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Dear Parents and Guardians

This is the second last newsletter of the year and, as activities slow down, will be a brief one with just a few matters to share with our parent community.

Epic 2021

I have just returned from three days in the Cederberg at our annual Epic, the outdoor experience for our Grade 10 year group that for many is a highlight of their time at Bishops. It is hard not to become poetic as one enters the Cederberg area with its majestic views of hills, mountains and rocky outposts that have been carved by nature over thousands of years. In this space, our boys have been busy and all those I spoke with told me how much they were enjoying themselves. The weather has been good with only some light rain after the initial thunderstorms that curtailed activities for three days. I am very grateful to the many parents who supported Epic through donations of equipment to the local community and schools that we support, through the creation and distribution of beautifully made blankets and in helping with the use of vehicles. Our staff are to be commended on their efforts thus far and we thank them for making this programme so special. We are looking forward to our boys’ safe return early next week, tired, dirty but with their souls filled with experiences and valuable lessons from the Cederberg.

Big Ideas

I would like to thank Mr Burgert Maree and his team of teachers who undertook the Big Ideas programme with a number of our Grade 9 boys this past term. I was fortunate to be able to listen to one of the group feedback sessions and to read the projects our boys had undertaken. This opportunity to think differently, practically and to try to create a sustainable concept that can impact positively on our planet is so valuable for our boys. I encourage our Grade 8 boys to take up this opportunity next year.

Staff Issue

Ms Malan has consulted with the school and decided to pursue other career opportunities. We respect her decision and wish her well in her future career.


I remind parents again that the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices is both harmful and addictive and ask for your support in this regard. We have increased the level of consequence for boys caught with vapes or vaping at school and will be trying hard to patrol areas where this may occur. Please take the time to educate yourself and your son about vaping and its harmful effect and do what you can to prevent your son from putting his health at risk.


With the discovery of the new variant of Covid comes the call for greater efforts to vaccinate. While mandatory vaccination in schools has not yet been instituted, it is most certainly being discussed in most forums. We ask parents that, during the upcoming holiday period, you do what you can to keep your family safe through vaccination and by avoiding large indoor gatherings. We have not seen a dramatic increase in cases at school yet and think we may be fortunate in terms of timing with the possible fourth wave but we are hoping for a good start to 2022.

I shall be signing off on the year next week but would like to wish our boys all the very best for this last week of school and a safe return from the many activities they have been doing.

Kind regards

Tony Reeler




Congratulations to the following boys on receiving their colours.

Full Colours
Nicholas Steinhagen
Dean Sneddon
Max Cary
Adam De Waal

Half Colours
Jack Moyle
Louie Hart


Distinction Tie
Awarded to Shariq Davids for his selection to represent South Africa Karate and for obtaining Protea Colours and his many achievements.

Shariq Davids earned his Protea Colours for Karate for the first time in 2017 at the age of 14. He represented South Africa at tournaments around the country and the world including Croatia, Chile and Morocco.

His first international tournament was in Croatia where he competed in the 10th WKF Youth Cup. He competed in the Kumite division for Males U14 – under 50Kg and he placed 9th overall.

In 2019, Shariq was selected to represent South Africa at the 11th WKF World Championships, which was held in Santiago de Chile. He competed in the Cadet Kumite division for Males -under 70Kg and placed 9th.

In 2020, he was selected to represent South Africa in the All African Karate Championships in Tangier, Morocco.


My Bishops Life

Please may we ask that you check your access to the My Bishops Life portal in light of the release of reports at the end of Term. Navigate to the Bishops website and login to the MyBishopsLife - College.

We remind parents that the student access of My Bishops Life should not be used by parents – parents have their own personalized, secure portal. Help with access to My Bishops Life logins will not be available after the 14th December, as those administrative staff will be on leave.


Bishops Community Week

The ODU will once again host the Community week next year, which will consist of a number of fun events in the lead up to Founder's Day. The week will start on Monday 9th March 2022.

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