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Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome back to the start of the last term of the 2022 school year. I hope you managed to have some quality time with your son as he had a brief break before the final term of the year.

I know there were a number of school activities that took place these past holidays and commend our boys and coaches on their efforts which are reported upon below. There were some impressive performances indeed! My very grateful thanks go to the staff who made these tours and festivals possible.

The start of term focused on bidding farewell to our Grade 12s at their final school assembly where they were welcomed to the OD Union and given their ties that symbolize a new chapter in their lives as members of the fellowship of alumni of Bishops. I hope they wear these ties with great pride and that they bring back happy memories of their time at Bishops when they put them on in future.

Our farewell process continues with House dinners and then the final Prize Giving and Valedictory on Friday 21 October. Due to space restrictions, only the Grade 12s and Grade 8s will be at the events and the other Grades will have the day off school unless they have a sibling in Grade 12 in which case they are most welcome to attend these two ceremonies. We wish our Matrics all the very best for their examinations which begin in earnest shortly thereafter. I would like to thank the Grade 12 parents for their support of the school and their guidance of their son during his time at Bishops. It is greatly appreciated!

Staff News

We welcomed Dr Kathy Wheeler to our staff for the next six months as she stands in for our archivist, Dr Paul Murray, who is at Cambridge University, reading for his second doctorate. We also welcomed Ms Kirstyn Raasch who is standing in for Mr Sean Henchie who is on leave for a month.

Mr Peter Westwood has indicated that he will be retiring at the end of 2023 and we will be beginning the search for a new deputy Principal shortly. Mr Westwood has given over 30 years’ service to Bishops and we will have an opportunity next year to acknowledge this remarkable achievement.

Retirees this year include four teachers who have, together, accumulated roughly 80 years’ service to the school and we thank Mrs Bev Morris, Mrs Trudy Hoefnagels, Mrs Marion Gardner and Mrs Sue McPetrie for their outstanding contribution to the College.

We also thank Mrs Linda Tippoo for standing in for Mr Graham Robertson this past term and for her contribution to the college.

Matric Final School Assembly

At our final assembly for our matriculating boys, we acknowledged their efforts in various activities through the awarding of colours and awards. These are listed below and we commend each recipient for their efforts.

I also spoke to the boys about this stage in their lives as they prepare to leave school and encouraged them to be courageous as they face life’s new challenges going forward. The assembly message is attached for your interest.

Final Thoughts

With the departure of our Grade 12s comes opportunity for the rest of the school to step into leadership roles and take on new challenges. Our Grade 11s are prepared to lead the school and the formal leadership structure will be announced shortly. We wish them well for their year as Matrics of 2023.

This is a short term, packed with activity. Prime focus must be on the final examinations for all Grades and I wish our boys well for their preparation. Our Grade 9s also go on various camps and outings, our Grade 10s are on exchange or on Epic and we wish them well. In addition, the sports programme continues and boys have been reminded to honour their commitment to their sport until the end. Boys need physical activity, particularly while studying and past experience has shown that giving up a sport, ostensibly to study more, has no positive effect whatsoever. In fact, it is encouraged that boys remain busy and remain active at this time.

I wish you well for the term ahead and repeat my thanks to the Grade 12 boys and their parents for their contribution to Bishops during their time here.

Kind regards

Antony Reeler


Matric final school assembly message


The Roman God of mythology, Janus, is depicted with two faces – one looking forward and one looking back. There is uncertainty in Janus – which way to look? The past is comfortable, safe, known while the future is uncertain and may be scary. The past teaches us through our mistakes, yet we don’t even know what lies ahead in the future and that may cause excitement yet also anxiety. That is human nature because with change comes fear and fear mainly of the unknown. You arrived here five years ago with the comfort of primary school behind you and the uncertainty of high school ahead of you. Today you stand with adolescence largely over and adulthood looming. You want to be adults and be treated as such but still have much to learn in terms of decisions and dealing with the challenges that life will throw at you along the way.

