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Dear College Parents


It has been wonderful to have the Matrics at school with us this week. After the initial enthusiasm, we had a drop-off in numbers as many boys preferred to stay at home and continue with the online teaching and learning programme! I was pleased that just over 100 matrics came to school today and I was able to personally say goodbye to them in a gathering which we held on the Piley Rees field. The school is arranging a “virtual” farewell for me on Wednesday evening at 6.30pm, but this is not the same as face to face! My last day at Bishops is Thursday 12  June, I will send a final newsletter to you all on that day.

Grades 8-11 return to school

As I have previously communicated to you, the last day of term for the school is Wednesday 10 June, we will return for the third term on Tuesday 30 June.  The Grade 8-11 will return to school in a phased process which respects social distancing protocols. Details of this will be communicated to you closer to the time. We will be continuing with online teaching as well until it is appropriate to revert to providing “live” teaching only.


Grade 12 protest

Today between 12h00-12h30, the Grade 12 boys engaged in a peaceful protest against racism and discrimination in our school.  Boys who were not at school were encouraged to log out of their online lesson in support. This was a peaceful protest and at the end, a memorandum was presented to a member of the Executive (please see attached for your information). This will be an ideal opportunity to continue the engagement with all members of our community regarding these issues in our school. We are committed to making Bishops a welcoming environment for all who learn and work here, irrespective of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.


I would like to wish you all a wonderful weekend.


Yours sincerely


Guy Pearson