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FRIDAY 15 September 2023

Dear Parents

As our children grow up and enter new stages in their lives, we are often faced with the unexpected. I came across this extract from a talk by Dr Siggie Cohen – Ph.D. and Parent coach. It really had some excellent suggestions for parents. This is one of them that I would like to share with you . “Your child comes home and says a bad word or acts in a new way - the first response is ‘who taught you that, where did you learn this?’ Your child is exposed to many things – school, friends, older siblings and television. It is important to acknowledge that your child isn’t just a passive learner, but an active participant in what they learn, which is why instead of deflecting the responsibility elsewhere, say something like this: ‘It looks like you learnt something new. It's exciting to learn new things but not everything we learn is good. We're not going to do or say that, but I'm curious - when you learn this from maybe a friend, did they learn anything from you? Like maybe to not say that? Because you know, you have the power to learn but also to teach.’ Show your child that he is an active participant with accountability and the power of choice.
Thank you to everyone for your understanding in our decision to postpone the TAG rugby tournament today. We will notify you once the date has been confirmed for early next term. Hopefully the weather will be better and enable us to enjoy the outdoors. Parent - Teacher interviews have been set up via the Simply Book Me link, so if you have not yet booked your time, please do so to secure your appointment.
Please be aware that this terms extra mural activities end on Thursday as Friday is the start of a long weekend. We look forward to welcoming many parents to our Family Chapel service on Monday at 8.15am in the Memorial Chapel. This will be the final Family Chapel service of the year so if you have not yet managed to attend one, I would really encourage you to join us for this special Heritage Day celebration service. 
On Thursday our Grade 2 boys will join the Grade 3 boys at the Prep for their first "playdate/orientation" This helps the boys to meet the Grade 3 boys, ask questions, be shown around the campus and see the three classrooms. Having someone they know when they arrive on the Prep campus next year, is an important factor in helping them to feel settled and safe. This is the first visit so I am sure they will have lots to tell you when they get home. 
Shana Tova to our Jewish community. We wish you and your loved ones a blessed and joyful Rosh Hashanah. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, we stay hopeful that we will have some sunny weather next week.

We would like to wish Miss Songxishe (Intern) a wonderful birthday on Saturday the 16th and Mrs Nolte a wonderful birthday on the 19th September. 

Kind regards


Thursday 21 September Sports Photographs

Weather permitting, we will attempt to take our Sports Photographs.  Please could we ask that ALL grade 1 and 2 boys wear whites on this day.  Grade N and R boys will just wear their normal school uniforms.   Please make sure that the boys have neat, short haircuts for these photographs.   
 Thursday 21 September

 Last day of Extra mural activities for Term 3 

This Thursday is the last day of extra mural activities for Term 3. The term 4 sport calendar will be shared but it is the same as Term 1.  If you wish to change any activities, please email the teacher concerned. Please check with any privately offered extra murals that you are signed up for the 4th term if you want to continue as many of them sign up on a termly basis. Similarly if you wish to stop any of those activities, you would need to notify them privately.   

 Friday 21 September

 Civvies Day - Heritage Day

Your son may come dressed up in any item of clothing or outfit pertaining to his heritage. .   

 Friday 29 September

 End of Term 3

Please take note of staggered closing times to avoid too much traffic which makes it difficult for parents to exit timeously. If you could collect your son as quickly as possible and avoid waiting around, this would make such a big difference. Thank you for your understanding. 

Grade N: 10h30 

Grade R: 10h40 

Grade 1: 10h50

Grade 2: 11h00 


Family Chapel Service

We hope to welcome as many families as possible to our termly chapel service.  We encourage boys to enter and exit the chapel in silence and be as quiet as possible inside. We ask that parents display the same expectations as we do from the boys. Kindly replace the kneeling cushions, after the service,  to the place you found them . This would be a huge help to us.  No food or beverages are allowed in the chapel. Boys will leave the chapel first, to allow them to get back to class quietly as the College boys are writing exams in the venues surrounding the Chapel.    

