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THURSDAY 16 May 2024

Dear Parents

What a wonderful fortnight we have had, filled with exciting events!

The Colour Run  
The Colour Run was a vibrant event and our first family get-together this year. The giggles and shouts from the boys warmed my heart. The excitement started at the morning drop-off and only ended when some tired, colourful boys (and staff) left that evening. But what made this event special was the opportunity to bond with other parents and for our boys to have fun with friends.   We hope you all enjoyed the event because seeing those smiles was the highlight of our day. We have raised R30 000 towards the stained-glass windows in the Brooke Chapel. Thank so much for your support.

Ascension Day Family Chapel Service   
Another event, different, yet equally heartwarming, was our Ascension Day Family Chapel Service on Monday. Gathered together in the chapel, we celebrated a special occasion on the Christian calendar. It was a time to reflect, give thanks, and draw closer to each other and God.

Looking Ahead    
Our boys have been working so hard at school, in many different ways. They have had a wide range of learning experiences. Our boys engage in a holistic educational experience that fosters academic, social, emotional, and physical development. Enjoy reading all about it in this weeks newsletter.

We would like to wish Mrs Sharon Alberts a wonderful birthday on the 21st and Mrs Nathierah Essa on the 23rd of May.

Kind regards


Friday 17 May

Grade 1 Outing to Iziko Museum

The Grade 1s will be going on their Planetarium outing on Friday. Parents lifting need to be at school and ready to leave at 8:30. The boys will be collected from the Planetarium at 12:15. All boys will come back to school, and tag will continue as usual. 

Friday 24 May

Coffee Connections

Please join us for Coffee Connections on Friday, 24 May at 07:45 in the Pre-Prep Hall facilitated by Kirsten McLeod. The session will focus on the crucial topic of setting boundaries with your children.  RSVP by 22.05.2024 - (RSVP link)

Friday 24 May

Spread the Love Drive

See details below.

Wednesday 29 May

Election Day

School Closed

Colour Run
Colour Run - Staff

Thank you to all the staff involved, especially Mrs Fraser, our teachers, secretary, teaching assistants, interns at the pre-prep and prep as well as our support  and security teams. Thank you to our PA especially Mrs Candace Basson and Stephanie du Plooy and of course the Mitchell Family from Urban Tonic for sponsoring the tables and chairs.

245 Sandwich Drive

Help us SPREAD THE LOVE and honour the memory of our champion and warrior, Rohan Bloom, on his birthday.

On Friday 24 May 2024, we will aim to prepare 245 sandwiches for distribution to vulnerable children in Early Childhood Development Centres.
Each child is kindly requested to bring 2 sandwiches to school on Friday 24 May 2024. The Rohan Bloom Foundation is a growing vision to build a children’s hospice of which there currently is none in the Western Cape.
#RohanBloomFondation #245Challenge #TheAngelNetwork #RememberingRohan #MakeARealDifference #RohanHouse #KlapCancer


I know we all share the same desire to keep our children healthy and happy. That's why I wanted to remind you about the importance of regular de-worming for our little ones.
While it might not be the most pleasant topic, it's a crucial aspect of maintaining our children's well-being. Parasitic worms, such as roundworms, hookworms, and pinworms, are more common than we might think, especially among children who love to explore and play outdoors.
These worms can enter our children's bodies through various means, including contaminated soil, water, or food. Once inside, they can cause a range of health issues.
Regular de-worming helps to rid our children's bodies of these parasites, preventing potential health complications and ensuring that they can thrive and grow without any interference. It's a simple yet effective way to safeguard their health and well-being.

