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29 January 2021

Dear Parents

We are delighted to be back on campus and to interact face to face (mask to mask) with your boys.  Despite this being a different start to any other year, we have tried to make things as comfortable as possible and work within the restrictions set by Covid 19.


Thank you to all parents for your understanding, your patience and your letters of encouragement during this time.  It has been difficult and tiring but we are proud of all we have accomplished and are really excited to be back on campus. We are blessed with an amazing team at the Pre-Prep and together with the guidance of the management at Bishops, we really trust that we are able to maintain a balanced, safe and happy learning environment for all our teachers and boys.


We would like to extend a warm welcome to the 75 new boys and their families, that have joined our campus this year. We trust that your journey with us will be a happy one.  As soon as the class reps have been identified, they will be in touch with you and welcome you to the class groups.  Covid has made it really difficult to arrange any type of gathering but until then, we trust that you will feel most welcome!

Jim Rohn wrote: You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself, that is something you have.


We look forward to a wonderful, productive year ahead and to welcoming all our boys back on Monday.. Welcome to 2021!

Kind Regards


Monday 1 February 8am Welcome back Grade 1 and 2 boys!

We are delighted to welcome all our Grade 1 and 2 boys back!  Please bring along any items that were in the pack collected from your teacher this week..


All boys will be back at school from Monday 1 February.  Next week we will send out the google sign up forms for school based sport. We are hoping to start our adjusted extra mural programme on Monday 8 February. Please contact the private coaches individually should you be interested in participating in those on offer (contact details are on the website). The new proposed calendar is up online for your perusal.Thank you for your understanding.

Drop and go


Grade 1 and 2 boys will be required to be dropped at our drive through, drop and go area in Sandown Road. We please ask parents not to disembark from their vehicles but to have boys ready for a quick and effortless exit. Security will assist with opening and closing of doors and car boots.  We realise that this will be new for the Grade 1 boys but there will be staff present to assist the boys with this transition. Please be advised that the gates to this drop and go will only open at 7.30am as the premises need to be carefully sanitised before the boys arrive.

We have had quite a few enquiries about car stickers.  All boys will receive two stickers on their first day back at school. These stickers will allow your vehicle access to the property. Please note that these stickers will not be necessary for the first day to drop and go. 

Grade 1 and 2 online meetings

Grade 1 and 2 parents will receive a Teams meeting invite for their online class meetings with the teacher on Monday evening at 6pm.  Please keep a look out for this booking on your class Teams group.
Message for our Youth Pastor

The Lord be with you,

God is with us, now and for ever, we have a hope which can endure present hardships, allow us to be patient and persevering, and give us a joy that can see beyond the “now”.

As we start a new term and journey into 2021 let us begin with a prayer for the world.


A prayer for the world

God of love and hope,

you made the world and care for all creation,

but the world feels strange right now.

The news is full of stories about Coronavirus.

Some people are worried that they might get ill.

Others are anxious for their family and friends.

Be with them and help them to find peace.

We pray for the doctors and nurses and scientists,

and all who are working to discover the right medicines

to help those who are ill.

Thank you that even in these anxious times,

you are with us.

Help us to put our trust in you and keep us safe.


Transformation update

Ms Lele Mehlomakulu has completed her analysis of the Transformation survey done at the end of last year and will be providing feedback to staff, parents, Council and the boys shortly. Most of the feedback meetings will have to be online as we are still not permitted to have more than 50 people in a venue at any one time. She will be communicating with you shortly to offer you the opportunity to join the feedback session. I asked the boys, in my preamble to assembly today, not to wait for someone to lead them in a transformation journey but to start that journey themselves. There is nothing stopping them from exploring differences through discussion and dialogue. Discrimination is often based on fear and fear is based on ignorance. We will be looking at difference in great detail this year and so it would be good if boys could speak with authority on the topic.



Aftercare will run daily until 5pm and until 4pm on Fridays.  Please email should you have any enquiries about this service.


A gentle reminder that we require boys to wear hats when outside.  The sun is extremely hot during the morning when the boys are outdoors.  Despite sunblock, the glare is quite intense and these hats provide much needed protection for both skin and eyes.  Please ensure that your son has his hat at school to be able to play outside.

And they are BACK!
A very warm welcome back to our busy little people. We are so happy to have some activity on our campus again!
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