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Dear College Parents


“Sportsmanship is that quality of honour that desires always to be courteous, fair and respectful, and is interpreted in the conduct of players, spectators, coaches, and school authorities” - ¬†Fielding Yost


Over the past few months, boys, parents, old boys, teachers and governors of Bishops and Rondebosch have been involved in developing the #ONSIDE initiative which emphasises respect, integrity and fair play in all sports fixtures between our schools. This initiative has been led by Matt Pearce (OD) and David Becker (OR).


Honour Code


School sport is special. It builds character. It is fun. It evokes passion. It creates camaraderie. It instills values. And it develops friendships that last for lifetimes.

As pupils, parents, old boys and officials, we should honour the longstanding and worthy values that underpin school sport. We should strive to embody those values both off and on the sports field, both for ourselves and those who follow us.

By committing to the Honour Code, you will help to create a healthy and enjoyable environment for school sport:


General Principles - Honour Code:


I/We will:

  • encourage sportsmanship, and respect for the spirit of the game
  • respect the dignity of everyone involved in the game
  • display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat
  • defer to officials’ and coaches’ judgment

Coaches’ Honour Code:


I/We will:

  • remember that players participate for enjoyment and winning is only part of the fun
  • not berate players for their mistakes or for losing
  • operate within the rules and spirit of the game and encourage players to do the same
  • be professional and respectful to all involved in the game

Players’ Honour Code:


I/We will:

  • compete in good spirit, striving to uphold the laws of the game
  • avoid provocative conduct designed to undermine our opponent’s or the officials’ performance.
  • thank the opposition and officials at the end of the game
  • not take performance-enhancing drugs

Parents/Spectators’ Honour Code:


I/We will:

  • applaud the performances by both my team and their opponents
  • thank the coaches, officials and other volunteers who give their time to the game
  • acknowledge that the game is the player’s game not mine
  • use appropriate language with players, coaches, officials and other spectators at all times

Officials’ Honour Code:


I/We will:

  • be impartial, objective and courteous when making decisions
  • be a positive role model in behaviour and personal appearance, and ensure my comments are positive and supportive
  • keep up to date with the latest ‘Laws of the Game’, trends, and principles of their application
  • show appropriate concern and caution towards victimised, sick and injured players.

I hope that you will all support this wonderful initiative and we look forward to a memorable derby against Rondebosch this weekend. The forecast tomorrow is for heavy rain so please prepare accordingly!


Confirmation (A message from Father Bob Commin)


We have reached the halfway mark with our confirmation workshops and the various school groups are getting to know each other and easily share thoughts and insights. The confirmation service will be at St Cyprian’s school on Sunday 26 August at 10.00am. It is important for boys to hand me a copy of their Baptism certificates as soon as possible. I need the date and place of Baptism.


Those who have missed sessions can catch-up by finding the Alpha for Teenager sessions on YouTube, then meeting me for discussions.


The next Confirmation Workshop is at Bishops on Sunday 29 July from 09:00-12:00.

2017 Bishops Magazine

The 2017 edition of the Bishops magazine is now on the Bishops website, please click on this link:


Please see attached Assembly Notices and MySchool Card information.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Yours sincerely


Guy Pearson