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Dear Parents and Guardians

This is the final newsletter for the term, and I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone for the past ten weeks as we battled the third wave of Covid and tried to get as much done for our boys as possible.

Next term starts on Tuesday 5 October, and we ask parents to ensure that their son(s) are appropriately dressed, groomed and ready for the last term that lies ahead. This term is one where we say farewell to our Grade 12s and their parents and wish them all the best for their final exams and their last few weeks of their school careers. It is also the term of final exams for all boys, Epic, OD Community Week and many other activities and we hope we can provide a good end to another challenging year for our boys.

I would like to thank our staff, teaching and support, for their efforts this past term and for keeping our school going as well as they do. I thank our parents who have been so supportive in these times and I thank our boys who continue to do their very best.

The OD Community Week is an initiative that we support as a wonderful opportunity for engagement with the ODs and the College as well as a means of raising funds for a deserving cause – that of supporting one of our boys in their tertiary studies. Please try to support this week in which our own PAs play a big part, as we connect as a community united in the Bishops name.  


The numbers of infections are declining and for that we are eternally grateful. There is still need for vigilance though as we are not out of the grip of this pandemic and we ask that people remain cautious as they enjoy a much-needed school holiday.  

Academic News

Our Grade 12s finished their Mock Matric exams and we are hoping for the best for them for their results and for their preparations for the finals.

Our Mathematics Department continues to impress with the results of their participation in various Olympiads and competitions. These are quite remarkable achievements, and we congratulate the boys and their teachers on their efforts!

The annual prize giving for Grade 12 boys will take place on the same day as Valedictory, Friday 15 October, and will be an open-air event for Grade 12s and their parents. More details will follow shortly.

The Grade 8 – 11 prize giving will be held in February 2022 to enable us to fully assess the academic year and recognize the top achievers.

School News

We are pleased to announce the names of the teachers who will be taking up their new positions at the College in 2022.

The staff members were asked to introduce themselves:

Ms Claire Malan: Mathematics

After spending the first 12 years of my life moving between the Eastern Cape, Free State and Western Cape, my family settled in Port Elizabeth where I attended Alexander Road High School. At the end of my Grade 12 year, I decided to take a year off to explore my passions and investigate what would bring meaning and a sense of purpose to my life. After my year abroad, I began my Tertiary Education at NMMU majoring in Mathematics and Psychology. I then completed my PGCE and began teaching at Pearson High School in Port Elizabeth where I studied part-time to complete my Honours degree in Psychology.

I relocated with my husband to Cape Town and began teaching at Herzlia High School. After some time at Herzlia, I accepted a post at Cedar House in Kenilworth. I have taught Grade 8 - 12 Mathematics and Advanced Programme Mathematics. I have also marked Mathematics Paper 1 for both the DBE and IEB for several years and have been involved in many workshops discussing Singapore Mathematics and more progressive methods of instruction.

Ms Victoria Nkosi: Mathematical Literacy

I grew up in Pretoria and completed my high school education at Bokgoni Technical Secondary School.

I received my BEd degree through the University of South Africa specialising in Mathematics Education, English and Psychology. I hope to obtain my honours degree in Mathematics soon.  I will be teaching Mathematics and Mathematical literacy.

I have been at Bishops since 2019 as a Maths intern and living in White House since 2020.  I managed the Chess Society, am involved in coaching the 6th Cricket team and help with Maths support.

I have so enjoyed my time at Bishops, especially being part of a boarding house and am very excited to start the next chapter of my teaching life at the school.

Ms Clea Schultz-Mofokeng: English

I come from a family of teachers, and have taught in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg and now Cape Town. I have a Masters Degree in South African literature from the University of the Witwatersrand, but my current research interests are focused on teaching, and how to improve teaching practice in our South African context. I enjoy reading novels and the latest biographies, politics and literary nonfiction, and I try to keep up to date with current affairs and social movements so that I can discuss them with my students and come to a new understanding collectively. I look forward to joining the Bishops community and to finding ways to make a contribution.

Mr Wandile Nzuza: History/English

I am Wandile Nzuza, the last-born son of Sibongile Nzuza, the pillar upon which I stand. I was raised the last born of five children, being fostered into an environment of compromise and collaboration from early on. I attended boarding school from a young age, eventually ending my career at St Stithians Boys' College in Johannesburg, Gauteng after having moving school a few times. It is in this time between schools that I would find stability in literature, exposing myself to a range of novels from 1800s literature into the 21st century. It was also in this time that an attitude of activism and an interest in human rights was fostered in me as I was exposed to a diverse array of people, having shared the classroom with students from rural areas, townships, the city etc. and seeing the disparity in the society we live in. Education for me then became a means to empowering others to realise their potential.

