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17 September 2021

Dear Parents

Our days are always full or fun and surprises.  This week was another jam-packed adventure.  The weather has been a little kinder and allowed us to spend more time outdoors.  What a privilege it is to have such beautiful spaces to use and explore.


This will be the last newsletter of the term as school closes on Thursday.  We have tried to stagger the finishing times but we ask that parents respect social distancing requirements when waiting at the gate for their boys.  This may take a little longer than usual but we really make every effort to keep one another safe. We are pleased to report that we have had another week with no reported covid cases amongst our boys.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank this wonderful staff for all their exceptional hard work.  Behind the scenes there is just so much happening that allows us to have wonderful days and experiences for our boys.  An enormous thank you. Thank you too to all those parents that have helped in any way and for supporting us all, while managing homes and a pandemic like Covid 19.  May your boys all enjoy a wonderful holiday and return rested and rejuvenated.


Wishing Mrs Nolte a wonderful birthday on 19th and Mrs Di Trapani a fabulous day on 24th.

Kind regards


Thursday 23rd October

Bok Day

On Thursday 23 September we celebrate the 100th rugby test match between South Africa and New Zealand. We would like our boys to wear Springbok jerseys or green tops, hats etc. At the same time we celebrate our Bishops Rugby heritage and close ties with the Springboks, after all the Green jersey originated from Bishops.

Thursday 23rd October

Term 3 ends

Grade N and Grade R close at 11h00

Grade 1 and Grade 2 close at 11h15


Sport in Term 4

Our new sport timetable for Term 4 will be available next week.  It will be uploaded as soon as we have finalised it. All sport will start on Monday 11 October and end on Friday 3 December.  Morning activities such as Gross Motor and Swimming will resume earlier and you will be notified by your respective teachers about the starting dates.

Bullying Workshop

The Grade 2 boys will be starting a bullying workshop next week. It is something we do every year with the whole grade.   The first step is to send a booklet home for you as parents to be able to work through with your boys in preparation for the start of next term.  We will start Term 4 with a workshop with all the Grade 2 boys.  Please look out for the booklet and guidelines so that the boys can be well prepared for the start of the new term.

Pizza Fridays

We are all aware of how much the boys enjoy Pizza Fridays.  Next year the Grade N boys will be in Grade R and then allowed to order as well. If there is any  parent that would like to shadow Mrs Fenella Ebbs who co-ordinates this collection, please let us know as the final term is a good time to partner with her and learn what needs to be done. It is really just an administrative role at present as no parents come to serve pizzas yet, because of Covid restrictions. Please contact us if you are able to assist.

General Information


It seems that some parents are not familiar with how to easily access useful information and I apologise for not reminding you more regularly of where to look.  I would like to direct you to where this can be easily accessed. Log into My Bishops Life and go onto you sons profile.  At the top you will see the Information menu.  The drop down box will give you an option and you choose Pre-Prep parents. That will offer you a variety of information.  I do hope this makes it easier to find what you are looking for. The old sport timetable has been taken down as today was the last day of sport and the new one will be uploaded next week. 


We have begun a process to review our three libraries across the school with a view to see how well we represent the school community in terms of our learning material and available literature. Do we, for example, celebrate African and South African authors sufficiently? We have brought in an independent consultant to assist in the process, but if there are any parents who have ideas or expertise in this area, you are welcome to contact us.


Boys will need to wear summer uniforms next term.  This means that they need to dig into those cupboards to look for their slops and sandals. Jerseys are essential on the days that the weather is a little colder. Please send a jersey and hat to school every day.

Grade N
Grade N boys have been learning about life cycles and particularly the life cycle of a flower.  They drew beautiful sunflowers and coloured them in.
Grade R
Grade R boys have been very busy with coding this week.  Our coding mice found many blocks of cheese but also many dead ends!
Grade 1 Creative Writing

Our Grade 1 boys embarked on their first story writing adventures!  They even created their own covers for their stories.


Grade 2 Outing


The last grade 2 class enjoyed a wonderful outing to the forest! What a wonderful way to end the term. They develeoped their team building skills, creating shelters that could withstand any storm.

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