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Dear Parents

This week we will start unpacking the acronym of the MITRE - we will start with the M for Manners. Conversations about manners, what is appropriate and not appropriate, greetings etc will all be covered.  Please continue these conversations on your way to/from school or when you get an opportunity. 


Today and tomorrow Lele is training a number of staff as facilitators for the staff workshops that are to follow. This is one leg of the journey and a crucial one, as these are the people who interact with our boys every day and need to understand each other’s stories to be the change we want for our boys.  We really look forward to this journey as a team and trust that there will be huge growth and benefit in this process.


A gentle reminder that if boys are not well, please to keep them at home.  We have asked each family to please be reminded of the checklist of symptoms that was sent out on their daily declaration form.  If your son is displaying any of these symptoms, please keep him at home until the symptoms have gone.  If your son is under doctor's treatment for allergies which may display some of these symptoms, we ask that you communicate this to his teacher. We thank you for your understanding and support in this regard.


While we continue to fight the Covid-19 battle we ask too that parties, playdates and gatherings are kept to a bare minimum and if necessary, within the regulations.  These are often super spreader events and the implications on us all, is substantial.


Towards the end of the term, parents will have an opportunity to meet with teachers for some feedback on the progress of the boys.  We will notify everyone of how to book a time within the next week or two.

I am pleased to report that the school shop now has their new stock of library bags for those that were not able to purchase them. Wishing you all a restful and wonderful weekend.

Kind regards


23 and 24 February Individual and Class Photos

These will be taken during the morning. Parents will be notified when they have been uploaded as well as details of how to access them.
School screening times

We are currently looking at screening times and will, in all probability, be making a few changes from Monday, 1 March. We will confirm any changes with you as early as possible next week. The number of schools that have returned to full capacity has impacted the traffic and while we are mindful of this, we need to make sure that our environment is safe and ready for when boys arrive.

Class and Individual Photos

On Tuesday and Wednesday next week we will be having our class and individual portraits done. Please could I ask that all boys have neatly cut and brushed hair and that uniforms are correctly worn. Prints will be available on That's Me portal as we have done in the past.  We will notify parents when they will be uploaded.


New boys to the school had their individual pics taken when they arrived.  These photographs are now available and parents have been notified how to purchase and order.


Message from our Youth Pastor

Lent – An invitation to love deeply.


Across the various campuses College, Prep and Pre-Prep paused on Wednesday morning from the regular rhythms of school to reflect on Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent and although somewhat different this year and under new regulations I was still somewhat intrigued and captured by the seriousness and respect shown by the boys as we participated and received the ashes. Ash Wednesday is the start and first day of Lent. Lents is a time of pause and reflection as we consider of humanity and limitations. Lent is a 40-day journey to Easter and over the next few weeks Christians from across the world will spend time in prayer, fasting and acts of service.


I reminded the boys that our various religions have bridges and moments of connection where we may do similar practices to show our devotion to God and commitment to one another. As we consider and reflect on our journey into 2021 it is my hope and prayer that we as the Bishops community embrace and love deeply over these next few months. May your Lent journey be meaningful, filled with moments of deep understanding and insight as we walk the way of love.


Swimming pool

I sent out a notification to all Grade 2 social swimmers this week regarding the swimming pool.  The water was beautiful and blue but we were struggling to keep the bottom of the pool clear of sediments due to changing chemical brands.  We did not feel it safe if we could not clearly see each and every boy in the pool if the water was murky.  This really only affected the afternoon swimmers as this was a very big group. The morning swimming groups, were not notified as we used this time for some fun sports on the field instead of going to the pool. The pool is now open and clear and ready for swimming!


Please note that we are extremely cautious around swimming and the pool area.

Art supplies

If any families have old calendars and polystyrene trays that they could recycle, we would be most grateful to receive them for use in the art room.

Pizza Friday

Today was the first of our Pizza Friday days. Thank you all for your support. We hope that everyone who was supposed to receive their pizza, got theirs.  Thank you Fenella Ebbs for co-ordinating this.

The Colours of Us
This week the Grade 1 boys took a closer look at who we are based on the book The Colours of Us.  We had great fun exploring, matching and discussing how we are all so different and all so unique.  Skin can be so many variations of marshmallow, coffee, cocoa, banana, pancake or chocolate! Underneath, we are all the same!
Ash Wednesday
Our boys were privileged to attend/participate in the imposition of Ashes on Ash Wednesday, in the chapel.  This was a little different from usual but an opportunity for interesting conversations amongst the boys.  Thank you to Father Monwabisi Peter for his organisation.
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