Message from Mr Tsotso

Dear Heavenly Father,

As we come to the end of this day and the close of another week, we gather before you with hearts filled with gratitude and humility. We thank you for guiding us through the challenges and joys of the week, for the moments of serenity and those that tested our patience.
Lord, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, for there are circumstances and events beyond our control that can weigh heavy on our hearts. Help us to surrender these burdens to you, knowing that your wisdom surpasses our understanding, and your love sustains us through it all.
Give us the courage to change the things we can. May we be inspired to make positive choices, to mend what is broken, and to sow seeds of kindness and compassion wherever we go. Empower us to be instruments of your peace in a world that often yearns for harmony.
Grant us the wisdom to discern the difference between what we can and cannot change, so that we may find true serenity in trusting your divine plan.
Lord, as we rest this weekend, we also pray for a peaceful and rejuvenating rest. Watch over us, our families, and loved ones, and keep us safe through this time.
As we embark on a new week ahead, may your presence go before us, guiding our steps, and filling our hearts with hope and serenity. Help us to carry the lessons learned from the past week and the strength gained from our trust in you into the days to come.

We offer this prayer in gratitude and faith, knowing that your love and grace are with us always.
In Jesus' name, we pray.


Grade 1 and 2 Hockey Festival


What an amazing experience this was for our boys.  The U7 and U8 hockey festival was hosted by Rondebosch Boys Primary.  Well done to all who participated and a huge "thank you" to all the staff who assisted in managing teams.  
School 2nd Hand Clothing Pop up Shop

In the hope that the Pre-Prep parents will become more familiar with the Second Hand Uniform Shop. Sasha and Julie will be bringing some gently worn uniform items to the Pre-Prep on  Wednesday 27th September between 12noon and 2pm so please look out for the pop up gazebo near the hall, where they will be displaying their goods.   

What will be available to buy?
Gr1/2 Bishops regulation School Satchel R80
Khaki Summer Button up Shirt R60
Khaki Shorts R60
White Sport Shorts R60
White Sport Shirt R80
Gr N & R Polo Shirt R40
Blue Quantec Shorts R60
Navy Jersey R70
Ties R20
Sandals/Slip slops R70
GrN/R/1/2 Wide Brim Navy Hat R20
Library Bags R40
Wet Bags R40
Swimming Costume R40
Swimming Rash Vest R50
Judo Jacket R60
Judo Pants R60

(If you require something specific, please get hold of us and we will try and assist!)

Do you have any uniform items that your boys have outgrown?  
Bring them along to the pop-up!
We will happily resell these for you, but please ensure that they are placed in a carrier bag, marked on the outside with your sons full name and grade. (Your school account will be credited with 60% of our sale price!)

How do you pay?
All transactions are cashless (your school account will be debited at the end of term) and no exchanges/ returns are permitted.

Grade 2

The Grade 2's have had another busy week at school enjoying spending time reading in the library. They created beautiful woven plates during art lessons and demonstrated their creative skills in Design Tech making rugby jerseys. Coach Mo had fun with the boys in the classroom playing games to help develop their core and coordination skills. There was great excitement on Thursday as we saw our flooded sandpit and huge puddles on our fields after a great downpour of rain in the morning. Our classes are also having fun tracking the teams they drew to support during the World Cup Rugby. Mrs Anstey’s class are following Argentina. Mrs Fraser’s class are following Australia and Mrs Daames’s class will eagerly watch their team Romania play our Springboks on Sunday.

Grade 1

The Giving Tree is the book that allowed the Grade 1 boys investigate the concept of a gift- something that is SHARED. They are growing a kindness tree made from hands showing what gift they can hand out to others. SHARING was also discussed in Maths where the boys explored halving different objects and shapes and working with a partner. In Literacy they wrote sentences showing ways in which they could 'give' and they found end blend words related to a tree. Learning facts about plants and growth stimulated much conversation about the air we SHARE and the importance of greening our communities. The highlight of the week was chatter about the World Cup rugby. The historical link that Bishops SHARES in the roots of rugby amazed some of our boys. It was heartwarming to observe the SHARED loyalty the boys show for the BOKKE and their excitement in winning the match on Sunday. The boys learnt about unity and standing together with Mr Tsotso during Bible Education. Although we are proudly South African, each class showed togetherness by creating a flag for their token country for the World Cup draw. SHARING is caring is an oft repeated catchphrase … Our boys frequently demonstrate this throughout their day. Thank you, Parents, for providing this lesson at home.  

Grade R

We have had an exciting two weeks journeying into Space. We learnt so much about being an astronaut and what our beautiful Solar System has to offer. Many interesting discussions came about when we looked at our 'I see, I think, I wonder'  pictures. Well done boys!!

Grade N

The Grade N's have been super busy indoors this week with the rainy spring weather! They were introduced to the basics of coding using their bodies in space. Many blossom trees and spring crowns were made, and the boys have continued to love using the construction toys to build amazing structures.  We look forward to seeing our moms and dads in chapel on Monday morning for family service. 

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