I consider myself an allrounder and balanced person, with my interests and passions lying in rugby (and most sports in general), music (having sung in the choir since primary school and being self-taught in guitar) and the arts in general. I consider myself a passionate individual, one who finds life anywhere, if not everywhere, I go. I tend to live by the quote, 'Those who were dancing were thought crazy by those who couldn't hear the music.'

Science: process still under way


We have engaged the services of an expert to analyse our libraries across the three campuses and to help us transform these spaces, if needed, to reflect the needs of the school community, to recognize SA and African authors and to encourage our own boys to pursue their interests in writing. We hope to have this exercise completed by the end of the year.

Our revised Diversity and Transformation Policy has been shared amongst the boys and staff for comment and I share it with this newsletter for parents to read and comment. This policy was drawn up by the Transformation Committee of Council and will seek to be the overarching policy to which all other policies will refer. If you have comment, please feel free to submit your thoughts to by the end of the first week of the fourth term, Friday 9 October.  

Final thoughts

Our Grade 12 boys are going to be enjoying a social gathering, in line with full Covid protocols, as their farewell function for the year. This will take place in the form of House-specific dinners, with partners but with limited numbers, and we thank the team of parents and staff that have worked tirelessly to make sure our boys have this opportunity. In particular, I want to thank Mrs Marycke Roche and Mrs Trudy Hoefnagels who coordinated the team of parents. Thank you all for giving our boys this wonderful opportunity at the end of a tough year for them.

I also attach an article written by Professor Richard van Zyl Smit on vaping which is a habit we are seeing more of in schools, not just our own. In this article, he tries to dispel some of the myths around vaping and we ask that you read it to give you more information. This is obviously a practise we discourage strongly amongst our boys and we are looking at how we can help them make better decisions about their health.

I hope you are able to enjoy a brief break with your son as he rests in preparation for the final term. The final assembly for the term has been taken by Mr Westwood as I am away in Pretoria at a “farewell” function at my previous school.

Enjoy the holidays.

Kind regards

Antony Reeler


Heritage Day

Tomorrow is Heritage Day, a public holiday unique to South Africa.  On this day, all South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people. Its origin is said to be from KwaZulu Natal where the day honoured the memory of King Shaka who is said to have unified a number of disparate Zulu clans into one nation. Around 10 years ago, the day was informally dubbed National Braai Day - the braai, shisa/chesa/chisa (burn) nyama (meat) or cooking of meat on an open fire being common to most cultures in South Africa and seen as a symbol of unity.

There are 770 boys in the College and just on 140 staff members. Each of us bring a part of ourselves into the space. I talk about our language, our race, our religion, our values, our beliefs, our prejudices, our weaknesses, our strengths, our political beliefs, our sadness, our happiness – all of this comes into the common space every day. All of this makes us unique. And all of this needs to be reconciled on a daily basis as we live in this space together.

Just as we celebrate our differences as a country in a Heritage Day holiday, so too should we celebrate our differences in our school. We simply cannot all like the same things, feel the same way about something. We have different perspectives and different opinions. We speak different languages, we have different spiritual beliefs, but Heritage Day is supposed to unite us as well. We are united in that we form part of the same organisation. That organisation stands for something and we identify with what it stands for. We are part of the community that guards those beliefs – beliefs that have changed over time while trying to preserve a common ethos that works for everyone. 

Let us take language as an example. There are many different home languages spoken in our community – mainly South African languages but also some from outside our country. We celebrate this, we acknowledge this. We have, however, one language of instruction and one language of authority so to speak – the language used in communication and teaching, English. This does not make English superior to other languages, it doesn’t prevent you from speaking your own language – it just makes it the common language we all use. In the same way we have Christianity as our core religion yet accept people of other faiths into our community.

Given all that, why can we not then acknowledge that while we may be different in our language or religion and we can also be different in our day-to-day beliefs we can have common purpose, we can be united? This all boils down to one of our core values this Heritage Day – respect. Respect is not just about good manners. Respect is about valuing someone else and their opinions. Agreeing to disagree in an argument because you concede that another person has the right to a viewpoint.

Just because you may be right doesn’t make me wrong.

We unite as a country this Heritage Day but we unite as a school every day in the values in which we believe. We have so much that is different, yet we have so much in common. Look for the commonalities, celebrate our togetherness. There is time for individuality, there is time for standing alone but there is also time to stand together, united in a common purpose.   

