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Dear Parents/Guardians

These past two months, many of us have listened to the News24 podcasts that have highlighted the scourge of abuse of children in schools. This includes not only sexual abuse but emotional abuse where children have been manipulated by those in authority. Our children are most precious to us and we will do all we can to protect them as their parents. But so too will the vast majority of teachers who go out of their way to look after those in their care. They take this very seriously indeed and will go the extra mile, often at the expense of time they could have spent with their own families.

We ask you to trust the school, the Executive and the Council, as we deal with this matter. We will communicate to you as soon as we are able to do so. Schools must be places of safety and, while there are never any guarantees in life, we have to do all we can to look after our boys. There are many lessons to be learned from the podcasts for individuals and for schools but let us never forget the main issue – to keep our children safe and happy, free from any form of abuse.


We are pleased to report that Covid cases are extremely low – long may that last! It is wonderful to see parents back watching their sons play sport and take part in various other activities. We are cautiously optimistic about next year and are planning for a return to a number of events that will allow, once again, for mass participation. 


The annual Epic will shortly be commencing, and we thank our staff who have put this special event together. We wish our Grade 10 boys well for what is often a highlight in their College careers and hope that they return safely, with new experiences that will guide their thinking in the future. Much of Epic involves introspection and this is a perfect time for boys in their journey on the path to adulthood to reflect and ponder on their personal lives.


We are about to commence our examinations with various grades starting at different times. I wish our boys well for this time and that they are able to do their very best according to their own abilities. As parents, we need to provide as much stability at home as we can to support them. A quiet place to study, regular meals and exercise, a few rules about time that is filled with distractions such as phones. They do need time to socialize but that can be limited – it is up to parents to decide how. I ask that you remind your child of the lengthy holiday that awaits them after the exams and look to this time now as focused academic time. Practising delayed gratification at this stage is always good advice! 

Uniform and appearance

We are in the process, as a school, but particularly with our new pupil leadership, of tightening up on appearance of our boys. This is something our senior boys have highlighted as a concern.

We have selected a committee of diverse individuals, boys and staff, to look at our Hair Policy and to form a Hair Committee at Bishops. This committee will be the ultimate authority on appropriate hairstyles and while they will be sensitive to cultural differences, they will distinguish between teenage issues and cultural issues as they do their work in this field. 

Staff news

We congratulate Mr Richard Smith and Mr Julian Vincent on their appointments as assistant House Directors of Gray House from 2022.

Some of our staff have been taking part in a Learn to Swim programme at the school and we commend them for their efforts. It is hoped that all those on our campus, staff and boys, are able to look after themselves when it comes to water safety. 

Final thoughts

I wish all parents strength for the last two months of a difficult year yet one where I feel hope returned. With greater understanding of this pandemic comes greater ability to manage our families and our institutions and I do feel there is light ahead for us all!

Kind regards

Antony Reeler


Ordinary is OK sometimes!

You are often encouraged to look for the extraordinary - to strive for excellence within yourself and according to your own abilities. I will still continue this message as I believe in the value of continuous self-improvement. No-one of us is perfect – each of us is a work in progress, and you, because of your youth, have a longer journey than most adults.

In that quest for excellence and success though, I worry that we miss out on experiences along the way, that we feel inadequate if we fall short of our lofty goals and that we don't celebrate the ordinary on the way to the extraordinary. I worry that we miss out because we think there are more important things to strive towards. That great golfer Walter Hagen once said "On the road of life, don't forget to stop and smell the roses"

There is great joy in simplicity and sometimes we forget in our quest for greater things to appreciate the smaller things.

I came across this poem by William Martin.

"Do not ask your children
to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,
but it is the way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder
and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting
tomatoes, apples and pears.
Show them how to cry
when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure
in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself."

I am going to ask you to strive for success and excellence, whatever that means to you as individuals, BUT I am also going to ask you to step away from the frenetic journey every now and then. Spend some time on what may seem ordinary – family, friends, food, reading, walking, just being - and make the ordinary come alive. Listen to the birds, look at the sunsets, watch the waves crash and roll. Talk to your grandparents and your friends. Look around you and be grateful for what you have. You see it's not really ordinary, it is special too. Fill your lives with both ordinary and extraordinary. Be kind, be happy.



