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20 August 2021

Dear Parents

The beautiful sunshine today has certainly helped us forget the chilly days that we experienced this week! We trust that you can all get some time outdoors enjoying our beautiful city this weekend and all it has to offer.

Our boys have managed so well, despite the chill. Somehow being outside is worth the sacrifice, as long as boys can play and move.  A gentle reminder that cancelling sport is really last on our list so we only cancel on the rare occasion and only at around 12 o clock on the day.  Weather is so unpredictable that we try and wait as long as possible to allow the boys the opportunity to play and often we are rewarded with a break in the rain to be able to get out and about. When we are occasionally forced to cancel a sport, unless we have a very large group of boys, we will supervise them until after the usual end time, so parents need not worry about them being left unsupervised.


The Transformation Sub-Committee of Council is busy working through the school's Diversity and Transformation Policy and will be publishing its work as soon as the process is complete.


We have looked at our language offering across the school and decided to expand isiXhosa from 2022. While boys at the Pre-Prep have had a little exposure to isiXhosa we are now going to formalise this and will have a part-time teacher teaching conversational isiXhosa from Grades R - 2.


Wishing Mrs Brombacher, our resident speech therapist, a very happy birthday on 22nd August. May you all have a wonderfully relaxing weekend.


Kind regards


Monday 30 August 2021 Readathon Begins - The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go! Dr Seuss

We will be collecting books during Readathon week so just an advance warning in case you would like to sort through your book shelves in the meantime.
Wednesday 1 September 2021 Online PA AGM Meeting

Time: 18h30

Jersey at school

Please be reminded that boys need to have a school jersey at school every day. The weather can turn so quickly and boys then need to have the option to put their jersey on. There are so many items in lost property that are not labelled. Please could you spend some time just checking that names have not faded or fallen off of clothing items. We are only able to return items to boys if they are clearly marked.

Covid update

We currently have 4 boys at home with covid - most of whom will return to school next week.  We ask again that parents are mindful of colds, runny noses, occasionally headaches and tummy aches in their boys.  Please keep boys at home if they display any of these symptoms. We wish all those families isolating or who are sick, a speedy recovery. Each and every case is presented to our school doctor who advises us on who to contact and who is at risk, therefore guiding our tracking and tracing. A request that if you have had reason to have a covid test, kindly keep your son at home until you receive the results. Thank you for your understanding.

Message from our Youth Pastor


The Lord be with you,

This week Revd. Monwabisi our school chaplain, spoke to us about bread provision and sustained life. He also invited us to think deeper of what God might be inviting us into this week.


Bread symbolises God’s provision. We usually think of Exodus 16 and how God rained manna down for forty years while the Israelites wandered in the desert. God was not just handing out free meals, though we still depend on God for our sustained livelihoods today.

Bread is nourishment for the body and soul, as Jesus offers spiritual bread that feeds our spiritual lives. It brings our souls to life and offers a way to know him. Jesus said, “I am the bread of life”.


May we consider the many provisions God has made for us during these uncertain times, may we live generously, considerate of others who may not have and seek God’s guidance. As our souls are nourished by the living bread may our prayers and actions reflect God’s love to others. Amen

Grade 2 Outing


Grade 2D enjoyed a fabulous morning in Newlands Forrest. The boys learned so much and built shelters that could withstand any storm. So much fun was had and we are really grateful for the weather that played along too.
Pizza treat and problems to solve


Today the boys discovered a huge tube outside. This needed many suggestions and plans before they could decide what to do with it!  Imaginations were stretched today!  Play to learn in Grade N.


The Grade N boys were treated to a delicious slice of pizza today.  Next year, they will get a turn to join the Friday Fun Pizza days, where they can pre-order pizza.  Today was just a taster!  Something exciting to look forward to!

Grade 2 Art

The Grade 2 spelling word this week was ‘bottle’ so we looked at drawing the shape of a bottle and embellishing them with organic patterns.  The boys used mixed media (metallic pastels and gold and silver pens).

Grade R Books Galore

Grade R boys are getting excited about reading.  Being ready is an important start and learning sounds and letters are the cornerstones to easy reading.  We are also going to be allowed to take library books home in our lovely library bags – so much to look forward to!

Coding @ Bishops
Both Grade 1 and 2 classes have been coding this week.  The grade 1 boys are using Kodable and Grade 2 are exploring Box Island with our ipad bank.  What excitement!
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