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FRIDAY 14 February 2020
Dear Parents


There have been no reported incidents of Coronavirus in South Africa but clearly it is dominating the headlines around the world in a similar way to the SARS threat some years ago.

It may well come to our shores and there is not much we can do about this as a Bishops community. However, we can look to limit this threat by wise decisions about where we travel for business or holidays and by emphasising good respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene; including covering coughs and sneezes, washing hands with soap and staying at home when sick. These are things which we should be doing anyway to limit the passing on of influenzas and colds to the community.

At present no exchanges or tours go to the parts of the world significantly affected by the virus and we will monitor this over the months ahead.

Should the situation change our response will be led by the Education and Health departments, and other medical professionals.


After another busy sports week, I want to congratulate our swimmers – U7-U13 – who won the SACS Relay gala on Tuesday. It is a gala for the Southern Suburbs boys’ schools and it is many years since we have won this gala, so an extra-special achievement for our swimming team.

Do enjoy the weekend: our special half-term weekend with no school activities for our boys from Friday afternoon onwards.

And, Happy Valentine’s Day

Kind regards

Friday 14 February 2020 Half Term

No Sport
Monday 17 February 2020

Braai for Dulwich hosting families

Venue: Rossall Pavilion

Time: 17h30

Wednesday 19 February 2020


Venue: Lutgensvale

Time: 16h30 to 19h00

See further information under TAKE Note

Friday 21 February 2020

Bramley Family Picnic

Venue: Clifton 4th Beach

Time: 18h00 to 20h00


Charlton Family Picnic


Venue: Clifton 4th Beach

Time: 18h00 to 20h00





Please click HERE for the order of events. The Tuck Shop will be open and tea and coffee will be served. If you are able to volunteer for a shift in the Tuck Shop, please click HERE. All assistance will be greatly appreciated.






With "Carnival 2020" fast approaching we are aware that you have already all been contacted to donate towards your relevant Grade stall and we are grateful for all that has already been done and raised. There are however two specific stalls that require general support across the entire school. So donations from any grade would be much appreciated.

The first is the Tombola stall that needs any contributions of small items which are new or still in good condition.

The second is the Raffle stall that is looking for big ticket items such as meal vouchers, spa vouchers, small appliances, LEGO, etc. that will attract parents and children’s interest alike. For this stall we would be more than happy to have some marketing material for those interested in large donations, which we will discuss with interested parties.

Your donations supporting this fundraiser will be greatly appreciated. There will be containers in the Pre-Prep reception and Prep Library where items can be delivered.

If you have any queries or have larger or higher value items please contact:

Tracy (Tombola) 082 828 9388

Emma (Raffle) 083 455 8338

Carnival - Why we do it










Please take note of the flow of traffic in the above illustration. If everyone follows these rules it will go a long way in alleviating the congestion and frustration!



Please remember to email Kashiefa Kerven on before 9am should your son be absent. His teacher as well as Housemaster is required to be copied in as well. You will receive an automated message as standard process if your son is absent even if you have notified the school. Your notification via email of his absence is still very important. We understand that it's not always easy to get a doctor’s appointment in the afternoons or weekends but request that you try and arrange a suitable time which is convenient for all, as teachers find it disruptive when boys are called from class because of appointments, forgotten lunches or sports gear.

Experience Bishops - Grade 7s



Please diarise this date.

2021 Term Dates




Please note the term dates for next year so you can plan your holidays accordingly.

Sandwich Outreach
A special Valentine's Day thanks. Our new sandwich system is making a difference! This week, as a school, we supplied over 1000 sandwiches to Athwood Primary together with loads of fruit. Mr. Peterson, the Principal, told us that those very needy children that won't get food at home were given an extra sandwich to take home for dinner and some will share it with a sibling at home.
Thank you so very much to you all. Please do keep up your contributions and remember if Monday is a busy school/sports evening, why not make them ahead on Sunday, freeze them and defrost on Monday evening. When you make a plan, you are making a difference!

Sports Day




Well done to all involved in a very successful Sports Day last Friday. The photos will be uploaded to our website soon.

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