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Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome back to the start of the third term. I hope you managed to enjoy a good break and some quality time with your son and your family.

Our term opened with the customary Eucharist, but there was also a special memorial assembly to honour the memory of Ethan Mattison. Ethan was in Grade 11 Birt House and was tragically killed when he fell from the balcony of a block of flats. He passed away after 12 days in a coma, having been anointed by Father Monwabisi at the end. In the last week of the holidays, the family hosted a memorial service for his family and friends in our Chapel and it was good to see the support from the Bishops community at this difficult time. Our school service on Tuesday was for the boys and staff, and was an opportunity for us as a school to consider our own grief and loss. We then met with Birt House and the Grade 11s to assure them of our support in the coming weeks and to remind them they are not alone.

For many boys, the memorial may have triggered memories of loss, and in my experience, boys are very difficult to read when it comes to trauma and loss. Some try to be stoic about it, some try to use humour as a release. Whatever they may choose to do as a way of coping, we need to let them know that support is there for them – either at home or in school and they need to feel they can talk. If your son is battling with loss at this time, or indeed anytime, please feel free to reach out to us for advice and we will help where we can.

IBSC Conference

I was fortunate to be able to attend the International Boys Schools Coalition annual conference, held for the first time after three years, in Dallas, Texas. The conference theme of boys on the path to manhood covered a number of topics from masculinity to gender issues and sexuality. From lessons in archeology to stories about journeys in space. It was indeed a fascinating and enriching experience.

When I attend conferences, I tend to write down phrases that stick. If a speaker interests me and causes me to think, I try to capture the content in short sentences that remind or inspire me. These are just a few of the moments from the conference:

  • Young men need to be acceptable at a dance but invaluable at a shipwreck!
  • Burn with enthusiasm and people come from miles to watch the fire.
  • Make honourable things pleasant to children.
  • Do we have to teach you everything in order for you to learn anything?
  • Schools give boys the ability to love more.
  • Reflect on the total of your lifer rather than the detail.
  • When a small group of people find a better way of doing things, people start copying them and culture changes.
  • Do not over-parent by making your love conditional based on a child’s success.
  • Leadership is a responsibility, not a reward.
  • How do boys’ classrooms interpret female characters in literature?
  • Policies on gender remove angst from children.

There were many more moments of reflection, learning and connection and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to attend.

In my conversations with delegates, I also tried to gather information about values – the values written down by schools as their core reason for existence and what they try to live by. I will be having a similar conversation with staff and it will trickle down to boys as we try to come up with a co-created values statement that captures the essence of why we do what we do. 


We welcome a number of temporary staff this term:

Mr Pieter Smith in for Mr Burgert Maree until the end of the year.
Ms Linda Tippoo in for Mr Graham Robertson who is on long leave.
Ms Kirsty Raasch in for Mr Campbell Smith who is away until 10 August.
Ms Nicole Rochat in for Ms Wendy Moult until 4 August.

We also welcome a number of students who are with us from various universities on teaching practical and Dr Hannah Swithinbank who is on the path to ordination in the church and is in SA for a few weeks.

Academic Issues

I trust that the feedback from the mid-year exam gave you good insight into your son’s academic performance thus far, his strengths and the areas requiring attention. While Term III is not an exam term for Grades 8-11, it is an opportunity for our boys to consolidate before the end of the year. Our Grade 12s have a few short weeks of teaching left before they embark on their Mock Matric, and we wish them well for what is effectively their last term of school after 13 years!

Extra Murals

We had a number of our boys involved in sport this past holiday with a cricket team away up north and golfers in the Eastern Cape. My thanks go to those staff members who made this possible and who accompanied these tours.

Our boys who took part in provincial competitions did very well and their achievements appear later in the newsletter. I do wish to highlight the selection of no fewer than three of our First XI hockey team to the SA Schools team. Well done to James Flint, Brett Horn and Daniel Neuhoff on this wonderful achievement.

I did mention the Eisteddfod at the end of last term at the final choir competition but do wish to record my thanks again to the staff and boys for a wonderful three days of cultural inspiration! It was a joy to watch. 

