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FRIDAY 14 May 2021
Dear Parents

It was wonderful to be back in Chapel yesterday for our Ascension Day Service, a reminder of the privilege we have in being able to enjoy services in such a beautiful Chapel.

Since last reporting to you, we have had no positive cases at school of boys or staff. However, we are working hard to combat complacency, especially with all the talk of a third wave and rising numbers in South Africa. When it is cold, we urge our boys to wear layers of clothing as doors and windows still have to be left open to provide adequate ventilation.

Please support us in this – it is so rewarding to see our boys enjoying an increased number of school experiences again. We know that we, the adults, will be the main ones to contract and spread the virus, so please be cautious and keep our community as safe and healthy as possible.

I spoke to the Grades 4 and 5 this week about love, following on from Nelson Mandela’s statements last week and messages at our recent Chapel Assembly. After the initial embarrassment about the “soppy” connotations and “yuk” and “ugh” we got down to what it means to love your fellow man and therefore your peers. I asked them to give examples of actions that showed love and some that didn’t.

Not showing love: “laughing at others’ mistakes”, “excluding someone from a game and then letting the next guy in”, “hitting someone”, “taking his things”, “spreading rumours”, “being unkind”.

Showing love: “helping someone if they are hurt”, “showing appreciation if someone does something for you”, “reaching out if he is sad”, “sharing”, “congratulating”, “respecting”, “greeting others”, “being interested in others”, “making people feel good about themselves”, “standing up for others”.

Older boys might have responded a bit differently but I think would have understood the sentiments. Our boys do know how they should act towards others. They will make mistakes though and often miss the nuances. Together we have to work on the “training” and modelling of the right behaviour, emphasising respect for each other as the starting point, respect regardless of feelings for one another, of difference, of whether we look the same or not, share the same religion or culture, have different accents, and what talents each has. We are not the first South African generation to work on this, but we owe it to each other and our children to go further and expect more than any other generation before us.

All the best.

Kind regards

Saturday 15 May 2021 Rugby practice cancelled

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Parents' Transformation Meeting

Venue: Jagger Hall

Time: 19h00

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Civvies Day

Please see further information under TAKE Note


Van der Bijl Movie Night

Venue: Grade 4 and 6 classrooms

Time: 17h00 to 19h30


Civvies Day

A reminder that there will be a clothing collection for Civvies Day on Wednesday 19 May. It would be greatly appreciated if you could sort and label your donated clothing and place in separate bags.

Involving boys in Outreach Activities


"One of the our Outreach objectives is to contribute to the development of a boy who is aware of his privilege and the resulting opportunity to contribute toward society - going beyond donation and towards involvement. We see this objective as part of a school that is transformed, diverse and inclusive.” Bishops Prep and Pre Prep PA

Please book your son in for one or more of these exciting and fun events where he will have the opportunity to spend time with kids from VUSA, laughing, playing, sharing and connecting.

Please note all outings are subject to Covid-19 protocols and restrictions being applied at the time, as well as weather or any other unforeseen circumstances and are therefore subject to change.


Please click HERE to book your slot. The first activity is scheduled for Friday 21 May.


If you would like further information, please click HERE for the PA Communication in this regard.

From the PA



By now, your class reps will have let you know about the Hamper fundraising activity the PA is running for the boys. We’d also love to involve parents in the fun so, if you have sponsorship options for an experience/voucher/product for parents, please get in touch on

Sponsorship qualifies for you a spot in the Blue Pages as follows:
R1000-R3000 - ¼ page ad
R3001-R5000 - ½ page ad
Over R5000 - full page ad

Sandwich Outreach
The PA have started a new way of getting sandwiches to Athwood, with help from the Peninsula School Feeding Scheme. The PA pays them from the funds donated by parents to make the sandwiches. You can contribute toward each child receiving an individually wrapped sandwich and piece of fruit made by PFSA delivered to Atwood. Contributions can be made directly in the PA account.
Bramley News
The Bramley boys celebrated Mr Jordan’s birthday hosting the inaugural Jordan cup for Grade 6 and 7 during house meetings.
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