It is advisable to de-worm your pets and families every 6 months.
Message from Mr Tsotso

The Lord be with you.
Picking up from last week’s Ascension Day and Family Service. Reflecting on Jesus' departure from this world to dwell in heavenly realms can indeed evoke feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, especially when we consider the challenges present in our schools, country, and world. It's natural to question why God seemingly leaves us amidst these struggles. However, amidst these doubts, there's a profound reminder that God's presence isn't limited to the pages of scripture or the confines of a church building. In the midst of our doubts and uncertainties, we're reminded that Jesus' departure opens up a new opportunity for us to embody his love, compassion, and grace in our interactions with others. While some may never have the chance to read the Bible or explicitly acknowledge Jesus in their lives, we are called to be ambassadors of Christ, carrying his message of hope and redemption wherever we go. As we journey forward in the pilgrimage of life, let us embrace our role as God's hands and feet, extending kindness, mercy, and justice to all we encounter. May we reflect the character of Christ in our words and actions, bringing light to the darkness and hope to the despairing. Let us be agents of transformation in our schools, communities, and world, demonstrating the love of God in tangible ways.

Let us pray
Gracious Lord, In the midst of uncertainty and doubt, we turn to you, our source of hope and strength. Grant us the courage to embody the love and compassion of Jesus in our interactions with others. May we be instruments of your peace, bringing healing to the broken hearted and hope to the despairing. Fill us with your Spirit as we anticipate Pentecost, Lord, that we may faithfully fulfil the task set before us, to be your hands and feet in a world in need of your grace. Help us to live out the teachings and example of Jesus in our daily lives, that we may bear witness to your transformative power. May we bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and we bring before you the birth of the Church which you gifted with many talents, and please continue to reign in that space. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen

Bishops Support Unit: Occupational Therapists
Meet Jane Durham and Nicabeth Paul.
Kinderkinetics by Jeanne Botha

"Building body awareness in kids boosts their coordination, motor skills, and overall health. It's key to their growth and lifelong well-being! Have a look at these exercises to improve your son’s body awareness skills. #ChildDevelopment #HealthyKids #Kinderkinetics_sa #Grossmotordevelopment

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Grade N

The Grade N boys have been so busy preparing lovely bathsalts for their special mommies on Mother’s Day. We hope it was a memorable day and that you managed to spend some lovely family time with your loved ones. We have been fascinated learning about birds and migration these past two weeks. What an interesting topic and we were able to feel the cold shell of a real ostrich egg, nest, and owl talons. The boys managed to make some lovely pictures during art of birds which included peacocks, parrots, doves and finches. We have been having fun with BoomWhackers during Mrs Swanich’s music lesson. Here they learn about rhythm, tone, and pitch. It’s also a wonderful way to learn how to follow an instruction and to develop their concentration. Have a wonderful weekend boys!

Grade R

This week, Grade R has been immersed in the world of reptiles! From creating their own reptile masterpieces to delivering impressive oral presentations, our boys have been exploring, learning, and growing. Alongside our reptile adventures, we've been doing a lot of playing and discovering, as well as, fostering important values such as good manners, togetherness, integrity, respect, and empathy.  

Grade 1

The Grade 1 students have been enthusiastically exploring space, delving into the mysteries of different planets. Their creativity knows no bounds as they’ve invented their own superheroes, each with unique features and superpowers. Together, they’ve crafted intriguing sentences about astronauts and learned about the various space travelers who’ve ventured beyond our planet, even setting foot on the moon. Their commitment to embodying the MITRE values and earning green dots to fill their rockets is truly commendable. The boys are looking forward to their outing on Friday and learning more about outer space.

Grade 2

Over the past two weeks, the Grade 2 pupils have been diligently completing their assessments. The teachers are incredibly proud of the perseverance demonstrated by the boys during this time. Assessments, though sometimes daunting, play a crucial role in helping teachers identify areas where further consolidation is needed. The boys have been learning about traditional South African cultural homes, creating vibrant Ndebele houses. Understanding cultural heritage is essential for children today as it promotes inclusivity and appreciation of diversity. They enjoyed crafting handmade bookmarks for Mother's Day. It's heartwarming to see their enthusiasm and creativity shine through in these activities.

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