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FRIDAY 19 May 2023

Dear Parents

We are incredibly proud of the Grade 1 and 2 boys as they finish off their four- night musical production of Aladdin Kids.  For those who came to support their boys, helped with dressing, make up, props, costumes etc, an enormous THANK YOU!  Now that you have had a chance to see the show, I am sure that you are aware of how much has gone into making this a huge success.  To Mr Pursch and Mrs Swanich, we are in awe as to what you have managed to get out of these boys and to see the joy on their faces while on stage, is just the cherry on the top.  We trust that next week we can ease back into a bit of normality.  Some of our staff will be attending a conference for the first three days of next week.  If your class is affected, your class teacher will notify you.  Mrs Swanich will be on some well deserved leave for a while and we welcome Mrs Mandy Edwards (class music) and Mrs Helen Stabrey (individual music) in her place. 

The brand new, hot off the press, issue of the Old Diocesan Magazine will be sent home with your son. This magazine is a gift from the ODU to all parents. We would love for you to have a read and enjoy all the news from ODs around the world. Before you know it, your boys will be out in the world as a proud OD. It is wonderful to see what happens to boys once they leave school and all that that the ODs are involved in. For any Magazine feedback please email (

Wishing Mrs Sharon Alberts (one of our amazing support staff) and Mrs Nathierah Essa (Ed. Psych and Support co-ordinator) a very happy birthday on Sunday 21st and Tuesday 23rd respectively. Have a happy weekend everyone!                
Kind regards


 Monday 22 May  Normal school hours

Please note that we revert back to normal school hours and our extra mural programme will carry on as per the timetable. 
Friday 26 May Cross Country  

Hosted by Camps Bay but venue will be confirmed by Mrs van der Westhuizen next week. 

Message from Mr Tsotso

This week, we gathered to celebrate a very special day in the Christian calendar—Ascension Day. It is a day when we remember Jesus ascending into heaven on a cloud, just like Aladdin on his magic carpet. Can you imagine the awe and wonder the disciples must have felt as they watched Jesus rise higher and higher, until he disappeared from their sight? 

As we think about this incredible event, let us pray: 

Heavenly Creator, We come before you today with grateful hearts. We thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus. As we remember Jesus' ascension into heaven, we are reminded of the incredible power and majesty that surround your presence. We pray for our Pre-Prep school, for the teachers who guide us, and for the parents who support us. Help us to grow in wisdom and knowledge, to be kind and compassionate to one another. Just as Jesus entrusted his disciples with a mission, we ask for your guidance and strength to fulfil our own mission. Help us to be loving and caring, to share our joys and help carry one another's burdens. May we be a shining light in our school and in our families, showing kindness and respect to everyone we meet. Dear Lord, we also pray for our parents. Thank you for their love and care, for the sacrifices they make to provide for us and to provide a good education. Grant them wisdom and strength as they guide us on our journey of growing and learning. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen. 

God bless you all!

Grade N

The Grade N's have been learning about Birds this week followed by Birds and Migration next week. We have made binoculars for bird watching and enjoyed finding Hadedas on our school field. We were lucky enough to have real owl talons to look at and touch in morning ring while we discussed birds of prey. 

Grade R

This week the Grade Rs have been learning about Reptiles and Red Robot. They have enjoyed following some road signs and road markings on the scooter and go-kart track as well as doing some theme related art activities. Some of them included making robots, snakes, symmetrical tortoises. A highlight for the boys was a soccer game with a few of the Grade 12 ‘Big Boys’.  We will continue with this theme next week and look forward to learning about some more interesting reptiles. 

Grade 1

It’s been a busy week in grade one – shooting off into space to learn all about our planets! The boys have also been counting in 3’s, making ‘sandwiches of six’, exploring train sums with their Numicon, measuring with strings as well as learning all about the ‘th’ digraph!
On top of all their wonderful learning, they managed to astound us with their amazing theatrical performances for four nights this week!!
Keep up all your amazing efforts Grade 1’s, we are so proud of you!!

Grade 2

The Grade 2’s have shone on the stage in our Aladdin production this week. We are so proud of all their effort and determination to make this a spectacular show!
With a break from homework after school this week, the boys enjoyed doing homework in a bit of a different way. Reading box books to classmates in all sorts of places, doing bonds work together and challenging ourselves with learning our spelling words was more fun than they thought!

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