to get your order in ASAP to be added to the list.  This offering is only for boys from Grade R (something for the little ones to look forward to) Thank you to Fenella Ebbs for her offer in facilitating this fun initiative.  Any profits from this exercise will be used to purchase fruit to supplement the sandwich drive for Athwood Primary School (this will start later in the year when Covid regulations allow)

Aftercare Team
For those who are still considering our aftercare, may I introduce our team.  Mrs Catherine Rheeder (supervisor) Mr Caleb van der Heyde (student assistant) Mrs Nurene Maged (supervisor)  For more information please click on the little tab at the top of this newsletter.  This is a free play environment where boys spend lots of time outdoors or creating their own games and using their very vivid imagination.
Valentines Day

An enormous thank you to all who donated towards our pet food/goodies collection.  I know that this will go a very long way in assisting the work that is happening with animal shelters. I will post some pictures of where it will be delivered in the next week or so.


Our boys also had great fun today, dressing up and enjoying their picnic lunches.  Thank you for supporting this initiative.

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