“You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one” 
John Lennon



UCT Mathematics Competition 2021
The 2021 UCT Maths Competition had almost 7000 entries from 130 schools.
Not being an ordinary year, a maximum of 150 students from any one school could enter the competition. The overall result for each school is based on the scores of the top 30 students.
The Prize Giving was held this week, and every single boy that participated in the various levels of competition through UCT, formed part of the team that ensured our success to be awarded the top performing school. It is every individual contribution that enables us to perform well every year.

Special mention to those that were Gold award winners:
David Tripe (7), Jack Buckham (2), Ilyaas Van Graan (2), Solly Nankin (7), Rob Kotze (6).

Noah Macnab and Daniel Kushner (1), Muhammad-Zayd Bhorey and Deen Fortune (2), Daniel Grobbelaar and Nicholas Reid (3), James Grieve and Sebastian Jack (3), Adam Buckham and Thomas Jacobs (3).

The Round 2 of the UCT Mathematics Competition, called the UCT Mathematics Challenge is an invite to the top 30 individuals and top 10 pairs in each grade. This was followed by an invite to 47 students to write Round 3, the UCT Mathematics Olympiad.

Those that participated and their awards are:
Jack Buckham (Bronze), Aidan Herbertson (Bronze), Ilyaas Van Graan (Bronze), Rob Kotze, Gabriel Dyssell-Hofinger.
Well done to Jack (A), Aidan (A), Ilyaas (B) and Gabriel (B) that were chosen to represent Western Province in the South African Team Mathematics Competition.

South African Mathematics Competition 2021
The Mathematics Department is pleased to announce that 5 boys from Bishops have qualified for Round 3 of the South African Maths Olympiad.

Pupils who qualify for Round 3 are the top 100 Junior and top 100 Senior students in the country. We have a rich history in this competition, most recently being the top performing school in the country in 2020.

Congratulations to:
Aidan Herbertson, Solly Nankin, Rob Kotze, Nicholas Ammann, Daniel Holgate
These boys have written the third round and we eagerly await their results.

University of Witwatersrand
The University of the Witwatersrand Mathematics Competition (WMC) began in 2018. The WMC aims to promote mathematics at all levels in Gauteng, South Africa and Africa.
The competition consists of two rounds. The final (second) round is exclusively for top performers of the first round (top n per age division).

Congratulations to:
William Heath, Matthew Griffin, David Tripe, David Lewis, Aidan Herbertson, Rob Kotze, Nicholas Ammann, Matthew Tripe.
We wish them well as they prepare to write on the 14th of September.

University Of Pretoria
The annual national UP Mathematics Competition has been running for the past 30 years. The aim of the Competition is for students to have fun whilst doing mathematics and expose them to interesting problems. We have participated annually for the past 5 years, having been the top performing school in 2018 and 2019.

Congratulations to all those that participated, but special mention must be made of:
Matthew Griffin (4), David Tripe (4), Rishay Thakersee (5), Rob Kotze (4), Jaeseo Hyun (4) who achieved top 10 status.


It was wonderful to see VUSA children playing at Lugtensvale last week.  VUSA teams view match days as special outings.  They are able to meet new people, see new places, learn new skills and showcase their own. Thank you to Origin for providing lunch for the children – the cherry on top.  
To find out more about the wonderful projects VUSA has been working on, please click HERE to view their quarterly newsletter.

Astrophotography with Prof Peter Dunsby

Prof Dunsby is a lecturer at UCT in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.  One of his passions is that of taking photographs of the night sky.  He has designed and built his home observatory and it is from here that he will host an evening to which you are invited – please register via this link on Teams:  Astrophotography meeting
All we ask for is your name, surname and email and this info will only be used for the purposes of this meeting which you can join from the comfort of your own home!
We’re scheduling it for Wednesday 6 October (a new moon) but if the weather is poor, we have options to go for Thursday 7 October and then the following week as well.
We’ll be opening up the meeting from 19:15 and will start at 19:30.  As this is online and voluntary, it is not a problem if you register and are then unable to attend or if you leave the meeting early.
Please feel free to invite other friends or family by sending them the link.
If you have any queries, please contact Graham Robertson (
The central part of the Small Magellanic Cloud, captured with the @Celestron RASA 8, @zwoasi 294 MC Pro & the @Optolong_filter L-eNhanse dual-band pass filter over a couple of nights from SilverTree observatory (300 X 120 sec) – Peter Dunsby.

