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23 July 2021

Dear Parents

To say that we are disappointed not to be able to start the Term as we had planned, is an understatement.  In saying this, we have been so very impressed with how the boys have managed to adapt to the online platform we have on offer.  Thank you to those parents who collected work packs and are encouraging their boys to meet their teachers online for further instructions. The Minister of Education will be addressing the nation on Saturday with a return to school update and the President will also address the nation on Sunday. Unless there is any major change to the situation as it currently stands, we will have our boys back on campus on Monday.

We start school against the background of a frightening spate of looting, violence, destruction of property and loss of life. And the calculation of the death toll is still rising.


How we get our boys to understand this without frightening them is the challenge for the adults in their lives. Our history teaching and talks marking our public holidays, such as Freedom Day and Youth Day, give them a background. But we have to continue to keep them aware of the terrible disparity in our society – not of their making – and ask them what they can do about this in their own small way and how do they live now in a spirit of respect and care for others, practising for how they will need to live as adults. They will be the new leaders that will have to fill the servant leadership void in our country and effect the change so badly needed. They do not have to feel guilty for receiving such a privileged education but with it comes a responsibility to step up and make a difference.


Please remember to send a spare mask to school.  Jerseys must be sent every day please as the weather changes so much during the course of the mornings.


We wish our Muslim families Eid Mubarak as they observed Eid al Adha on Wednesday.


To all those families who have suffered a loss due to Covid or any other reason, we send our deepest condolences. So many families have been affected and we send our healing wishes to those still sick. We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!


Kind regards


Monday 26 January

School opens 8am

School will resume at 8am for all those returning.  Sport will resume as normal from today as well as aftercare after school.


Early morning screening

Firstly, another huge thank you to those parents who helped us with early morning screening. We still desperately need some helpers for our 7 - 7.30am screening at the hall gate. If any parents would volunteer for even one shift, this would be a great help.  Kindly email Babs, to be added to our list.


As mentioned before, extra mural activities (adapted for covid) will commence on Monday.  If you are at all uncomfortable with your son participating in these activities, we completely respect your decision and just ask that you email his teacher and copy Mrs Anstey in so that that we are aware of this.


A gentle reminder that all parents have undertaken to ensure that boys do not attend school with any symptoms on the symptom checklist.  Please do not send boys to school with colds, runny noses or when they are not feeling well.
School attendance

Should your family need to isolate or if your son cannot attend school for any reason, please notify the teacher so that we can plan accordingly.  All boys will be back at school but we make every effort to send work for those who are unable to attend classes for any reason. Your class teacher will be notifying you of such arrangements.
Back to school
It has been a very quiet, lonely place without the boys.  We look forward to having our special people back on campus. Thank you to all the boys for responding so well to the online platform and for giving of their best while having to work from home.
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