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THURSDAY 07 March 2024

Dear Parents

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the Family Chapel service held on Monday. Your presence and participation made the gathering special, fostering a sense of community and togetherness that we cherish. As I was looking out at our boys, seeing their beaming faces and the waves from the parents warmed my heart and reminded me why our school is so blessed. 

In other exciting news, we are thrilled to announce a little revamping of our beloved library. Ms de la Harpe, the Prep librarian, has created a space that caters to the needs and interests of our young readers. We have Introduced "The Reading Cave" which is a cosy sanctuary where children can disappear into the world of books. Equipped with comfortable seating adorned with snuggly blankets and soft toys, these enchanting enhancements are designed to inspire a love for reading. The library boasts specific areas tailored to help our boys discover their next favourite book, ensuring that every visit is an adventure waiting to unfold. Thank you to Ms de la Harpe for sharing her passion for books with the Pre-Prep boys. We hope these enhancements bring joy and inspiration to our young readers, fostering a lifelong love for literature and learning.  

Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim families. We wish you a month filled with blessings, peace, and moments of reflection. May this sacred month bring you closer together in love and harmony as you celebrate the spirit of Ramadan.

Wishing Mrs Wallace a very happy birthday on 16 March.

Kind Regards




08 March

Founder's Day

We are looking forward to celebrating as a whole school with the prep and college boys. All Grade 1 and 2 boys must please be in whites tomorrow. We are requesting that all Pre-Prep boys arrive at school at 7:30 in order to have a little play before we ring the bell at 7:45 to walk across to the Mallet Centre for the Founder's Day service.


11 March

B League Gala

Selected boys have been notified individually. We wish them all the best for the afternoon.


11 March

Parent Meetings

Grade N to 2 parent meetings will continue this week. Parents must please book a meeting slot if they have not done so yet.


13 March

Pre-Prep Open Day

Our Open Day will be on the 13th of March. Please feel free to share the information with any families or friends that may be interested in joining Bishops.


15 March

Sport Ends

This will be the final day for extra mural activities (both early morning and afternoon). This includes privately offered extramurals as well.  The term 2 extramural programme and sign up sheets will go out early next week.


15 March

Coffee Connection - Jeanne Botha

We invite you to join us at Coffee Connections with Jeanne Botha, our new Kinderkineticist. Kinderkinetics is a specialised paediatric field, which focuses on the gross motor and physical development of children from new-born to 13 years of age. At its core, Kinderkinetics focuses on providing children with fun and engaging activities that help them develop essential motor skills, improve coordination, boost cognitive abilities, and enhance social interaction.

 If you would like to hear more about Kinderkinetics and how we incorporate this into our Gross Motor and Phys Lit lessons, please join us at Coffee Connections on Friday from 07:30 in the Pre-Prep Hall.


20 March

Closing times for End of Term 1

School closes at:

Grade N - 10h30

Grade R - 10h40

Grade 1 - 10h50

Grade 2 - 11h00



At a time when many families celebrate Easter, we think of those who are less fortunate. To extend the love of Jesus, sharing and caring at Easter time, we would like to partner with Red Cross Children’s Hospital and collect marshmallow Easter egg strips or boxes for distribution in the children’s ward. Should your son feel he’d like to donate to this worthy collection, please send it to class by Monday 18 March.

Pre-Prep Open Day
Colour Run

Holiday Club

The pre-prep have 3 short holiday care options available  for the boys. 
Please click below for information on:

Holiday Club 21 March

Holiday Club 25 March

Holiday Club 2nd April

Message from Mr Tsotso

The Lord be with you.

In the attitude of pauses and reflection during this Lenten season, this week we pause to listen and observe time.
That moment when we sit in stillness and listen to the sound of the clock on the wall. The Greeks use two words to describe time: Chronos and Kairos. The first one refers to chronological time, that being seconds, minutes, hours, days and years. This is when we fuss and rush for deadlines and functions, when we are in a hurry to be somewhere and even set goals to achieve at a particular time.
The second one being Kairos refers to God divine time, a time set and ordained by the Creator. In scripture we hear Jesus constantly refer to time saying, “my hour hasn’t come”, “my time now is fulfilled”. So, this time is a time of God and from God.
As we continue with the Lenten season, please conclude the season with some reflection of your time and God’s time and the understanding of it. Every time you check the time, reflect on this sentence and decide how to finish it: “In my life right now, it is God’s time for…”

You remain in my prayers.

A League Gala

Oliver Taylor broke a record in the freestyle race for U8. Our pre-prep team were true blue superstars! 

C League Gala

Great swimming from our U8 boys at a very hot and fun C League gala hosted by Bishops.

New Library Reading Cave
Grade N

Grade N has been a hive of excitement over the past two weeks! From making delicious tennis biscuit houses during our Houses theme, to leaping into school on Leap Day, our boys have been discovering and having much fun. 
Our underwater adventure continues as we explore the fascinating world of under the sea. The excitement soared as we observed a real puffer fish and felt its sharp spikes.
We enjoyed our first family chapel experience, with the highlight being our own Mrs. Fraser playing the flute alongside the older boys. 
We have been trying to master the art of following instructions and learning independence by attempting to do as much as possible on our own. A wonderful journey of discovery abounds!

Grade R

On our recent adventure to Green Point Park, the boys revelled in exploring their senses, with taste being a particular highlight of the day. Our journey through the world of Letterland introduced us to Talking Tess and Eddy Elephant, sparking boys' enthusiasm as they brought items beginning with each sound. Tomorrow, we eagerly anticipate celebrating Founders Day as Bishops marks it's remarkable 175th year. Let's embrace the spirit of togetherness!

Grade 1

In Grade 1 we continue to acquire the qualities of the M.I.T.R.E. Our boys have displayed magnificent Manners and are now learning Integrity and Togetherness. We are In It Together! Together they have produced beautiful rock pool murals, feathered our measuring penguins with paper tearing and enjoyed loads of field time playing TOGETHER. Independently the boys are writing and drawing their weekend news and using their o cvc words and shape skills to create stunning sea stars. Our boys are SUPERSTARS!

Grade 2

The Grade 2s have been enjoying being in different outside classrooms. During the art lessons, they sketched parts of our beautiful school. Mrs. Daames class had a wonderful time searching for bugs and being creative at the Alphen Trail this week. Breaktimes included finding garden critters as well as enjoying ball sports and digging in the sandpit.  The geese even joined a swimming lesson with the boys. We are so lucky to have the most amazing surroundings that we can learn from and explore. 

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