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07 May 2021

Dear Parents

The boys look so grown up in their winter uniforms. Somehow this uniform transforms them into more mature versions of what they were before! I apologise that one of the hottest days in a long time, seemed to be the day we moved into Winter uniforms.  Nevertheless, thank you to those parents who make sure that the boys are neatly dressed, with all the required uniform changes.  It may take a little time for the boys to get used to, but it is possible and they will adapt to the new challenges. 


To all our Muslim families, Eid Mubarak as you celebrate Eid al-Fitr next week.


We have the chance to celebrate our wonderful mothers, role models, carers are guardians on Sunday. Here are some wise words from Nikki Bush about not pouring from an empty cup.


It's Mother's Day this weekend and the perfect time to remind all our precious Mothers - however old or young you may be and whatever the ages of your children, that you are number one and you have to look after number one. This is not a selfish act, it is all about self-care. You are wired to keep on caring and giving but you cannot pour from an empty cup. I borrow a fantastic analogy from David Lapin, international executive coach: Consider an empty glass of water - you can rest it for as long as you like, but rest won't replenish its contents. He says that your body and mind are just containers. Your emotions, intellect and spirit are its contents. You can only give emotional, intellectual and spiritual output when your container is overflowing with content. This means you always need more input than output in order to remain an energised and energising person.”


Wishing all our special people a Happy Mother’s Day, may your cup be replenished over the weekend.


Kind regards


Sunday 09 May Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day to all our role models/carers/guardians!
Covid update

So far we have had only one boy who has sadly had to fight the Covid virus this term.  It has not impacted any other boys in the class as the family has been mindful about isolating and notifying the school. A gentle reminder that if you son is coughing, has a runny nose or any other symptoms on the checklist, please we appeal to you to keep him at home until the symptoms disappear.  We really do not want to put any other boys, families or teachers at risk.
Message from our Youth Pastor

The use of metaphors and images was common practice when a Rabbi taught or shared some significant truth. In our reading this week Jesus used the image of a vine, tree, branches and fruit to describe and explain the way of love.


“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit” (John 15:5)


Following the way of love has been a key theme for us this term. The question we explored this week was, how do we remain in love? The key word here is remain.

To remain simply put mean, ‘to continue unchanged’. ¬†Our love for God and others should be a continuous unchanging action.


The words by our Lord is filled with a promise, “you will bear much fruit”. As we action love we will bear much fruit. The fruit of a tree is the epitome of its existence. Most people love good fruit and the satisfaction it provides. In the same way the fruit of our lives should be enjoyed by everyone who we encounter. This week the boys were reminded that we exist not only for our own benefit but for the benefit of others.


Let us pray.

Lord produce in me the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.



Second hand shop

There has been demand for smaller sized items (Rain Jackets 4-5yrs and small long sleeved khaki shirts).
Should you have any gently worn second hand uniforms or sports kit that you would like to donate or resell at the shop, kindly have your washed items in a bag (clearly marked with your sons name and surname) dropped with Babs in the Pre-Prep Foyer.


Sasha Rivera and Julie Breslin volunteer at the Second Hand Uniform shop two mornings every week (Tuesday/Thursday 7:30-8:30am).

Please contact Julie or Sasha directly should you have further queries.
Julie (
Sasha (

Grade 1 and Grade 2 Hockey


The Grade 1 and 2 boys have thoroughly enjoyed acquiring some hockey skills on the astro.  We look forward to them developing further as the season progresses.

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