Final Thoughts

One of the speakers at the conference inspired me in the same way as the Duomo in Florence did the first (and only) time I saw it. This massive church took over 150 years to build and the part that amazed me was not so much the final structure as the commitment people showed over a number of generations to a final goal. And can you imagine the communication required to keep the project on track?!

In Dallas, we were addressed by Alan Stern who was responsible for the New Horizon space project that was to photograph Pluto. Again, I was amazed – this time because the team knew it would take a rocket over nine years to travel the 5 billion kilometers to reach its target. How on earth would they be able to hit this target given the tiny (or non-existent) margins of error? A degree of error on earth would mean millions of kilometers out in space. Yet they did.

These two examples of long-term commitment got me thinking about my own long term commitments as a Principal, a father, a husband and a friend. And caused me to reflect that what seems so important to me now may not actually be that significant in time.

Perhaps there is a lesson for us all here as parents – to remember the longer-term goals of raising decent, kind human beings who contribute to society and treat others well.

Finally, at today’s assembly I tried to challenge the boys’ thinking by looking at innovation and creativity, using the examples of companies that have taken over the way we do things and asking them what they think their world will look like in 50 years’ time. It is a good conversation for a supper table!

I wish you well for the term ahead.

Kind regards

Antony Reeler


So: What’s Next?

We used to share images of our holidays and family on pieces of paper, taken with cameras that had film and developed and printed at great cost. Nowadays the world’s biggest photography company, Instagram, is free, paperless, and many of those companies that relied on cameras and film don’t exist anymore with phones replacing most cameras. The world’s biggest taxi company doesn’t own a single car and Uber has only been around since 2012. The world’s biggest hotel chain doesn’t own a single building or room. It was in 2007 that Airbnb was created. Blackberry cornered a market with their BBM messaging service that was free (as opposed to SMS texts) but made their software proprietary, only being able to be used on a Blackberry device. And then other text messaging came along for all operating systems and in 2009 WhatsApp changed the rules and was created. These are companies that you all know, use their services but have only existed in the last 15 years. They all reinvented an existing service and did it better in the same way that Amazon (1995) and Takealot (2011) changed the retail and shopping industry.

Reimagination, reinvention and innovation has been around forever in our human history. Henry Ford revolutionized the motor car industry in 1908 when he created an affordable vehicle that was easy to maintain and built by a production line. He captured the car market in the US – as long as you were happy with a black car because that was all they made - the Ford Model T. Cirque de Soleil, founded in 1984, reinvented the circus as a form or entertainment, changing from a standing unacceptable tradition of using animals as performers to using people and providing a meal in an upmarket yet mobile venue.

These are all examples where someone saw something and thought they could do it better, do it differently. It doesn’t matter what drove them to do it – survival, financial reward, altruism – they saw a different way of doing things. They were creative, innovative, tried and failed yet tried again. They were pioneers.

So, what is your world going to look like when you are my age? Will you need a driver’s licence, or will driverless cars be the only form of that kind of transport? Will petrol stations exist, or will sustainable energy sources take over that market? Can we have a car that is painted with photovoltaic cells that draws energy from the sun? Will we have bank cards, or will our biometric information be sufficient? Will communication be done in a different way from a cellular device? And how many of you will be the pioneers of this innovation?

Today I ask you to look at your world and what you take as normal and imagine something better. Let your mind run free as you reimagine a world that is different. Hold on to that which is timeless – values such as honour, respect. Keep love and kindness in your hearts. Care for each other and our planet. But don’t be afraid to think past the normal and break new ground. The human mind is an amazing thing – and you each have one. Let’s see what’s next…


Academic Awards Term 2 2022

Grade 12

Jonathan Bennett
Rahul Chagan
Michael Richardson
Nicholas Steinhagen
Sebastiaan Terblanche
Rishay Thakersee

Sebastian Boeddinghaus
Conrad Green
Louie Hart
Jaeseo Hyun
Aadam Jaffer
Craig Ressell

