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FRIDAY 12 July 2019
Dear Parents

Welcome back to the 3rd term. I hope you were able to enjoy some special time with your boys over the last three weeks. The boys have certainly come back full of enthusiasm and thrown themselves into the new term.

Our renovations are now almost complete but as with all building, the end is always a case of “so near but so far”. But while the library and renovated classrooms are not quite ready for occupation, we are truly thrilled with these new facilities that are not just aesthetically very pleasing, but will allow for new possibilities in teaching and learning. We have also expanded the scope of the project to include the re-paving of the whole external area from Jagger Hall to Stanmore House, an area that has been a terrible eyesore. As always the project is much more complicated than us laymen expected – there are huge level adjustments and a great deal of work underground to sort out drainage, something that was very ad hoc up to now. What this means though is that the boys’ play and movement areas are now further limited so we are delaying moving across from Van der Bijl for a few weeks.

The boys have taken the disruption in their stride as have you. Thank you for your patience. I have no doubt that everyone will be very happy with the final product.

All the best

Kind regards


Tuesday 16 July 2019

Grade 3H Outing

Venue: Aquaponics

Time: 08h30 to 11h30

Wednesday 17 July 2019

Grade 3F Outing

Venue: Aquaponics

Time: 08h30 to 11h30

Thursday 18 July 2019

Grade 3G Outing

Venue: Aquaponics

Time: 08h30 to 11h30


ALERT - Remote Jamming

Please be aware that there has been an increase in “remote jamming” in and around schools. What this means is that you assume that you have locked/alarmed your car with your remote but unknowingly to you there is a person nearby who has a device that is able to jam the instruction from your remote to your car, and now the car is in fact unlocked. Please take extra care when parking at Bishops and check your doors are locked by manually lifting the door handle/lever after you have used your remote to activate the locking mechanism.

Durban Prep
A great afternoon of rugby was enjoyed by everyone and the Durban Prep parents were very appreciative of both our hospitality and excellent weather!
A sneak peak of the corridor and one of the new classrooms.
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