Dave Weinbaum said “The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings”. With each beginning comes new learning and a chance to stop looking back. New beginnings in our lives and in nature symbolize growth and opportunity – both of which lead to a rich, happy and fulfilling life.

It took great courage for many of you to start in this unfamiliar school and to let go of the past. It has taken courage throughout the past five years as you have dealt with change and have agreed or disagreed with things you experienced. It will take courage once more to enter the new world you are about to experience. This world will not be as nurturing as the one you are currently in. It will be less caring and less concerned with reputation. This world may be unfair and far less organized than school has been and more and more will be required of you as you look within yourselves for strength, direction and guidance. But to grow you will have to let go of the familiar – you will need courage.  

The most successful of you will not necessarily be those who have had the badges of leadership whilst at school. It will often not be the greatest brains, the best orators, the top sportsmen. The most successful of you will be those who have the courage to accept change and to deal with it. To accept that sometimes life is unfair and to move on regardless. To have the resilience to bounce back from disappointment and ride the waves of success knowing that they may very soon end. The courage to pick yourself up, dust yourselves off and start again without whining, moaning or blaming.

The trappings of school are almost over. Badges, ties and blazers will come off and you will leave here as you started – just five years older and five years wiser. You have a great advantage over so many others in the homes you come from and the schools you have attended. You may not have understood everything while you have been here or what your parents tried to teach you but the lessons we have hopefully taught you will allow you to be resilient, positive and accepting of change.

One of the scariest lines I ever heard was that we are preparing our children for a world we don’t know what will look like, for jobs and careers that don’t yet exist using tools and technology that have yet to be invented. If this is the case, and past history suggests that it is true, then what allows you to first cope and then flourish? I think it is simply my main message to you today – to be courageous. Be brave.

Do not be afraid, you have a great start in life. Embrace change and live your lives well. And finally, do not think that courage belongs only to those who seem brave, who stand tall and who face great adversity.

As Mary Anne Radmacher said, “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow’”

Look back at the lessons you have learned, the experiences you have had that have shaped you and taught you but look forward with optimism and anticipation for a good life that lies in wait for you.

I wish you well for the future and God speed.


Academic Awards

Congratulations to our Grade 12s on their Academic Awards for Term 3:

Academic Ties:
Felix De Bruin
Ben Derman
Enrico Dundulachis
Suhail Janoodien
Yasin Omar
Connor Todd

Academic Jerseys:
Robbie Dow
Chris Hodgson
Jaeseo Hyun
Kwon Hee Kim
Sebastian Le Grange
Nimba Mahlati
Zami Moyo
Farhaan Osman
Ben Reid
Rishay Thakersee


Cultural Colours for Visual Arts

The award of Cultural Colours for the Visual Arts seeks to reward boys who are versatile and broad-ranging in the field of the visual arts, have a genuine love for the discipline and show real skill in the work they do.

Half Colours
Benjy Edkins
Nam Matyeba
Tapiwa Nkumanda
Ché Nanoo
Richard Mason

Full Colours
Dane Rogers
Kayan Jaga
Timothy Walsh
Craig Harrod
Gavin Dingley

Public Speaking Awards

The following Public Speaking boys need to be congratulated on achieving the following awards:

Half Colours
Caden Chuang

Full Colours
Jacob Fried
Ben Anderson
Jamie Chester
Divakaran Govender
Ché Nanoo

Debating Colours and Tie

Ryan Ferreira is congratulated on achieving his Half Colours for Debating as well as receiving a Debating Tie.

Drama Colours

Congratulations Daniel Thom on achieving his Half Colours for Drama.

Music Awards

The following boys are congratulated on achieving the following Music awards:

Half Colours
Nicholas Basson

Full Colours
Jean du Toit
Koame Kota
Michael Beaumont

Distinction Tie in Music

Matthew Newton is congratulated on achieving his Distinction Tie for Music having recently obtained his Grade 8 Trumpet with Distinction as well as winning the Brass Section of the Johann Vos Music Competition in 2019. Congratulations, Matthew.


