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Dear Parents

So much has happened during this week at the Pre-Prep.  There has been excitement brewing for a while and it all culminates in the Bishops Carnival this evening.  The boys are really looking forward to the fun and we would like to thank all the parents who have put an incredible amount of work into this event.  We look forward to seeing you all there this evening.

We hosted our annual Pre-Prep Open Day, having visitors touring our school all morning with our fabulous PR Grade 10 boys on Wednesday and today celebrated Bishops 171 birthday with fun soccer tournaments, tours of the Bishops museum, making birthday cards and icing biscuits to celebrate this wonderful occasion.  What an honour to be part of an establishment that is steeped in history and tradition over such a long period of time. The boys all enjoyed a tasty ice bite as a treat and had a wonderful day. Thank you too to the parents came and read to some of our boys. It is fabulous to see some dads coming to read as well. Thank you everyone.


The fun and excitement do not end here as next Friday we will be hosting our Annual Fun Sports Day on the field outside our hall at 4pm. We have secured some exciting vendors for the evening such as Spur, Luscious Crushes and some coffee of course. Please pack your picnic and come and enjoy this wonderful social evening with us after the races.


Parents who are participating in the tug of war - I trust you will be strong and ready to show your strength. Ladies bring your takkies and something easy to move in, to be able to enjoy your races with your son.  There is something for everyone so we trust we will see you all there. 


Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Take time to appreciate the last of our beautiful summer days.

Kind regards


Friday 19 March Gr 2 Cycle Race

We have moved this fun event to the following week (19th) The teachers will be in contact with you about the necessary arrangements. 
Friday 13 March Fun Sports Day/ Family Picnic

ALL BOYS are involved in this event.  Please make sure you are here by 4pm.  Bring your picnic along as we will be up at the hall area. We really look forward to a fun filled social evening with you all.
Friday 13 March Sport Ends

Friday 13th March is the last extra mural day for this term.  Please communicate with your son about where he should be for the few days until the end of the term. Aftercare is available should you have any problems.

Fun Sports Day

Please be reminded that when attending these events, we will have extra security on duty, however, please try not leave any bags or laptops in your cars on these evenings. This is a very tempting occasion for opportunists so please make sure that your car is securely locked and that all items are put away and not visible and as mentioned, if possible not any important items left in your cars.


We are still working hard at our manners.  It is a challenge for some, but a life skill that is very important. Please continue chatting about this at home too.



A few reminders:

  • White bands are RIDER bands.
  • Orange bands are NON-RIDER bands.
  • The credit amount loaded onto the band is written on the underside of the band.
  • If you run out of credit tonight, don’t worry, there will be 2 x Top-up stations outside the bar area and at the food court, a roaming top-up facility will also be available, just look out for the Howler feather.
  • Please retain your band to claim any unused credit remaining after the carnival.


Novel Coronavirus ( COVID-19)

Further communication from the School around these concerns will be sent out in separate email.
A message from Mr Jeremy Smith

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those who were sent to you! How often I have wanted to gather your people just as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. But you didn’t want that. Look, your house is abandoned. I tell you, you won’t see me until the time comes when you say, “Blessings on the one who comes in the Lord’s name.” (Luke 13)


When you find yourself in a space such as Lent, where life seems harder than usual and the journey more focused than normal. "What do you do?" 


In ancient times, rituals helped to remind the people of the promise of God, as yet unfulfilled, and gave reason to trust what seemed to be impossible. In this week’s Scripture, we hear Jesus lamenting (crying) over Jerusalem and the people who did not choose to follow Christ. Yet, we also hear Jesus affirm his commitment to them and to us, promising us that he will return. During this holy season, we remember that Christ is with us. We believe the good news and live into this promise that God is with us. 



Covenant God, Sometimes, when we can’t see, touch, or hear you, we wonder, “Are you really there?” Then we remember the many ways you have shown us your love and we see the many things that reveal your creative presence in our lives. Help us find ways to remember that you are with us. Help us practice remembering as we get ready for the mystery of Easter. During this season, help us learn how to trust you, love you, and share your love with others. Amen

Easter Eggs
Thank you so much to all those families who have generously sent in boxes of Easter eggs.  I have had a great response from Grade 2 boys wanting to deliver them, thank you to those parents who are allowing them to come with me. There is still time to send eggs in if you wish to.
For those parents who have the inclination and time to knit, we would love you to be part of our knit a square and build a blanket drive. If this is you and you would like to co-ordinate this or perhaps just participate, please get your wool and needles ready for our next newsletter which will be full of instructions.  If you are eager to get going sooner, please email me and i will forward you the pattern and requirements.  This just requires basic knitting or crochet skills and is great fun and a wonderful outreach programme that reaches many cold children.  If you would like to co-ordinate this programme, please let me know and we can chat.  This upcoming holiday is an ideal time to start.
Shoe Laces
A gentle reminder to Grade 1 and 2 boys - Winter requires shoes to be tied so please take up this challenge. 
Library Books
We thank all the parents that have taken the time to cover our library books. We still have a few that need to be covered. Can the parents who offered to cover our books for us please come and collect the books at our reception.
GR 2 Soccer
The Grade 2's enjoying a morning soccer tournament at the foot of our beautiful mountain on Bishops 171st birthday!
Founders Day Fun
Ice Bites, Gr N making Bishops biscuits for Founders Day and Pizza Happiness - all in a day's work!
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