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FRIDAY 15 February 2019
Dear Parents


We are concerned about aspects of some boys’ use of their mobile devices. In terms of our one-on-one iPad programme from Grades 4-7, the iPad is first and foremost an educational tool introduced to enhance learning and teaching, not to replace everything we did before, but to harness what technology can offer to improve and add to the learning process. Our rules for the management of iPad use at school are, in essence:

  • only to be used under the supervision of a teacher;
  • not allowed to be used before school/during breaks/waiting for lifts – anywhere outside of the classroom situation; and
  • no simcards are allowed at school;
  • as well as playing non-educational games.

Boys do try to break these rules: we have had cases of boys buying apps to circumvent our firewalls; trying every other means in their power to get around these firewalls and attempting to access what they know are inappropriate sites. We have to be sure to educate and be vigilant about these transgressions. We also receive daily reports on everyone’s usage on the premises, whose usage is disproportionately high and who is attempting to get onto inappropriate sites, and follow up on this.

Technology, as a part of our daily lives and especially our children’s, is a reality that is here to stay. There is no point in keeping technology away from Prep-aged boys – they need to learn digital integrity, online respect, discernment, etc. And it has enormous benefits for us all, but misuse or over-use is a serious problem especially during the growing up years. And a big part of the over-use is recreational use.

A few examples that illustrate our concerns:

  • seeing boys at a sports match playing games on their iPads;
  • iPads in use while driving home (and not doing homework);
  • boys on Fortnite every night and sometimes when they are meant to be asleep;
  • taking iPads to a sleepover or a play date; and
  • children as young as seven playing Fortnite. These games are insatiable, absorbing, fun and always offering another opportunity to do better.

These examples deprive children of being aware of their surroundings, dreaming, having a conversation, imagining and becoming bored, reading, etc. Boredom is very much out of fashion these days, but it’s not such a bad thing. That’s when children make up games and have a chance to think about things.

As parents, you obviously make your own decisions. We suggest the following regarding use after school:

  • have your son’s password and check what he is doing every now and again;
  • no iPad/phone in his bedroom after lights out;
  • no need to include iPads on play dates or sleepovers;
  • limit usage after hours – he should not regularly have more than thirty minutes homework on his iPad (if that);
  • limit playing games to an hour or an hour and a half a week – no more is needed;
  • only allowing the game if you have checked it and are happy with it;
  • no access to your credit card to purchase Apps;
  • check use of social media regularly (we will send out more thoughts about this later).

I hope that these suggestions are of use to you and ultimately constructive. In the end it’s all about balance.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Friday 15 February 2019

Charlton Family Picnic

Venue: Clifton 4th Beach

Time: 18h00 to 20h30

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Quadrangular Athletics

Venue: Lutgensvale

Time: 16h30 to 19h10

Please see further details under TAKE Note

Friday 22 February 2019 to Sunday 24 February 2019 Father & Son Camp

Venue: Greyton Eco-campsite

Quadrangular Athletics


The Quadrangular Athletics Event takes place on Tuesday 19 February. Please click HERE for the list of boys participating and click HERE for the Order of Events. We would like to offer the visiting schools our wonderful Bishops hospitality so if you are able to assist at either the Tuck Shop or the Grade 7 Boerie Stand for just 30 minutes, please click HERE to book your slot. All assistance will be greatly appreciated!

2020 Term Dates



These are also available on the Prep website for future reference.

MySchool Card


Dear members of the Bishops community

The use of the MySchool Card has been very positive, and many members of the Bishops community have, either applied for a new card, or have started using their old ones again. Please remember that you may have more than one beneficiary listed on your card, and we hope that Bishops becomes one of them.

Our thanks to those who have taken up the challenge of ‘Every Swipe Counts’!

The funds raised from this project will be used to upgrade various projects on campus, from Pre Prep to College.

Please feel free to visit the Molteno Library on the College Campus which was upgraded using funds from this initiative. This year we are concentrating on the Prep Library.

As this is a painless way to fundraise, we again appeal to you to please apply for your MySchool card and use it as much as possible at any of the following:



So all that is left for you to do is apply for your card and use it! The application form is available HERE.

Please visit or email

Many thanks
Rosemary Wilke
Marketing & Events Manager




Please take note of the following:


  • Tickets and wrist bands are available for sales and collection leading up to Carnival from 21 to 28 February every morning outside the Prep and Pre-Prep reception area. The online booking form is available HERE.
  • The Tombola stand has drop off boxes at the Prep Library and Pre-Prep Reception for all bric-a-brac items which are URGENTLY needed. If every boy could provide one item of bric-a-brac it would be greatly appreciated!
  • If there are any parents or contacts in the liquor/hospitality industry, could they please contact Charmaine Cheminais on 083 7039650 or email her at
  • All market stalls are sold out but there are a few rides available for corporate sponsorship. R5000 gets business social media coverage, branding at the event and a full page advert in the Bishops Blue pages.
  • The PA requires assistance at the entrance to the carnival with ticket sales. If you are able to assist for just 30 minutes on the day, pleae click HERE to book your slot. Go to the category listed SPECIAL EVENTS.
  • Many thanks to the Grade 6 parents who have volunteered to assist at the Tombola Stand. If other Grade 6 parents are available to help for 30 minutes, please click HERE to book your slot.


Please note the following:

Due to the current renovations, we have no intercom system to the temporary classrooms. This makes it extremely difficult to deliver messages, lunches and forgotten items to individual boys. Please put systems in place at home to ensure that your son has everything he needs for the school day. We will only deliver messages or items in exceptional circumstances.
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