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13 August 2021

Dear Parents

As we head into the weekend after a very busy week, we sometimes look back and wonder how we got it all done.  Life seems to hold so much 'stuff', and not all of it is nice. This week we have heard of so many more families needing to isolate and others with positive covid cases.  Our thoughts and well wishes are with all of those that have been affected.
I include a little inspiration from Alice Morse Earle "Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day"

Our boys, although somewhat limited by the colder weather, have had a lot of fun this week. Having space to be outside and run seems to be the tonic they need to keep going. We ask parents please to check the length of boys hair as some are in need of a trim. We also seem to have a lot of unmarked uniform items in our lost property.  We cannot return items to boys if they are not marked so please could we ask all parents to check clothing to ensure all items are clearly marked.


We look forward to a new week, full of fun, learning and exciting challenges. 


Wishing Ms Kelly Kortjie a wonderful birthday on 19th August! Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!


Kind regards


Friday 20 August Grade 2 Daames outing to the forest

Next week, Mrs Daames class will head out on their adventure to the forest.  So much fun awaits them. The class would have received an email with further information.
Covid - 19 Update

With increased infections in one class, and under guidance from our Doctors, we have closed one Grade R class until Monday 23rd August.  Thank you to those parents for their positive response in our efforts to keep all boys safe.  Please be aware of the increased infections in young children who present with mild symptoms but can still carry the virus for 10 days.  Symptoms such as runny noses, colds, headaches and sometimes a fever and more recently pain behind the eyes seem to be the most common.
Message from Our Youth Pastor

Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand” Jeremiah 18



The picture above is of a skilled potter creating a piece of art from a lump of clay. The symbolism here is so rich for our lives as we consider God as the potter and our lives as the clay lump. If ¬†you have ever done some pottery you will know it’s a messy process. There are hours of forging, moulding and refining before the art piece is produced. God is the Potter. He is in control. Our lives are not in the hands of some invisible “force” or blind “fate”; they are in the hands of Almighty God. God is not just our Creator. God has a personal concern for our lives just like the skilled potter God is shaping us into a valuable piece. Clay cannot mould itself but must be soft and malleable in the hands of a skilled potter, so must we all be in the hand of God. The boys next week will be encouraged to mould some clay as a symbol of today’s parable. This weekend I’d like to encourage you to chat to your son about the process described in this lesson. Have him look up some pics and or watch the process. The lessons learnt may have a deep impact on him as he considers how God is shaping our lives.




We understand that some families are isolating due to covid exposure but some boys are absent with no communication with their teachers about the reason. Please could we ask you to email your teacher should your son not be at school. This enables the teacher to prepare adequately for the boys that are not here and also to be able to schedule a connection time via teams, should they be well enough.

Tins Galore - delivery

Our tins have found a new home. Sister's Incorporated and  Women’s Shelter Movement in Woodstock. Both of these organizations are an amazing support to Women in our communities. Thank you once again for all your generous donations.  We certainly have helped to fill many hungry tummies.

Mathletics Games Awards

We are so proud of all the boys who competed in the Live Mathletics games in Grade 2. We presented some ‘treasure’ to the top scorers in each class as well as the top scorer in the whole Grade. Big congratulations to these boys, a well deserved victory! 


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