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24 January 2020

Dear Parents

This has been our first full week at school. Thank you to all those parents that attended the information meetings with the class teachers this week. We trust that the first dose of homework in Grade 1 and 2 has not been too stressful!

A big thank you to those parents who have responded to our request to "drop and go" in the mornings in Grade 1 and 2.  It is so important that the boys learn how to get themselves organised in the mornings, coming in independently, unpacking their goodies and getting themselves ready for the day.  They are more than ready for this and it is one of the expectations of the Grade so thank you for your cooperation. Remember that Fridays are open days and then you are more than welcome to pop in and have a look at the classrooms and the work that is displayed for you to see. A gentle reminder that no parents should please enter the boy's locker rooms unless it is an emergency.  These locker rooms double up as bathrooms with open urinals and toilets. We ask that you respect our request that only boys be allowed into these spaces.


Thank you for making sure that your boys are neat and tidy in their uniforms and that they have had neat haircuts.


Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Kind regards


Thursday 20 January @ 7:30 in the Prep Dining Hall (Prep Campus)

Class Reps Meeting


The first Class Reps meeting of the year is next Thursday morning, 30 January in the VDB dining room at 07h30. We have moved it from Tuesday so that the Grade 7 Class Reps can attend having only been finalised the night before. I ask that class reps do try to attend - there are quite a few matters to address, both from the school and the PA Committee. Please contact Ms Manyela if you are unsure of where to find the venue.

Friday 21 January @ 7:30 (Library)

Coffee Connections

Please come along for a cup of coffee and a chat about the areas that you can become involved in at the Pre-Prep.  We will have some members of the PA there as well to answer questions about the PA, the Carnival, where your Tuesday sandwiches go and much more.  There are so many little things that you can help with, on a regular or a once off basis. We look forward to seeing you in the Library.




By now your boys should all have had a week of afternoon activities.  Please make sure that they attend the sessions that you have signed them up for.  There is a choice for Grade 2 boys during summer, between cricket and Art Club.  Please note that the boys who play cricket will get an opportunity to attend Art Club in the winter terms.  They cannot alternately just join the Grade 1 group on the other day.


Grade R boys playing cricket, please need to bring a pair of white takkies and white ankle socks along to wear when playing.  No cricket bats or any other cricket equipment must be brought to school for any cricket, there is kit available for them to use that is weighted and sized specifically for them. Hats are very important when out on the field.

Sandwich Collection

Every Tuesday we ask boys to bring an extra sandwich or piece of fruit to school which we distribute to Athwood Primary School.  These sandwiches are often the only meal for the day, for some of these children.  Thank you to those who faithfully send along each week. Please know that they are much appreciated. I will attach some photographs of where they are delivered in the following newsletters. 

Fetching boys from school or dropping off items

Should you need to collect a boy early from school, please can you email the teacher to ask for permission and to arrange for him to wait in the foyer for you.  Similarly, should you wish to drop items off, please do so at reception and do not be tempted to quickly slip into the classroom or locker room to drop it off.  This is confusing and distracting for both boys and teachers. 

Message from our Youth Pastor

“In the beginning, God created…” (Genesis 1)

“Creator” is the first name God presents to us. The first chapter and the first verse in the Bible show us who our God is. He is creator. All that God created shows how awesome He is. Psalm 19:1–2 states that all of creation “pours forth speech” about how great God is. This means creation is constantly shouting to all those who see it, saying “Look! There is a God and He is responsible for all of this!” Have you ever looked at a sunset and had to stop and stare for a minute? That’s creation trying to get our attention to point us toward God. God as Creator was first revealed to us through our surroundings: the plants, water, sun and mountains. But it does not end there. The universe God spoke into existence, but when it came to His children, He got more involved, and wove us together. We are wonderfully made.

This week the boys enjoyed nature and discovered the beauty and intricate design locked up within God's creation. There may be more opportunities for them to discover that chat about nature this weekend as they explore and discover the beach, garden, park or wherever they find themselves. May we pour out speech and praise as we enjoy all that God's created.


Jeremy Smith

Bishops Youth Pastor


We are looking for Bishops Parents with a retail business who would be interested in taking a table in the Vendors Tent at the carnival on the 6th March.  

Having started this initiative last year we are looking to expand and get more local businesses involved.  

If you are interested in participating and marketing your business, please email Anna Pfaff  


Coffee at the Mitre


A new pop-up coffe shop is now open at The Mitre (next to the astro overlooking the Avenue fields). The coffee shop is open Monday - Friday, 7:00 - 9:30. Fabulous coffee & tea is served. Please feel free to beat the traffic and meet fellow parents in a beautiful space.

Pizza Fridays

Pizza Fridays will start soon. Gr R boys will be joining in. Further information will be sent out next week. We welcome  the Gr R's to our Pizza Fridays. Please note that Gr N's do not have Pizza Fridays, they will join when they are in Gr R. Something exciting to look forward to.
Happy Days at school
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