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19 November 2021

Dear Parents

 As we move into the last part of 2021, there are so many things to tie up, so many people to thank and so much to finish off.  Sometimes this can be quite overwhelming and even for some boys, the anxiety of what next, is often something we need to be mindful of.  I found such a pertinent phrase to help us put this into perspective: I cannot acknowledge the writer as I don't know who it is:  Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.  To those parents who may be a little unsettled about what is expected next year, may I reassure you that your new grade teachers will communicate with you before the end of term. They will confirm all the details that you need to know and give you all the information you may need. Focus on this next week (the next step) and enjoy the moments, make the memories and enjoy the journey!

A note from Mr Reeler:

Our transformation journey continues, and we have published the Diversity and Transformation Policy in all three languages of the Western Cape. We are currently working on an Anti-Racism Statement and looking at the two policies governing the employment of staff, the Employment Equity Policy and the Recruitment Policy.

Our library audit, a first in schools in SA, was recently completed and we are busy analysing the report with a view to making changes to our libraries – which will better reflect our community in terms of relevant and appropriate materials and celebrate African and South African authors and role models in the literary world.

We hope to be able to give you some news shortly on the process we are undergoing as a result of the recent podcasts and will do so as soon as we are able. I urge parents to, once again, trust a complex and difficult process and not to make assumptions without full knowledge of all the facts.”


Wishing those Grade 2 dads and lads who are daring to camp out tonight, all the best!  Wishing the rest of you a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards


Thursday 25 November Grade N and R Family Chapel

11.30am in the Memorial Chapel. Invitations have been sent out.
Friday 26 November Grade 1 Family Chapel

12 o' clock in the Memorial Chapel. Invitations have been sent out.
PA Talk

Last night, Monica McNaughton gave a very good presentation in the Jagger Hall on Mental Well Being. Many of the questions and much of the discussion afterwards was about our boys’ over use or desire to spend excessive amounts of time on mobile devices. Interestingly, Tony Reeler addressed one of the aspects of this issue in his newsletter today and I include the extract below.


“We have a joint responsibility to look after our children, as parents and as a school. When we work together, it reduces conflicting messages and shows our boys a united approach to their development.

They say it takes a village to raise a child which means that we all have to make tough decisions sometimes. Decisions our children may not like but which we know are in their best interests. We give our children cell phones without necessarily realising the enormous power of the device and how it can influence the life of a young, developing mind. We must ensure our children use their devices responsibly. The access children have to information is quite astounding and the ease of connection with others often very valuable, but with this access and ease comes complications. They could be communicating with unsavoury or inappropriate people. They could themselves be using inappropriate language and sending unacceptable material. They could be accessing the vast amount of pornography that exists in cyberspace and getting the wrong ideas about sexual behaviour. As parents, we need to help our children and I would advocate that parents make sure their child knows they, the parent, can access the child’s phone at any time. And I suggest you do so, particularly with younger boys. This is not an invasion of their privacy. This is a means of protecting them from predators, showing them what is appropriate and allowing them to learn how to use this resource wisely and responsibly. This is not an easy thing to do but who said parenting was?”.

Message from our Youth Pastor

Human beings give praise to God as they live most authentically. To love one another amid difficult times and by being peacemakers who seek reconciliation. The pray of St. Francis captures this beautifully below. It is a call to remember who we really are in the eyes of God, to see who others are from that same perspective, and act in a way fitting our identity as human beings.


Prayer of St. Francis

Lord make Me an instrument of Your peace

Where there is hatred let me sow love.

Where there is injury, pardon.

Where there is doubt, faith.

Where there is despair, hope.

Where there is darkness, light.

Where there is sadness joy.

O Divine master grant that I may

Not so much seek to be consoled as to console

To be understood, as to understand.

To be loved. as to love

For it's in giving that we receive

And it's in pardoning that we are pardoned

And it's in dying that we are born,

To eternal life.


May we uphold this prayer in the final weeks of 2021



Christmas Hamper



Chess fun


Chess with a normal size board and pieces is fun but this, is next level.  So much enjoyment. Thank you Mr Schubert for painting the board for us!

Grade 1 and 2 Judo boys
The boys all love to win, and a medal makes the victory even sweeter.  The competition ended as a draw( Hiki-waki ) Well done Judo boys!


Experimental Fun
The Grade 1’s learnt about Marie Curie this week. The first woman to win the Nobel Prize for her advances in Science. Ms Lin (assisted by Mr Schubert) demonstrated the power of a reaction! The Grade 2’s also took great delight in observing this demo!
Scientists of the future
Experiment week in Grade N. Many experiments were performed, some worked and some didn't  but all were very exciting! What fun and excitement for all, we had our very own scientists in Grade N!
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