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THURSDAY 22 February 2024

Dear Parents

I find it hard to believe that we have passed the halfway mark of the term. I hope this newsletter finds you well and that you've had a fantastic week so far! Here's a recap of the exciting happenings at school over the past week:

Ash Wednesday: Our boys had a meaningful observance of Ash Wednesday. We participated in two special services, one for the Grade Ns in the Brooke Chapel and one for the Grade R-2s in the Memorial Chapel where they learned about the significance of this day in the Christian calendar. It was a time for reflection and a reminder of the importance of compassion and kindness towards others. 

Valentine’s Day Celebrations: Love was in the air as our little ones celebrated Valentine's Day with joy and excitement. They exchanged heartfelt cards, shared sweet treats, and spread love and kindness throughout the school. Seeing their smiling faces light up with each exchange of friendship and appreciation was wonderful.

Outings and Adventures: Our Grade 1s had a blast on their recent outing to the Aquarium! From the creatures in the touch pools to watching the stingrays and penguins being fed. Ms Green’s boys had a fascinating adventure on the Alphen Trail, and I have heard stories of the shield mantis, the whip tail scorpion and yellow jackets wasps. I think I may be walking with my eyes wide open on my next visit! The boys embarked on educational adventures that sparked their curiosity and ignited their imagination. These hands-on experiences outside the classroom enhance their learning in truly invaluable ways

Sport: The pre-prep athletics team participated in their first Quadrangular yesterday. This was their first time competing against other schools, our under-8 boys even managed to break the relay record! Our under-8 swimming team swam in their first A league gala. Well done, boys!  

Kind regards


Monday 26, 27 and 28 February Grade R Outing

The Grade R boys will be going on their first outing to Greenpoint Park on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. This outing is part of our Senses Theme for the next few weeks. The boys wear their normal school clothes, bring a packed lunch with water and a little treat. Afterwards they will enjoy some adventure play on the park equipment and return to school to continue with extra murals as normal.
Tuesday 27 February

Athletics Pentangular

Time: 14h30 (Selected boys have been notified individually.)

Venue: Wynberg High School

Wednesday 28 February Grade 2 Outing (Mrs Edwards' class)

Mrs Green’s boys had a wonderful time during their class trip to the Alphen Trail in Constantia this week. A huge thank you to those parents who are able to help with lifts.

Mrs Edwards’ class will go on the 28th of February. The boys must wear their khakis, sandals and school hats. Please pack your son's snack and water bottle in his wet bag so that it is easy to carry.

Wednesday 28 February Bishops C League Gala

Selected boys have been notified individually. We wish them all the best for the afternoon.
Monday 04 March

Family Chapel

The Pre-Prep Family Chapel service will be held on Monday 4 March at 8:30. All our families are welcome to join us in the Memorial Chapel.

Wednesday 06 March

Grade 2 Outing (Mrs Daames's class)

The boys must wear their khakis, sandals and school hats. Please pack your son's snack and water bottle in his wet bag so that it is easy to carry.

Friday 08 March

Founders Day

We are looking forward to celebrating as a whole school with the prep and college boys. All Grade 1 and 2 boys must please be in khaki's (no 1s) on Friday.

Wednesday 13 March Bishops Pre-Prep Open Day

Please share the invitation below with any families that may be interested in joining Bishops.
2nd Hand Shop Pop Up
2nd shop Pre-Prep pop up will be on the 28th Feb, from 7:15am - 8:15am, and again from 12:15pm-2:30pm. The shop has many small tracksuits, fleeces and jerseys. They willl also bring up the judo outfits and some other items suited to the Pre-Prep.
Bishops Pre-Prep Open Day 2024

Our boys enjoyed our Valentine’s Civvies on 14 February. We raised R2689.50 which will be donated to Wolweriver Outreach and we will also purchase some chat food for Thunder for the rest of the term. Thank you to the families that donated cat food for Thunder, she is one happy cat. Thank you to all our families for supporting this initiative.
Cub uniform to school

In celebration of the founder of the Scout Movement, Sir Robert Baden-Powell's birthday, boys who belong to a Cub Pack may wear their Cub Uniform to school on Friday 23 February 2024.
Medical update

Please can all parents update any allergies that the boys may have in the Medical update section of My Bishops Life.
Message from Mr Tsotso

The Lord be with you.

Day 9 of the Lenten season.
There are daily pauses for the Lent season that we will continue to observe and try to practice during this time when we are being called to Repent, pray and give alms.
The pause for day 9 comes from the book of Mathew 7:7, “ask, and it will be given”. Jesus gives this teaching to all his friends with the ambition of showing them that no person is to live alone to a level of going through life’s chapters like an island and being forced to be strong, in control and self-sufficient. This teaching is important to show how humble and interdependent we are and should be, with the words of UBUNTU- I am because you are, and we need each other to have our being.
This further improves relationship compatibility and pushes us in the direction of depending, not just ourselves, but falling into Gods loving care and hands. It is a passage that calls us to find a way to rely on and trust in the promises of God; that in our asking it shall be given, and when knocking doors will be open. This dependency improves the intimacy of the relationships we have as it shows the clear need we have for eachother.
So, as we continue to journey through this season may we not be anxious to ask for help from God and trusted friends, especially at times when we are overwhelmed and struggling.

SACS A League Gala
We are so proud of our U8 Pre-Prep boys for participating in their FIRST A league gala.
Morning care

Morning care starts at 7:00. Parents are welcome to drop the boys at morning care from 7:00-7:30. The children must place their bags in the lockers. There are activities placed inside and outside the hall. The boys need to play in the demarcated areas for safety reasons.
Grade N

The last two weeks have been a busy time with celebrations of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day and lots of fun activities in between. The boys loved their delicious pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and also were amazed by their first visit to the Brooke Chapel for their Ash Wednesday crosses on their foreheads. We enjoyed a Valentine's Day picnic on the field with our favourite soft toys. From making fruit skewers in the art room, sensory play with goop, mixing magic potions of herbs and berries, Dinoworld with sand and trees and working out on our mini gym equipment outside in the garden - our boys have been having lots of fun learning through play. Our theme for next week is 'My home'. 

Grade R

The past two weeks have been quite exciting for our Gr R boys.  We observed Shrove Tuesday and had delicious pancakes, and went to our first Ash Wednesday service.  This week we started exploring senses: touch, smell and taste and sight.  Making sunglasses, tasting and smelling delicious and yucky things and baking M biscuits for the smell and taste theme.  We focused on M for Manners and M for Muggle who came to visit in Muscle Mania.  Much excitement is in the air for our Greenpoint Park outing which is always a good consolidation of the Senses focus. 

Grade 1

This week the Grade 1s visited the Aquarium and explored the rocky shores. They are enjoying dipping their toes into counting in 2s and 5s. They are diving into phonics and blending with great excitement. We also are swimming in a sea of new words while enjoying reading about the Robinson family. We will continue to explore the rocky shores.

Grade 2

Our Grade 2s have had a busy few weeks and are very hard at work and play. The boys enjoy a full day of learning whether in the classroom, in the pool or engaging in Valentine’s Day art activities. So much fun was had by Mrs Green’s class who were the first in our grade to go on an outing to the Alphen Trail where they made so many new discoveries about insects in their natural habitat. Ms Edwards' and Mrs Daames' boys have so much to look forward to for their upcoming trips.  


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