Grade 11

Jamie Chester
Nic Macdonald
Solly Nankin

Nic Allison
David Brunt
Michael Cadiz
Daniel Egerer
Benjamin Hatty
Ben Levy
Malick Majiet
Joseph Mudge
Daniel Richards
Jack Whitaker
Stuart Whitelaw

Grade 10

Jonty Bresler
Thomas De Waal 
Arun Nayar

Grade 9

Michael Bailes
Zeno Benolich
Muhammad-Zayd Bhorey
Jack Buckham
Aadil Dawood
Christopher Du Toit
Noah Edmunds
Connor Fletcher
Matthew Griffin
Kieran Hollis
Massi Hunt
Michael James
Daniel Kushner
David Lewis
Noah Macnab
Matthew Maurel
Shankara Moodley
Ben Myburgh
Matthew Owen
William Prestage
Michael Ressell
David Tripe
Daniel van den Heever
John van der Watt
Matthew Walker
Ryan Webb
Grant Weich

Michael Bailes
David Lewis
Daniel van den Heever

House Awards

Most improved Grade: Kidd 11
Best Grade: Gray 12

All Rounders Ties

The following boys are to be congratulated on being awarded all rounders ties:

Michael Kotze
Craig Ressell

Hockey: Distinction Tie Awards

The colours committee has awarded distinction ties to James Flint, Brett Horn and Daniel Neuhoff for their selection to the South Africa u18 Hockey team. Congratulations!



News from the College’s RUGBY Club!

Haashim Pead, our 1st XV scrum-half, was selected for the Western Province u18 team that took part in the Craven Week tournament during the recent winter vacation. As most members of our school community will know, this team eventually went on to win the tournament in most convincing style. Congratulations to Haashim for his efforts in this regard.

Three senior players were also selected for the Western Province Academy team that took part in the national Academy Week. Well done here to Shaywan Blankenberg, Gilermo Mentoe and Fiekie Petersen. All of these players made significant contributions to their team’s efforts during the games that were played out in Wellington earlier this month.

We also congratulate Lucca Mynhardt who earned selection for the provincial under-16 team that competed in the Grant Khomo Week, which was played in Kimberley in the first few days of the holiday.

Well done indeed to all of these players!

Visiting Exchange Students

We are hosting 8 exchange students this term and we welcome them to Bishops:
Alex Hutchinson from Culford School in England, Joseph Graves and Ollie Currie from Framlingham College in England.
Khoa Tran and Aidan Tsuaturyan from Episcopal Academy in Pennsylvania, Miles Lasser and Cordell Perne from Kents Hill School in Maine, and Brody Schrepfer from Gilman School in Maryland.

Golf Tour

A team of six Bishops golfers took part in the Cape Schools Week Golf Festival held from the 24th to the 27th of June along the Garden Route. Players were treated to near perfect weather and top-quality golf courses over the four days of the festival, playing rounds at George, Oubaai, Mossel Bay and Kingswood. Each match consisted of 6 singles games and three foursomes games. The boys played some good golf with team victories over Selborne College and Nico Malan but lost to a strong Grey High School team. The biggest lessons were learnt on the greens where the boys needed to deal with very fast, undulating greens – something not often experiences on Cape Town golf courses. Overall, the festival was a wonderful display of school golf.

Hockey vs Paarl Gim

Catch the live hockey action against Paarl Gim this evening! All the A Astro matches will be live streamed on the SuperSport Schools app.
Download the app and register to support our 2nd XI at 19:15, 3rd XI at 15:00
U16A at 18:00, U16B at 17:00
U14A at 16:00

1st XI game will be on 2nd August.

Hockey Achievements: July Holiday


  • Four of our 1st team won gold with Western Province u18A at the U18 Nationals. Daniel Neuhoff, Brett Horn, Sebastian Le Grange and James Flint.
  • Daniel Neuhoff most valuable midfielder and Player of the Tournament.
  • Brett Horn top goal scorer and most valuable striker.
  • Daniel Neuhoff, Brett Horn and James Flint selected for South Africa u18A hockey team.
  • James Flint scored 7 goals in 3 match test series against Namibia (2 x hatricks)
  • Nic Bradfield won gold with the WP U18C, and James Raubenheimer and Zac Heyns won silver with the WP U18D, at the U18 Southern Regional Tournament.


