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19 March 2021

Dear Parents

Next week we head into the final week of Term 1.  When we embarked on this 2021 journey, we really looked forward to some new and exciting things.  Sadly it has been much of the same and we have not been able to do all that we planned.  As the year progresses, we will continue to adapt, plan and find new ways of doing things.  This has often brought out some new innovations that we will hold on to but it has also limited us in many respects.  The biggest limitation has been the interaction with parents and I really am sad that we have not been able to engage as much as we would have liked to, particularly with new parents to Bishops.

I came across such meaningful writing by Nikki Bush that I have chosen to share with you:

We can get so overwhelmed by life (whether in pandemic times or not) that we can feel like we have lost control. We can get stuck in the past, thinking about what has happened, what didn't work out, or how we want to go back to a better time. We can be paralysed by our fear of an unknown future, making us feel out of control. 

In both of these situations, we forget about the power of the present moment. This is where our control and personal power lies; moment by moment, being mindful that what you do today counts. The choices you make today determine the picture on your canvas and tomorrow there will be a new canvas.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.


Wishing you all a peaceful weekend. Next Friday will be our last newsletter of the term.

Kind regards


26 March

End of Term 1

Gr N & R finish at 10h30.

Gr 1 & 2 finish at 11h00

Work sent home when boys are sick

Please note that teachers are not able to send work via email when your children are sick for a few days, or when short holidays are taken. In Grade 1 and 2 boys can carry on with Mathletics and Reading Eggs at home should they be able to do some work.

If a short holiday is taken, boys are encouraged to write a journal of what they have experienced each day and can draw a picture to accompany this. Their teacher will be happy to look at their journal on their arrival back at school.

In the case of boys being in isolation due to Covid-19 protocols, teachers are then able to prepare a work pack for boys to complete.


Message from our Youth Pastor

As we draw closer to the end of Lent toward Easter let us pause for a moment and consider the invitation by Jesus to love. Jesus reminds us that we show our love for God by loving others. This week’s Lenten discipline, service, provides an opportunity for us to practice this. This week while walking through the Pre-Prep admin area I was amazed at the mountain of Easter eggs stacked in the foyer. The love and generosity shown by our boys is commendable.


One way we respond to God’s love for us is by loving others. We do not do good acts or works in order to receive God’s grace, favor, and/or love. But instead, out of gratitude for God’s gift, our hearts yearn to give to others. When we experience this gift completely, God’s grace and love pours out of our hearts and leads us to share Christ’s light with others.


A family task to consider…

Begin each day next week (either at breakfast or on the morning ride to school), inviting your son or  to participate consider how they will treat others.


Say: “Today, I invite you to...


  • find a way to show that you care through your actions.”


Close each day (either on the way home from school/work, at dinner, or bedtime) by allowing them to reflect on and share their experiences from the day. Acts of love and service are excellent for reimagining a world where everyone benefits from the good inside us all. I trust that these moments will encourage deep faith and passion for you and your family as you journey closer to Easter.


Let’s us pray

Loving God you’ve shown us true love through the words and actions of your Son, Jesus. May we love and serve all those around us. Amen

Top buttons and shoe laces

With winter arriving soon, please encourage your Grade 1 and 2 boys to start practising fastening the top button of their winter shirt. Grade 2 boys should be familiar with this.

Although we will not be changing to the winter uniform immediately at the start of term 2, please familiarise them with what they will be wearing.

Grade 1 and 2 boys are also expected to be able to tie their own shoe laces. If your son is not able to do this, please practise this with them in the holidays.


Book corner in the Library

We have a special section ‘We are all different’ in our library. Please encourage your boys to take a book from this corner next term. We love boys to take the opportunity to celebrate our differences and embrace our similarities. 

Play time

On beautiful sunny days at break underneath our majestic mountain, boys can be seen doing the monkey bars, running and playing in the sandpit. Even Grade 2’s love to perfect their sand castle building (which sometimes also involves digging to the other end of the earth!) 


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