African Relations Society

African Relations Society ties are awarded to the following boys for service and loyalty to the society:

Ayanda Bonoyi
Lihlumelo Daweti

Service Ties for Bell Ringing

The following boys are awarded service ties for bell ringing. All have been serving in this way for over 2 years.

Hugh van Hasselt
Trenowyn Giles
Luka van der Merwe
Christopher Siebert

Sport Awards

Rugby Colours

Congratulations to the following boys who have been awarded Colours for Rugby after the close of the 2022 Rugby season:

Half Colours
Nic Allison 
Shariq Davids
Werner Koster
Dylan Krause 
Aidan Norris 
Olo Sopotela

Full Colours
Bruce Sherwood
Haashim Pead
Shaywan Blankenberg
Gilermo Mantoe
Rafiek Petersen
Nicholas Steinhagen
Luca Broggian 
Max Cary 
Sean Craig 
Adam De Waal 
Ronan Dutton 
Rupert Holmes 
Jack Ryan

Service Tie

Matthew Brodziak is awarded a Service Tie in recognition of the role he played as videographer and video-analyst for the under-16 team.

We congratulate Bruce Sherwood on his selection to the SA U18 Rugby team for the second year in a row. Bruce received a Distinction Tie last year for this achievement and it is not our custom to re-award these ties. We would like, however, to highlight this outstanding achievement and congratulate Bruce on his selection.  


Congratulations to the following hockey boys on their colours awards:

Half Colours
Jack Crafford
Rourke Dyer
James Grieve
Louie Hart
Matthew Malan
Devon Marshall
Timothy Van Heerden
Robert Veldtmam

Full Colours
Nicholas Bradfield 
Robert Dicey 
James Flint - Re-award
Bryce Herbert 
Christopher Hodgson 
Brett Horn - Re-award
Sebastian Le Grange
Daniel Neuhoff - Re-award
James Raubenheimer


Congratulations to the following boys who are awarded soccer colours:

Half Colours
Junsu Park
Thomas Boehmke

Full Colours
Tyrique Nair
Thomas Barton
Onwa Roji


Half Colours
Josh van Wyk

Full Colours
Luke van Wyk


Congratulations to the following boys who have been awarded colours for golf:

Half Colours
Adam Buckham
Michael Newton

Full Colours
James Boustead
Sebastian Dorward
Cole Crawford


Interhouse Hockey

Interhouse hockey took place at the end of the season this year and was filled with some great hockey and competition.
In the junior section Gray House beat Kidd House to make it into the final and after showdowns School House won against White House. The final standings in the junior interhouse were: 4th Kidd House, 3rd White House, 2nd Gray House and 1st School House.
In the seniors there was once again some excitement in the playoffs with showdowns, resulting with Kidd House and Gray House in the final and Birt House and Ogilvie House playing for 3rd and 4th. Senior interhouse hockey ended with Ogilvie House in 4th place, Birt House 3rd , Gray House 2nd and Kidd House 1st with a well-deserved win in the final.
Well done to all boys who participated and special congratulations to the winning houses School House and Kidd House.

Royal Society Essay Competition

The Royal Society run an annual schools essay competition, and boys doing Science are encouraged to enter.  There is a choice of three topics and whilst we have often had a runner up, 2022 is the first time since 2005 that we have a winner! Trenowyn Giles chose to write on a topic relating to 2022 being the International year of Glass, and for his efforts he received first prize of R5000. Congratulations on this incredible achievement.

Water polo

SACS U19 Water Polo Tournament

The 1st Team played in the SACS U19 Water polo tournament over the holidays, from 1st  to 3rd October. They won 7 out of 9 pool games and finished 3rd  in their pool. Unfortunately, the team lost 6 - 4 to St John’s College in the quarterfinals, who went on to win the tournament. Well done to all the players and coaching staff. This was the last tournament for several matric stalwarts in the team, including: Nicholas Steinhagen, Dean Sneddon, Max Cary, Jack Moyle, Louie Hart, and Tim van Heerden. Dean Sneddon was also selected for the tournament team.

