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FRIDAY 26 May 2023

Dear Parents

As we head into week 7 of this term, I would once again like to take the opportunity to thank each and every parent as well as the PA, who contributed to the success of Aladdin Kids. We are delighted that the video links are ready for circulation so you can enjoy the show over and over and share it with friends and family that perhaps were not able to be here. Please click on the particular performance that you wish to view: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Thanks to Tony Mittlemeyer for the wonderful video recordings to add to our memory books.   The boys have settled well into a more structured week now that the production is over. Thank you to everyone for reverting back to the 8am start for all the boys. Please, we appeal to all parents to get their boys to school on time. There are still some boys arriving after 8am. This is disruptive for the class and makes it really challenging for the boy to settle after arriving late. The bell rings at 8am and lessons start promptly. We ask that you leave home a little earlier and give yourself enough time in the wet weather as traffic always seems to be a little more challenging on those days. We fully understand that there are odd occasions that cannot be avoided. Africa Day is a special day celebrated on May 25th to honour the diversity, culture, and achievements of the African continent. It reminds us of the struggles and triumphs of African nations in their quest for independence and self-determination. Africa Day teaches young children the importance of unity, tolerance, and respect for different cultures. It encourages them to appreciate Africa's rich heritage, history, and contributions to the world. By celebrating Africa Day, children can learn about the inspiring leaders, diverse traditions, and beautiful landscapes that make Africa a unique and vibrant part of our global community. Please take a little time to talk to your children about Africa, the countries that make up this amazing continent and the wonderful treasures it proudly holds. Wishing everyone a warm weekend.

Kind regards


Friday 02 June Coffee Connetions
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Message from Mr Tsotso

Lord our Creator

Your Son rose to heaven having promised to send the Holy Spirit. Make us who remain, dwell in the knowledge that you have not abandoned us and that we abide with you through the Holy Spirit. For it is in this that we live, move and have our being.

In the name of Christ



A reminder that Grade 1 and 2 boys are required to have a jersey on, or at school every day in Winter.  The weather is unpredictable, so please remind them.  A track suit is a two piece item of clothing - both top and pants must either be worn together or taken off so that whites or khakis remain.  Track suit pants with a jersey or rain jacket are not suitable.  We have spoken to the boys and shown them what combinations need to be worn.   Rain jackets need to be removed once inside the building.   Please can you check that all clothing items are clearly marked with your son's name as many items still have names of boys who are already in the College, and this makes it difficult to return them to their owners. If you have purchased uniform from the second hand shop, please be sure to rename the items with the label pack supplied.        
Grade N

The Grade N boys continue to enjoy learning about birds. We have made clay nests and done some beautiful collage eggs. A firm favourite has been looking at a real ostrich egg and thinking of different ways to use an empty shell. We decided that a waterbottle in hot weather would be perfect. The boys had the opportunity to hold and touch the very thick outer shell. The largest flightless bird is truly a very interesting one. We spotted some keen gardeners too this week, helping with some cleaning up of the garden. Keep warm boys!

Grade R

The Grade R boys have been having loads of fun learning all about reptiles over the past 2 weeks. We had a visit from Bjorn, the reptile man, who brought a variety of reptiles to show us. We learnt many interesting facts about snakes, tortoises, geckos, and rock monitor lizards.  The boys were extremely brave and didn't mind touching the animals to feeling their scaly skin. Some boys even got the chance to hold them! Thank you, Bjorn, for the visit!  

Grade 1

After 4 nights of spectacular performance, the Grade 1's have settled back into a normal school day. They have enjoyed exploring using Sam Sleuth question words and learning more about some famous astronauts. Eagle Encounters visisted us this week and we got to meet some incredible birds and hear all about how Eagle Encounters have rehabilitated these birds. We also have put together some cool astronaut projects. 

Grade 2

The Grade 2 boys have had fun creating our own stage pictures while writing about highlights from Aladdin. Colour by answer pictures of Iago are decorating our walls and we have also been learning about shapes and building various shapes during Design Tech lessons.  We celebrated Africa Day on Thursday and enjoyed learning about landmarks and famous people from Africa.

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