31 May 2019

Dear Parents

The boys have had a lot of exciting activities this week. Gilly Southwood has been to tell riveting stories to the Grade N boys and the Grade R boys have been learning about opposites which is one of the many new concepts that are being introduced. The Grade 1s have been digging deeper into the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle theme, creating group posters and finding as many ways as possible to reuse an empty toilet roll! Teachers are also busy planning an exciting Pirate Day coming up - thank you to all those parents who have been involved in helping with this. Grade 2 boys have been investigating mind maps in more detail and used the model to work through information about South Africa. This all culminates in their Cultural Game’s day later in the term.

We shared a wonderful Ascension Day service in the chapel this week with the Gr 1 and 2 boys. Fr Monwabisi Peter grabbed the boys’ attention with an exciting presentation and awareness of the significance of this special day.

I need to thank all those parents who have supplied beautiful flowers for our foyer on a Monday and supplied and delivered sandwiches on a Tuesday. If you can help and would like to be added to the roster, please contact Wendy van Heerden at our office to be added to the list. Similarly, if there are parents who would kindly offer to help with delivering sandwiches on a Tuesday morning, please contact Wendy to be added to that list. Help is always so very appreciated.

I was quite impressed with a short summary I found recently of what "fills a child's cup" and this is what it says: play, friendship, one-on-one time, love and affection, connection, succeeding, doing what they love to do or what they choose to do. Obviously all the above within structured boundaries particularly when it comes to choosing what they want to do. With the upcoming holidays, may you all have time to fill the cups of your boys (and your own) and create special memories along the way.

We wish all our Muslim families a happy and joyous Eid Mubarak.

Kind regards


Friday 7 June

Mini Tag Internal Tournament TAKE Note

The tournament will take place on the Cemetery field between 13:00 and 14:00.

Please contact gnolte@bishops.org.za for any further information.

Friday 7 June All Extra Mural Activities End

The term 3 extra mural programme starts on 15 July.
Thursday 13 June Family chapel Service and School Closure

Family Chapel starts at 09:00 and school closes at 09:30l.
All boys are to return to their classes after chapel to be formally dismissed.
Please remember that Aftercare will only run until 11:00 on that day.
Tuesday 9 July

Back to School Term 3

All Grade 1 and 2 boys wear khaki uniforms on the first and last day of each term.

Sport will only commence in the second week of the new term ie. 15 July.

Mini Tag Internal Tournament

Please ensure that your son has the correct kit. Boys will NOT be allowed to play if they are not wearing the correct clothing.

We appeal to any parents or extended family who could perhaps give our very large stuffed fabric crocodile some TLC. He has some broken teeth and split seams that need some hand sewing to restore this beautiful chap to its former glory. Basic sewing skills needed only. Please drop us an email if you are able to assist with these repairs. He is presently hiding in the Grade N store room, waiting to make his appearance once he is happy and healthy again!

Prayer Groups

The Parents' Prayer Group meets every week from 07:30 at the Woodlands Pavilion. All are welcome. The Men’s Prayer Group meets every second Tuesday of the month at the Woodlands Pavilion at 06:50.


Please feel free to make use of the prayer box based at the Brooke Chapel entrance to add your prayer requests.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Youth Pastor, Justin Woolls, jwoolls@bishops.org.za.


We have asked those boys who need haircuts to please do so this weekend. Hair needs to be neat and tidy at all times and many boys have long fringes and hair over their ears and generally need a tidy up. A good brush in the morning is also a good idea.

Lost Property

Sadly we have a huge collection of lost property once again. Most of it is displayed outside the hall for collection but it becomes increasingly difficult to find items when they are not marked. 


One of our boys has mislaid a black watch. Please could we ask you to check and see if this watch has not perhpas been brought home inadvertently or put into the wrong bag by mistake. 

Ascension Day Service
The grades 1s and 2s enjoyed an Ascension Day service in the Brooke Chapel yesterday where Fr Monwabisi demonstrated how our Lord ascended to heaven and explained the different elements of the Holy Trinity.
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