Hilton U14 Water Polo Festival

The U14A team travelled to the midlands at the start of the holidays to play in the Hilton College Water polo festival, from 29 September – 2 October. They won all their games beating Michaelhouse, Westville, Kearsney, St John’s, Clifton, and Hilton. Well done to the players and coaching staff.


The 1st XI, 17As, 15As and 14As all participated in festivals during the holidays.

The 1st XI travelled to Cape Schools Cricket Week (CSCW) hosted by Selborne College. The havoc created by the weather necessitated a change of fixtures and formats, and the cancellation of all scheduled matches on the Saturday. The rain did eventually abate and the 1st XI managed fixtures vs Waterkloof (45-overs-side) on Sunday 2nd October, and T20s vs Grey High School (at Buffalo Park) and Graeme College on Monday 3rd October, and a morning T20 vs Parel Vallei, and on Tuesday 4th October. Wins v Graeme and Parel Vallei were offset by losses vs Waterkloof and Grey.

The 17As headed to Michaelouse on Friday 30th September and, in the four days of cricket that followed, Bishops recorded a draw v Kearsney College before losing matches to St Charles, Michaelhouse and Hilton. The final games, scheduled, for Tuesday 4th October were cancelled due to inclement weather.

The 14As and 15As travelled to Pretoria and Gqeberha/Makhanda, respectively, and both returned to Cape Town having won three out of four games. The 14As recorded wins vs Jeppe, Waterkloof and Pretoria Boys before going down, off the last ball of the game to Affies on Tuesday 5th October. The 15As won declaration matches vs Jeppe and Grey High School on Day One and Day Two of the festival before fading in a 270-odd run chase vs Affies, in a 50-overs-a-side contest on Day Three. The 15As did get it right 24-hours later, under lights vs St Andrews in Makhanda, and succeeded in reaching the 265-run target set by the hosts to end the tour on a high.

There were a number of very impressive personal milestones recorded by Bishops cricketers during the aforesaid festivals.

Milan Sandri 17A vs St Charles and Reece Van Wyk 15A vs Grey returned five-wicket hauls. Fayyaad Domingo 1st XI vs Graeme College went one better and recorded 6/21.

Litha Mbiko 14A vs Jeppe, Waco Bassick 14A vs Pretoria Boys and Adnaan Lagadien 15A vs St Andrew’s, all scored 100s (Waco’s and Adnaan’s tons were undefeated).

And Thaafier Japtha 14A achieved something particularly special at schoolboy/any level of the game by way of registering a double century, in a 50-overs-a-side game, vs Waterkloof. His remarkable numbers vs Waterkloof: 217 off 137 balls. 18 x fours and 12 x sixes.


Zuhayr Mohamood represented the South African Team in the Commonwealth Karate Championships in Birmingham, which took place from the 7th to 11th September. Zuhayr made it into the semi-final, which he lost, but won Bronze. We congratulate Zuhayr on this outstanding achievement.
As a collective, Team South Africa came 4th overall in the medal standings.


Boston Tour 2022 - Head of the Charles Regatta

With less than 10 days to go until race day, 11 strong Bishops Senior Rowers and two coaches, Mr Bradley Smith and Mr Christopher Hale will depart for the State Capital of Massachusetts, Boston, on Thursday evening 13th October for the 57th Head of the Charles Regatta.

Known as the biggest regatta on the rowing world calendar, The Head of the Charles hosts over 7000 athletes, boats sprawled on the bank and river - it is a sight to behold. The course winds through the heart of The City of Boston. The Charles River is flanked by Harvard, MIT and Boston University. The river is home to some of the biggest names in University and University Rowing. We wish the rowing team an incredible tour.


Sebastian Boeddinghaus recently received the news that he is a first prize winner in the International Youth Music Competition in the category “Piano”. In order to enter for this competition, he had to submit a video recording of himself playing a piano piece. There was an invitation for him to travel to New York to perform the piece with other first prize-winners at the New York Prize-Winners Concert. Unfortunately he was unable to attend due to his matric commitments. We are very proud of Sebastian for this outstanding achievement and congratulations also go to his teacher, Mrs Erina Westgarth-Taylor.


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