Appointment of Leadership Positions within our 2022 Rugby squad.

Congratulations to our Rugby 1st XV Captain and Vice-Captains for the 2022 season. Wishing the boys a fabulous, fun and winning season!
Captain: Bruce Sherwood
Vice-Captain: Nicholas Steinhagen
Vice-Captain: Rupert Holmes
Coach: Wes Chetty
Manager: Warwick Richter

Matric Art Exhibition

On the 26th of October the Art department showcased the Bishops matric art exhibition of 2021. The event was a great success as both parents and students enjoyed an evening of good food and Art. The exhibition represented 2 years of hard work as students needed to exhibit 2 works from grade 11 and 3 works produced this year. The highlight of the exhibition was the handing out of the Sophie Gray OD Art prize. The prize was introduced in 2017 by the ODU as a way of recognising outstanding work by boys in the Grade 12 Art class of each year. There are 3 prizes to be won and the winners were, 1st prize, Ben Halle, 2nd prize, Marc Nelson and 3rd prize went to Adam Clarke. Two commendation certificates were handed out to 2 students who produced an outstanding final practical, and they were Heath Steele and Irshad Abrahams.

Interact Club

The Bishops Interact Club spent their Friday afternoon working on their Liesbeek Garden Project. Despite the wet and windy weather, the boys had a great time working together making a defined path through the garden! The newly formed pathway has livened up the garden, adding some much needed colour. Recycled peach pips were used, keeping the garden as "green" as possible. A huge thank you to the boys, Ms Mesias, Ms Pienaar and Mr Hyslop, former teacher in charge of the Interact Club, for their valued time and contribution to the garden after school. Thank you!

Sustainable Agricultural Society (SAS)

This week, the Sustainable Agricultural Society harvested its first batch of produce. A large part of the produce was donated to S.A. HARVEST, a charity aimed at fighting the issues of hunger in impoverished communities. They were very grateful for what the boys harvested as the produce went directly to a vulnerable community. S.A.S also gave some of this week’s produce to the ground staff at Bishops, as it is the societies firm belief that charity begins at home. The future of the Society is looking very promising, especially in light of the necessity of sustainability in today’s world. A special thanks must be given to Mrs. Shirley Emms who has helped the boys through every step of this project, as well as to the boys who spent Saturday mornings and breaks planting and watering, (Nikolaos Augoustatos, Jaeseo Hyun, Jack Whitaker, Adam Buckham, Sam Berrisford, Jonty Couves, Landa Tsobo, Andoni Augoustatos).

Democritus Society

The Democritus Society visited the UCT Mechatronics lab last week. We would like to thank them for allowing us to visit their lab and for showing us the exciting innovations that they are working on.

Learn To Swim

This term HR Manager Di Murray, teamed up with two Go Swim coaches to get 17 Bishops support staff into the Prep Pool for swimming lessons. Swimming caps were kindly donated by the cold water swimming community and every Tuesday a very excited group make their way into the water. After a few lessons there has already been great progress with heads in the water and some straight leg kicking. The goal is to get everyone swimming one width of the pool and to be able to float, by the end of term 1 in 2022.

Staff Year-End Event

The college staff will have a combined year-end on the 10th December (admin, support and academic staff). The staff will enjoy a wonderful lunch and we are hoping to spoil them a bit, with a series of raffle prizes. If anyone is in the position to, and would like to donate prizes for the raffle, please contact marketing to donate or drop off at the admin block attention Sharlene: Staff year end prizes.



Over this past weekend, the South African Mathematics Foundation had their annual awards evening. This was to celebrate learners and school in various categories and Olympiads. It is with great pleasure that Bishops was the recipient of one of the most prestigious awards - The top performing school. This is a team effort by both the Mathematics Department and the learner body as a collective. Well done to all.