Interhouse soccer

Interhouse soccer came to an end this week, with two very tightly contested final matches. 
The juniors saw Gray battle it out against White. Gray House put one in the back of the net and the full time score was 1 - 0 to Gray. Well done, Gray House, junior interhouse champions. 
In the senior final match, Birt battled it out against Kidd. Birt and Kidd both scored and the score was 1 - 1 at full time. The decision was made to play 5 minutes extra time each way. With no other goals, we went into penalties. In an afternoon filled with excitement and tension, Birt House would claim the victory with their 2 penalties over Kidd's 0 penalties. Congratulations to Birt House, senior interhouse champions. 

Interhouse Surfing

The annual interhouse surfing event took place at Noordhoek Beach on Tuesday afternoon. Despite a strong off-shore wind, contestants for all 8 houses showed their surfing worth and competed in one of 4 heats, before the finals commenced. Mallett, White, Founders, Ogilvie and Kidd House battled it out in the surf, with Founders coming third, Ogilvie second and Kidd House clinching a win, thanks to Luke van Wyk’s excellent ability in the water. Congratulations to Kidd House! The Surfing Trophy has already been delivered to Kidd House.

Interact Society Garden Project

Last Sunday the Interact Society organized a clean-up effort at our Liesbeek River Garden near the Rondebosch Sports and Recreation Centre. Despite the gloomy weather, the boys arrived in full force ready for some hard work in the garden they have put so much effort into over the last few years.

The boys cut, weeded, raked and dug before pausing to drink some hot chocolate to combat the cold. At the end of the session there was a significant improvement in the state of the garden and everyone was glad to see the progress made.

A sincere thank you goes out to all the staff members and boys who gave of their time this weekend to assist the Society. All these efforts are greatly appreciated and the work is evident in the success of the project thus far.

Staff News

Keren Setton will be leaving us to take a full time post at Westerford next term. Keren has been with us for two terms. Kelly Johnson will be taking over from her.

The School Shop

The School Shop will be closed on Friday 24 September and Saturday 25 September 2021.



After the truncated 2021 rugby season … and with still one match to play … the coaching staff and management of the College’s 1st XV have settled on their awards of colours for rugby. In every case, the work ethic of each individual player was considered, as were performances during matches and general contributions to the team culture.

Congratulations to the following players, who have all been awarded Colours.

Full Colours:

Alastair Bruce
Nasser De Kock
Suleiman Hartzenberg
Imad Khan
Josh Mansfield
Joshua Michau
Keenan Mills   
Alex Myeki
Jack Pace
Luke Parker
Christopher Pittaway
Jonathan Roche
Bruce Sherwood

Half Colours:
Sean Craig
Adam De Waal
Rupert Holmes
Fiekie Petersen
Nicholas Steinhagen

Distinction Ties have also been awarded to three players who were selected for the national under-18 team; well done to the following pupils:

Suleiman Hartzenberg
Imad Khan
Bruce Sherwood


Full Colours:
James Elliott
Gus Farara
James Flint
Ryan Goodsell
Brett Horn
Rowan Howard
Oliver Kennedy-Smith
Daniel Neuhoff

Half Colours:
Robbie Dicey
Bryce Herbert
Sebastian Le Grange
James Raubenheimer

Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected to represent Western Province Boys Hockey:

Brett Horn
Daniel Neuhoff

James Flint

u14 High Performance Group:
Daniel von der Heyden


Full Colours:

Ronan King
Chris Scheepers
Matthew Tripe

Visual Arts Colours

The following boys are congratulated on achieving their Colours for the Visual Arts:

Full Colours:

Gareth Walsh
Ben Halle
Irshad Abrahams
Zain Dawood
Heath Steele
Josh Carnell

Half Colours:

Thando Kumalo
Adam Lieberman
Trenowyn Giles
Trae Turner


Bishops Community Week

The OD Union and the Bishops school community has joined forces to raise funds for the Invest in our Future Foundation, which will offer financial support to Bishops boys to pursue a tertiary education and to provide support for ODs with entrepreneurial start-ups. The Bishops Community Week is from 5 – 11 October and has several fabulous events, which I urge you to support.

Tuesday 5 October: Musical soirée in the Memorial Chapel at 18:30 and the opening of the art exhibition and cheese & wine in the Mitre.
Thursday 7 October: The Best of Bishops is a fine wine tasting and food pairing masterclass in the Prep Jagger Hall.
Friday 8 October: OD and boys cricket
Monday 11 October: Bishops Charity Golf Day - email as there are a couple of fourballs available.

Campground Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700
Phone +27 21 659 1000 | Fax: +27 21 659 1013