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24 May 2019

Dear Parents

Despite the rain and cold weather, we have managed to get out of the classrooms as often as possible during the day. Thankfully we have not had to cancel too many sport practices. Please be reminded that should it rain, and we are not able to go outdoors, an indoor venue will be used. Often coaches do fun activities, go over rules of the game, talk around good sportsmanship and other options. It is therefore not necessary to fetch your son before the usual time that the sport would finish.

As mentioned in our newsletter last week, we are working hard at instilling positive discipline and respectfulness in our boys. Teachers are monitoring classes carefully and we appreciate the continued support of parents in this regard. Well done to those boys who are coming into school in the mornings and unpacking independently. By this time of the year all Grade 1 and 2 boys should be coming in on their own, and Gr R boys should be heading towards the "drop and go" time of the year and be putting their bags away in their lockers on their own. Please be reminded to let boys carry their own belongings and encourage them to pack their bags, ready for school, the night before. This gives them a sense of achievement and independence.

We are always in a vulnerable spot when using public parking areas. Please be reminded to be vigilant about locking your vehicles, particularly on rainy, dark mornings. We have put extra security in this area but opportunists continue to beat any system and make it so frustrating.

We would like to wish Mrs Ashleigh Osborne a fabulous birthday today - a very special one indeed!

Kind regards


Friday, 7 June Mini Tag Internal Tournament TAKE Note

The tournament will take place on the Cemetery field between 13:00 and 14:00.
Friday 7 June All Extra Mural Activities End

The term 3 extra mural programme starts on 15 July. TAKE Note
Thursday 13 June

Family Chapel Service and School Closes

Family Chapel starts at 09:00 and school closes at 09:30l.

All boys are to return to their classes after chapel to be formally dismissed.

Please remember that Aftercare will only run until 11:00 on that day.

Tuesday 18 June Aftercare Holiday Club starts

Aftercare Holiday Club will run from 18 to 21 June 2019. (Monday, 17 is a public holiday observed). Please see the attachment to this newsletter for further details.

Tag rugby Tournament

We will be hosting our Mini tag tournament for Gr 1 and 2 boys on Friday 7 June. This will take place during the normal tag slot from 13:00 to 14:00. This will allow our boys to learn the art of competing. This is really difficult for some children, so I am sure the opportunity for conversation around winning and losing will arise at some point. You are welcome to come and watch your sons play.

Term 3 Extra Mural Programme


The term 3 programme will run on the same basis as term 2.

Please inform the teachers concerned if your son would like to change any of his activities.



We are still collecting squares to be sewn into blankets. If you could perhaps knit some over the holidays, that would be fabulous. 

Our Tuesday sandwich collection is ongoing. Thank you to those who always send and extra fruit or sandwich to school to send to Athwood Primary School.

Prayer Groups

The Parents' Prayer Group meets every week from 07:30 at the Woodlands Pavilion. All are welcome.

The Men’s Prayer Group meets every second Tuesday of the month at the Woodlands Pavilion at 06:50.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Youth Pastor, Justin Woolls,

Missing School Shoes

Anothile Mpikashe’s black shoes have been missing since last week Wednesday. There is a pair in lost property that are not his and they have been there since he lost his. Please would you check that your son has his own shoes and not Anothile's. His surname is on his shoes.

Lost Property

There still seems to be an excessive amount of unmarked lost property. Please could you check that all items are clearly marked, including hockey sticks, tennis racquets and shin pads.
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