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25 January 2019

Dear Parents

I came across a very thought-provoking poster this week that confirmed all that we are really trying hard to achieve, particularly with our Grade N group.  It said: Please give me time to experience my world. Let me touch a tree and smell the rain, see the sunset and hear the birds. Then when I read and write those words, I will understand what they truly mean. We trust each day is filled with new experiences, laughter and discovery. This year, our first Grade N group of boys are now happily settled in Grade 1 and are very ready to read and write all these words! We look forward to a wonderful year with all our boys at the Pre-Prep.

Thank you to all those new parents who joined us at the cocktail function last night. It was lovely to get to chat to you in a more relaxed setting. We trust that you have all settled in well and that Bishops is all that you expected it to be, and more!


We would like to wish Mrs Nazli Meredith a wonderful birthday on Saturday 26th and Ms Shemone Rudolph, our intern a Happy Birthday for Thursday 24th.


We have had our first week of afternoon sport. Please ensure that your boys know what activity they will participate in after school and that they have the correct kit to be able to participate.  No school based-sport is cancelled as regardless of the weather, boys will be supervised for the duration of the usual extra mural time.  Private coaches will notify parents should there be a change in their schedule.


Please can I encourage you to keep checking the online term calendar for any changes. Most information is available on our website. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. 


Kind regards


Thursday, 31st January 2019 Class Rep's Meeting

There will be a Class Rep Meeting at 07:30am. Invitations with further details will be communicated to individuals early next week.
Friday, 8th February 2019

Coffee Connections
Time:  07:30

Venue: Pre-Prep Hall

Speaker: Anande Uys

Pizza Fridays

Maryna Cursi has kindly co-ordinated this weekly treat for the last year.  She is looking for someone who would be willing to take over from her from Term 2 this year.  Maryna is happy to advise and support the willing candidate.  If you are interested in contributing some of your time to assist us, please let Wendy van Heerden - wvanheerden@bishops.org.za know and Maryna will be in contact with you to explain a little more about what is involved.
Car Park

A gentle reminder that despite us having added security near the hall parking area, we ask that you be cautious about locking your vehicles and not leaving items visIble on the car seats to tempt any potential car jammers. 

We have had a few offers for flowers in our foyer.  If you are able to provide a vase of flowers for our foyer on a Monday morning, we would greatly appreciate you being added to our roster.  Please contact Wendy - wvanheerden@bishops.org.za if you would consider adding your name. 

Sports Day

Selected under 7 and under 8 boys will be running in the Prep Sports day on 8th February. Parents are welcome to attend. Parents would have been notified individually.


The Pre-Prep Fun Sports Day will be held later in the term where all boys participate.

Prayer Group

Please feel free to join our parents prayer group in the Woodlands Pavilion on a Tuesday from 7.30am.
This will be a combined parents Prayer group for the Pre-Prep, Prep and College.
Contact our Youth Pastor Justin Woolls - jwoolls@bishops.org.za if you need assistance. 

Coffee Connections

Coffee connections is held a few Fridays per term at 7:30am up at our hall. Pertinent topics of interest are discussed and we encourage all parents that are able to join us for a cup of coffee and a chat, to do so. It normally lasts half an hour, depending on the topic under discussion.

Our first meeting will be held on Friday 8 February where our resident Occupational Therapist, Anande Uys, will be chatting to us. Her talk is entitled The pursuit of playfulness - Finding the balance between play and screen time within the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We are extremely excited to have Anande present this very interesting and relevant topic.  We hope to see as many of you there as possible.
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Learning and views go together
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