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26 March 2021

Dear Parents

A term does not come to an end without many Thank You's.  Firstly to the parents for bravely handing your precious possessions over to us at the school gate.  We have seen such growth in the boys, independence and a sense of accomplishmentt that we have been very excited to note. 


Thank you so very much to every parent that has braved the early morning 7am gate duty to screen and help keep our campus safe.  We are truly thankful for your willingness to help and we really hope that some more will be encouraged to join these wonderful parents who have made an incredible difference to what we can offer.


Thank you also, to Mrs Juliet Lockhart-Ross who leaves us after being in for Mrs Melody Green (Grade R) while she was on maternity leave.  Mrs Locky has crept into the hearts of many parents and boys and we wish her well and trust she will be available when next we need to draw on her expertise!

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt: The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. 

This is indeed what we strive to achieve for the boys in our care.  We really try to get boys to engage in daily challenges, to experience as much of life that is on offer, to reach out bravely and to gather as many new and exciting experiences that are on offer. To do all this in a space where we respect one another for who we are and with an understanding and acceptance that needs no words. As teachers, that is our challenge, to create these new and exciting experiences, challenging their thinking and stretching their imagination, while facilitating the conversations and behaviour to be accepting to all.


We bid farewell to Mrs Chanelle Haumann who jets off to a new life in Australia. We really appreciate all she has contributed to Bishops during her time here.  Mrs Amy Fernandez will be joining us in Grade 1 from Term 2.  We have already had several opportunities to work with Mrs Fernandez, carefully handing over our precious boys into her care and we are excited to have her join our team. 


As we come to the end of a turbulent term, we appreciate the time to rest and rejuvenate and prepare for a new term, full of exciting twists and turns, new challenges and some  innovative additions. Please note that Grade 1 and 2 boys need to come to school in khaki uniforms on the first and last day of each term.

Wishing you all a wonderful break; all our Christian families a blessed Easter and our Jewish families, chag sameach.

Kind regards


Tuesday 13 April

Start of Term 2

Grade 1 and 2 boys wear khaki summer uniforms.  Winter uniforms will be introduced later in the term. Early morning care and aftercare will resume from this first day of the term.

Monday 19 April

School Holiday

A reminder that this day will host a staff transformation workshop.  School will be closed for boys.  We would like to offer aftercare to those that wish to take up the opportunity, so aftercare will be open from 8am until 5pm on this day. Further information about this offer will be sent out next term.


Sport Term 2


The Term 2 sport calendar is available on the sport tab at the top of the newsletter, for those that wish to plan ahead.  The actual sign up sheets for school based sport will be sent out on the first day of next term. All extra murals will only start on Tuesday 20 April, as Monday 19 April is a school holiday. If you wish to liaise with any private coaches, please do so individually. We have added an exciting change to the cross country as there are no official meetings.  Any Grade 1 and 2 boys are invited to join the run before school on our field on specific days (the day they have gross motor). There will be some exciting challenges which I am sure all the boys will explain to you once we have spoken to them in the first week of Term 2. 

Message from our Youth Pastor

God of wisdom,

We thank you for all the gifts you have given us throughout this term.

We praise you for giving us life, health and a safe space to learn and grow.


We voice our gratitude for the good things you have done in us, and we praise you for all who have shared in the work of our school.


We ask you to bless them in your love and give them refreshment and peace. We praise you, God, through Your Son, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen


Hats and Jerseys

Despite the change of season, our boys are still required to wear hats at break time and when they are outside. Please also make sure they have a jersey (polar fleece option for Gr N and R) at school for days that the weather changes suddenly. A gentle reminder that tracksuit tops may not be worn without their bottom.

 Gr 2 Bee Talk

“The Grade 2’s were fortunate enough to have Crispin Jackson, professional beekeeper and apiarist, come and share his extensive knowledge of bees with the boys. There are not many people that can keep Grade 2 boys’ attention for long periods of time, but Crispin managed to have them all enthralled! Thank you for giving up your time and for sharing your enthusiasm with us all, Crispin. It rubbed off on Mrs Fraser who was asked to don a bee keepers suit – just short of the boots!

Gr N Sensory Day
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