  • Robert Veldtman and James Grieve playing for the WP U16A, won the Bronze medal in U16 Nationals.
  • James Grieve was selected to SA U16 High Performance Squad.
  • Bryn Parry won gold medal with the WP U16D.
  • Tom Ludlam won silver with the WP U16C, at U16 Southern Regional Tournament.


  • Harry Morgan won silver with the U14 Western Cape team at the SA Winter Games
  • WP U14A won gold in their tournament. The team included Michael Mafunda and Litha Mbiko.


  • Congratulations to Jillian Walsh, our u16C team coach, who has been appointed Captain of the SA U45 Field Hockey team for the upcoming World Cup here in Cape Town (October).

Well done to these boys, their teams and coaches.

The Maccabiah Games

The Maccabiah Games, first held in 1932, are an international Jewish and Israeli multi-sport event now held quadrennially in Israel. It is the third largest sporting event in the world, with around 10 000 athletes and 80 countries participating. We had several boys take part in the Maccabi games:

Adam Lieberman (waterpolo)
Bryce Herbert (waterpolo)
Ben Levi (futsal)
Ben Isserow (futsal)
Leo Letchert (futsal)

The u18 Futsal side beat USA 7-6 in a pool game. Well done!


Simply Blue

Tickets are on sale for the Simply Blue Reunion Concert on Saturday 20 August at the Baxter, proudly brought to you by Sygnia. Enjoy a line-up of current and past Simply Blue members celebrating 21 magical years of music and memories. The ticket price includes a light supper after the show and a cash bar. Get your tickets here.


My Bishops Life Parent Portal
Please click here for help.

SOCS Sports Parent Portal
We make use of a software programme for sports information, and we are hoping that this app will give you sports fixtures, results and other pertinent details easily from your smartphones. 
Follow these simple steps to be able to access all sporting details via laptops or PCs and mobile phones: 

  • Go to a browser on your smartphone and browse to the address
  • Click on the Sport tab
  • Add to home screen and call it Bishops Sport. 
  • Now at a click of a button from your cellphone you can see What’s on, access Maps, details of fixtures and more. 
  • When checking click on the ‘What’s On’ page, choose the date and sporting code and then click on the relevant team. 

The Sports coaches will be increasing their use of this platform to communicate important information to you, regarding details around the various fixtures. We are hoping this will limit the need for too much email communication and hence we encourage you to use this platform as your first port of call. 
The Team sheets with boy’s names are password protected the password is Bish@ps

We would welcome any feedback from you and will happily answer any further questions you may have. 


As many of you know, Bishops hosted the Independent Schools Rugby Festival during the school holidays.  Bishops invited the VUSA U13 team to the festival and what an unbelievable experience it was for them.  Our teams made new friends from around the country and on Day 3 of the festival enjoyed a tour around Cape Town.  Despite being residents of our beautiful city, it was a first for many of our children.  VUSA won all their matches and whilst they know winning isn’t everything, they left the festival with a lot more confidence and self-esteem than when they arrived four days earlier. Thank you to everyone, especially Coronation Fund Managers and the Bishops Prep PA for making it possible for our children to access this incredible experience.  
Bishops will be hosting The VUSA Rugby and Learning Academy again on Saturday. VUSA forms an important part of our outreach and social cohesion programme at Bishops.For more about the programme visit   


Bishops at the  u20 IRB Summer Series

Sacha Mngomezulu was elected to captain the Baby Boks, while Imad Khan, Suleiman Hartzenberg and Connor Evans all made the team. These four young men have excelled at their rugby since leaving the College and we could not be more proud of them. The Baby Boks went on to win the series, and our four Bishops ODs all had stand out performances on and off the field.
Congratulations to Ross Vintcent who Captained the Italian u20 side in the 6 Nations Summer Series, and Euan Groenewald who played for Scotland.

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