Ten Club 2022
Congratulations to the following boys who will make up the Ten Club in 2022:

Michael Beaumont
James du Preez
Suhayl Khalfey
Rob Kotze
Michael Naude
Daniel Neuhoff
Sebastiano Panieri
Liam Petersen
Ben Reid
Erik Todd

Debating Colours & Tie
Congratulations to the following boys on achieving Half Colours for Debating as well as fulfilling the requirements for the Debating Tie:

Ché Nanoo
Nicholas Basson
Jacob Fried
Ben Anderson
Milan Sandri
Trenowyn Giles
Caden Chuang
David Brunt

Resource Centre Service Ties
Congratulations to the following boys on receiving their Resource Centre Service Ties:

Ferris Moser
Johann Steyn
Abdul Kareem Kerbelker

African Relations Society for 2022
The African Relations Society Leaders for 2022 are:

CHAIRPERSON 2022: Zimvo Joxo (Mallett)
DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON 2022: Sipho Ndlovu (Founders)
COMMITTEE MEMBER 2022: Onwa Roji (School)

Our Society
Congratulations to the following boys on receiving their ties for loyalty and dedication to our Society:

Tyrique Nair (Mallett)
Zimvo Joxo (Mallett)
Sipho Ndlovu (Founders)
Liyema Liwani (Mallett)
Janoodien Suhail (Gray)


Kai and Reyne De Klerk started their karate journeys at ages 5 and 4, respectively. Karate taught them focus, discipline and control. Through the sport, they represented South Africa at tournaments around the country and in Germany, Sweden and Croatia, earning their Protea colours along the way. They were once again both selected to represent South Africa at a world tournament in 2020, which was unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic. Kai and Reyne both received Distinction Ties for Karate. Congratulations.

Joseph Oelz was crowned the SA Champion in the Rotax DD2 category of go-karting during the September holidays at the Zwartkops International Raceway. As a result of this he will be participating alongside 73 other National Champions in the World DD2 Championship in Bahrain in December. Well done Joseph, all the best for your preparations for the upcoming Worlds and congratulations on receiving your trophy and the ticket awarded to you for participation in the World Championships.

Congratulations to William Jones for claiming the bronze medal at the SA championships. William competed in the u16 air rifle division.

The WP Youth Squash Executive and Selectors have recently announced the players that have been selected to represent WP in 2021. Congratulations to Tristan Swanich who has been selected as number 2 for the u14 A side and Nicholas Basson as the number 4 for the u16 B side.

The following boys have been awarded their CT/WC Disa colours:

Carl van Wyngaarden
Nicholas Leith
Chris Hodgson
Benjamin MacFarlaine.

Water Polo
Last week our 1st Team Water polo travelled to Johannesburg for the annual St Stithians Stayers Water polo Festival where 20 teams competed. They played 8 matches losing only one match in the pool stages to Hilton College 8-10. In the quarter-finals they lost 5-8 to St John’s College who ultimately lost to SACS in the final. In the play-off stages they beat Grey College 4-2 and Hilton 5-4, finishing 5th overall. Highlights of the tour were the wins against St Andrews College 6-2 and the turnaround win against Hilton College in the 5th/6th playoff. We congratulate Nicholas Steinhagen who was selected for the tournament team.

Nicholas was also selected for the South African U17 team that took part in the EU NATIONS JUNIOR MENS U17 WATER POLO TOURNAMENT 29 – 31 October 2021, BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC. The team won Gold at the tournament, and we are proud to present Nicholas with his well-deserved medal.

Water polo service award
Jack Moyle has been awarded a service tie for his contribution to Water polo service over the last 3 years. This award is in recognition of the time Jack has spent coaching, refereeing, and tabling.


All Rounder's Tie
Congratulations to Bradley du Toit on being awarded All Rounder's Tie.


Chris Ekron, the head of the SPW programme introduces the various education topics related to sport, performance and wellness. Topic 1 focuses on the importance of warm-up and cool down, click here to have a look at our videos from the SPW team.

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