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Dear Parents and Guardians

The events of the past two weeks in our country and our school have caused much debate, in the public domain, in schools and in homes. I refer to the incidents at Bishops in the Wynberg derby which were shared with parents in a special letter, the cancellation of a school derby in Johannesburg as a result of an alleged incident of racism and the Stellenbosch University incident which has been well-publicised.

While opinion differs greatly, it is clear that we have a long way to go to eradicate unacceptable practices and deep-rooted racism, classism and indeed all other hurtful actions. Institutions never have full control over the actions of their individual members, but they do have control over how they deal with issues that arise from time to time. And arise they will. We would be foolish to think we can rid ourselves of all harm caused by people, particularly teenagers, but we simply must do better. We have to use these moments to educate people about the deep hurt they can cause.

We have had a number of discussions with boys, staff and other stakeholders and one of the positive aspects of our case is the general abhorrence expressed by the majority of our boys. Apart from a special assembly, called by the Head Boy and involving the captains of various sports teams and school leaders at which they all spoke of how unacceptable that behaviour was, I addressed the junior boys as well. We have issued a formal apology to Wynberg which was well-received and read out to their boys and we have ensured that greater control exists on our stands when boys gather to support their teams. I think the message has got home to most of our boys as staff have also spent time with their Tutor groups discussing the matter.

Finding those who were the perpetrators has proven difficult, but we are still persevering. There were indeed very few but their actions within a crowd have proven difficult to single out. Calling for those involved to come forward has not proven successful.     
We will continue to educate our boys and call for a united effort of home and school to help us. In the same way that behaviour like this is learned, it can be unlearned, as people realise the implications of an action viewed by some as harmless and fun but certainly proven otherwise.

Some time ago I wrote of our philosophy around discipline and how we, as adults, must be careful to judge teenagers with the same standard expected of adults. The teenage brain is a work in progress and will make decisions that are often wrong, usually without malice or understanding of consequence. And schools need to be places that understand that and allows for mistakes as learning opportunities. But lessons need to be learned.

I am reminded of a phrase I often use in school – “between action and reaction lies consequence”. Whatever action caused the behaviour of some of our boys is less important than their reaction and if they had allowed some time between the two, the consequences may have been understood better and the situation prevented. As parents, we help our children make good decisions, ones that will help them but, more importantly, help others. As a school we have to strive to do the same. This is not an easy journey for schools as the human factor is multiplied hundreds of times, but it is a responsibility we cannot shirk – for the sake of our boys. We have to work harder, we have to try again.

Academic issues

The boys are involved with their exams and I hope they are going well. For many of our Grade 8 boys, this is their first exam session and they will be learning many lessons along the way. Papers will be returned to all boys in the first two days of the second last week of term, after which they will be fully involved in their preparations for Eisteddfod. This will be my first full-scale Eisteddfod and I am looking forward to the event.

The investigation into the proposed A level programme is almost completed with a number of logistical issues up for discussion. Council will be meeting next week to hear the proposal and discuss the implications thereof, after which we will be able to report back to the community.

Extra murals

I had the pleasure of attending the Schools Jazz festival held recently at the Baxter Theatre at which our Jazz Band performed superbly. Special mention to Ben Reid who composed a work that was performed to much acclaim!
Plans for the Eisteddfod are well under way and will be communicated shortly regarding the venue we have secured.

Our sports teams have been busy with mixed results, but it has been wonderful to see full stands again and people enjoying school sport in all its glory.

Final thoughts

As there are no assemblies during exams, there is no assembly message to share but I ask that parents reinforce the message in this newsletter about actions and consequences. What may appear harmless and funny to some can cause deep hurt and anger in others.
I wish you well for the next few weeks as exams and the first half of the winter season concludes and the Eisteddfod begins.

Kind regards

Antony Reeler



Congratulations to Chevalier Unite-Penny on receiving his Quadrangular Tie.

Quadrangular Ties are awarded to athletes who compete for Bishops in a minimum of three Quadrangular, of which two need to be in their senior years. Limitations on restrictions are considered due to no Quadrangular hosted in 2021


This past weekend, Zuhayr Mohamood O11 participated in the South Region Karate Championships, held at the ICC Centre in Durban. Competing in the Junior u76kg division against contestants from Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola and Mozambique. Zuhayr represented his country with pride, finishing in second position overall! Congratulations to him on the silver medal which he brought home at the end of the Championships!


The following boys have been selected to represent Western Province Hockey:

Nicholas Bradfield

Zac Heynes
James Raubenheimer

Thomas Ludlam

Bryn Parry

Congratulations to these boys on their selection. They have done the College hockey fraternity proud.



We are hosting Boland Landbou this weekend and we look forward to enjoying schoolboy sport between the two schools.

Please click on the link below to view the parking, seating and the digital programme.

Rugby Programme

The programme will also be available by scanning the relevant QR code at the venues.


What is rehabilitation training?

Rehabilitation training aims to ensure athletes can return to their sport with minimal risk of re-injury in the shortest time domain.

Click here to watch our short video from the SPW team.


Soup and Sherry Information Evening

The PA has invited James Sedgwick to a Q&A evening at The Mitre to explain why there are fundraising events for the Invest In Our Future Foundation (IIOFF) and how it may one day benefit their boys. The ODU is hosting the event and is providing soup and beverages (no cost to you) for any parents attending.

ODU Bish Bosch Event

Reminder to SIGN UP (programme available via this link) for the Bish Bosch Event happening on 8 June 2022.  Spaces are limited so please register by no later than Monday, 6 June.  If you do miss out on a ticket to go to the upstairs bar and lounges you are still very welcome to attend the event and be on and around the fields where burgers and refreshments (tuckshop) will be served.

Hamilton Mvelase

On Thursday 19 May 2022 Mrs Hamilton Mvelase and members of her family attended the unveiling of the Hamilton Mvelase Memorial Plaque in White House. It was decided by Mr Jean Nolte currently the House Director of White House to hold a memorial ceremony in honour of Hamilton. Dr Murray took some pictures to mark the occasion. To see these and read more about the history behind it please click on this link.

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